The Return Of Potters Field

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22 Responses

  1. JD says:

    The liarwers really know how to spin the clay, don’t they?

  2. Michael says:

    They certainly do…

  3. MM says:

    People need to read the statement and get through the words to the underlying message.

    1. An audit was done and from a financial standpoint they claim PF has not violated any regulations or laws concerning the use of ministry funds.

    2. The is a recognition of possible violation of state labor laws and those will be addressed in court.

    3. The Rozells are not admitting to any guilt or abuse claims.

    Basically the document is there to cover rear ends and possibly avoid prosecution in the civil or criminal courts. Anyone expecting the Rozells to openly make statements of repentance or admission of guilt should know it probably won’t happen anytime soon. If the two did make public statements at this time it may cause issues and difficulty in defending themselves and the remains of the “Ministry.”

    The fact R McCoy is distancing himself from the Rozells is either telling or just an innocent decision to avoid the lengthy and stressful future ahead. It may also keep him from any appearance that may make him culpable for future legal actions.

    Sad but true, this kind of stuff never ends.

  4. billy says:

    so sick of this kind of BS! and you wonder why so many are fleeing the church? Its all a Ponzi scheme in jesus name!

  5. Steve Meyer says:

    I know the feeling of being afraid to speak out publically about the organization I was involved in which was a Calvary Chapel at the time. Same get-up as Potter’s Field in many ways (“edgy”; fake school of ministry; commune; roving coffeehouse; live music, and other trickery). Well, after 10 years of being tired of hiding, I submitted a post for a new blog (set up by a former member). Though I’m not a pastor any longer (nor do I honestly feel called to be), I figured this would be a “pastoral” way to care about others. My post is titled, “Former JFB Pastor Speaks Out”.

  6. Kristi says:

    This makes me feel so sick…. as if I wasn’t dealing with enough anxiety from this whole thing. This opens all of the wounds again.

  7. EricL says:

    Wasn’t enough of a “tell” that they named their ministry after the graveyard that was purchased with Judas Iscariot’s ill-gotten gain? (Matt 27:7) Enjoy your 30 shekels of silver, Rozell’s.

  8. Em says:

    EricL… ? ?

  9. Michael says:

    This is only the first article of many to come.
    Let those seeking justice and righteousness not grow discouraged or despair…we have a long way to go and we’re in it until the end.

  10. BrianD says:


    No wonder people get discouraged…to the point of walking away from the whole thing.

  11. Michael says:

    Happy birthday, BrianD!

  12. BrianD says:

    That means a lot to me, Michael. Thank you so much.

  13. Em says:

    BrianD, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from up here in the mountains, too.
    Celebrating with our first snow of the winter. ? ⛄ ? ? ?

  14. Corby says:

    The subject comes to mind, and maybe is better explored elsewhere, of calling. I’m not even really addressing the PFM situation or the people involved, whether or not they are called and I don’t really want to instigate that specific of a conversation.

    HOWEVER, taking a step back from the specifics of this horrible scenario, it could bring up the subject of how one knows whether or not they are called by God to do a thing? That’s the 30,000ft view question. Zooming in closer, and perhaps down the roads of experience, a sense of calling can be used by a person as a justification for all kinds of immorality (slippery slope). “The ends justifies the means” can come into play, wrongly. That’s not excusing anyone, it just happens. Such a person is either abusing a right calling or isn’t called at all to what they think and is more or less a loose canon.

    Clearly from the letter linked the parties involved are citing God’s calling, God’s leading, God’s direction, which anyone who reads this site knows are absurd conclusions based on the ruined lives. At the very least, publicly, on the face of it, is the concept of calling. It strikes a chord with me because its something I’ve been chewing on for some years now in my own life. PFM and others should serve as a cautionary tale with regards to seeking and discerning God’s call on a persons life, and the maintenance of that call.

  15. Michael says:

    My rule of thumb is if your calling ruins your life but enriches others, it’s probably from God.
    If the reverse is true, it’s probably not.

    Any real calling involves sacrificial love…

  16. Steve says:

    Michael, the sacrafice should be to the immediate family first and foremost. Too many pastors neglect their own spouses and children for the sake of ministry and think it’s God’s calling when their personal life comes crumbling down.

  17. BrianD says:

    Thanks Em!

  18. JesusFreak says:

    Michael, any chance you can get Don McClure back to comment?

  19. Michael says:


  20. JesusFreak says:

    Michael, why not?

  21. Tober Mory says:

    Why are you people surprised? There’s loads of funds backing the Rozells like the Esakofs and Gales. I knew the Rozells very well as well as the benefactors. I knew the levels of abuse and neglect. I knew they were a cult the very first day I arrived. It was Manson-like devotion. So-called interns wouldn’t stop talking about him. All of you thinking that the PF model is corrupt need only a modicum of knowledge to see centuries of deception and abuse. The church, its leaders and unfortunately its followers are all deceived. Stop hoping that you’ll see the fall of the Rozells and move on. And for those of you who might claim I haven’t a clue as to what their abuse or neglect feels like… I do. Perhaps a little too well. Good luck

  22. Michael says:

    I’m not moving on.
    If you can do so knowing what you claim to know…that’s your choice.

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