The Day After Chuck

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  1. em... again says:

    when will we learn to treasure what God brings to us thru a man (generic), make that blessing our focus and not become dependent on the man bringing it?

  2. Babylon's Dread says:

    I would quite like to experience that. The freedom to worship Christ in the Spirit and to simply offer yourselves to him was foundational in the Jesus movement.

    Everyone talks about what this generation needs and about us losing them. If we have lost them it is simply because they have not tasted the powers of the age to come and become new creatures in Christ. It is not better marketing we need. It is another move of God in which they hear his voice for themselves.

    This little article encourages.

  3. Michael says:


    It’s always been this way…as Calvin said, our hearts are idol factories.
    God moves anyway…

  4. Michael says:


    That was really well said…I concur. 🙂

  5. Nathan Priddis says:

    @BD. Thanks.

  6. JM says:

    Thanks for the update, Michael.

  7. Melvin Partido Sr says:

    On one of my midnight shift at work, I ask one of a close friend and a co-worker if he knew anything about the Holy Bible. Little did I know that this close friend was the Worship Leader at Calvary Chapel Honolulu. That was over 30 years ago. God Almighty removed my family and I from Roman Catholicism to Calvary chapel where He wants my family to be and learn His word and to worship Him in songs. At first I fell in love with Calvary chapel worship songs from Maranatha songs. Than I began to understand God’s Word by Calvary chapel’s teaching the whole counsel of God from Genesis to Revelation, book by book, chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Than I ran into Acts 20:27 where the Apostle Paul said, “For I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God.” Also Jesus said in Matthew 5:4 “It is written, man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”
    I am out of touch of why the Calvary Chapel split or Greg Laurie’s split with Calvary chapel. It’s so confusing on why the split. All I know I attend a Calvary chapel Pearl Harbor and my Pastor, Derald Skinner who continues to teach the whole counsel of God with Prophecy update because of troubling in the world. Praise the Lord, Derald still teaches the whole counsel of God the same direction the late Pastor Chuck Smith led all Calvary chapels from Costa Mesa California.

  8. Xenia says:

    I hope no one feels obligated to be critical of Mr. Partido.

  9. Papias says:

    BD’s comment @ #2 made me think of this song – The Other Country by Burlap to Cashmere:

  10. em... again says:

    Xenia, not me… just having read Mr. Partido, i was blessed greatly by his words regarding his walk in the Faith… a testament to the work that the Holy Spirit truly has done thru the work of Calvary Chapel

  11. Bobby Grow says:

    Michael, do you have a link to the webpage for Costa Mesa’s conference? Do you know if they videoed it, and if so, if there is an archive of it? I’d love to watch the conference!

  12. Michael says:

    Right here, Bobby…

  13. Duane Arnold says:

    I’m reminded that “redemption” is a term that not only applies to the lost… it applies to all of us. I think what we may be seeing is the redemption of an ideal that many of us, though now distant from that original ideal, still treasure.

  14. Bobby Grow says:

    Thank you, Michael!

  15. “Nobody felt that grip to the degree that Brian Brodersen has and he too has now finally found release from it.”

    A successful past can provide direction for the future, but too often it becomes a prison. My current church has struggled trying to find freedom from the past for the last 15 years (I’ve been here 7 years). We’ve made some strides, but not out of the woods yet.

    I recently got an email from someone who left our church. All they did was talk about the glory days and how nothing has compared to what they had experienced. In trying to uphold day gone by, they threw everyone under the bus who was trying to forge a new day.

    Be thankful for the past.
    Live in the present.
    Expect great things from God in the days to come.

  16. Descended says:

    God bless you Mr. Partido and thank you for that. It’s a good reminder of the simplicity of Christ. “All I know is, I was blind but now I see.”

  17. covered says:

    What’s your point #17?

  18. Col46 says:

    Covered it’s a link to his blog where he references this post.

  19. covered says:

    Got it. Thanks Col46. I’m tired and getting old… 🙂

  20. Papias says:

    I read the link to Steve’s blog and he makes a good point about SDA’s quoting their founder more or less.

    We do need to be careful about how much we quote people and the Bible in the same sermon….

  21. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    My day after Chuck was in March of 2006

  22. Steve Durkac says:

    #17 was an automatic post between sites because I mentioned this blog on my blog. The primary audience of my blog is my own church and friends who have been following this whole CC issue. I did just revise my post a bit to better develop my comparison point on disunity and obsessing with one’s past.

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