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  1. Jean says:

    “First and foremost we see that he is in control – no matter how chaotic, wild, violent, reckless and evil it is down on earth, Jesus is above it all and completely in control.”

    To echo this truth through the prophetic mouth of the psalmist:

    “He who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord holds them in derision.”
    Psalms 2:4

    Well done, MLD. You have wet the appetite well.

  2. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    A point that I could have made in the main article and that I am sure I will bring up in later segments is that all of the symbolism in this book must mean what the author and original recipients knew it to mean. If the locust did not mean Huey helicopters to the first century readers, it cannot mean that to us.

    The example I have used over the years to make this point is this (and I am sure others have done the same); 1,000 years from now archeologists digging in the USA find a drawing of an elephant and a donkey arm wrestling. What are they to make of it? They discover by the signature that it was drawn in the 20th century by a person named Herbert Block. What could he have meant, what message did he have for them in the year 3017? Was this Herbert Block predicting an uprising of the animal kingdom? Was he predicting a battle of animal against animal? What could it be? So folks speculate with all kinds of ideas and obviously none are true.
    You see, today all of us old enough to know, understand that Herbert Block was better known to us as the 20th century political cartoonist Herblock and the drawing represented his view of the struggles between the Republican and Democratic Parties — and that is what is must mean to those in the year 3017.
    In most cases, the text points out the meaning.

  3. Paige says:

    Thank you again, MLD for this commentary and the lists. Again, I have printed this and tucked it into one of my Bibles….

  4. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Thank you Paige

  5. Jeffrey W Pautz says:

    “recapitulating the story from the ascension to the end”

    So true. The events of the Revelation are happening now. We get to see the church in several different perspectives from the ascension of Jesus to His second Advent.

    #2 Nice commentary on reading the Scriptures.

    I agree with Jean. “You have wet the appetite well.”

  6. Josh the Baptist says:

    MLD, I could send you a couple of colorful charts if you’d like to use them 🙂

  7. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Here is our colored chart.
    What took Tim LaHaye 12 volumes to describe (the ascension to the end) this guy does in 2 1/2 minutes and uses 6 colors. 🙂

  8. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Jeff Pautz – thanks for the kind words.
    Hang with us and provide your imput.

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