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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    This is an interesting chapter and I think the very first word dispels any chance that the Revelation is a literal and linear history book . We just finished chapter 11 and saw the 7th trumpet – the last trumpet sound and the end of the world. However, chapter 12
    begins with “And” which under normal circumstance (which Revelation is not) would lead to the next event in an order – but as we saw, all things ended and now chapter 12 begins again back at the birth of Jesus, will once again go through his life on earth and again review the war in heaven – just as the 2 previous visions did (the 7 seals and the 7 trumpets – and will be followed by a 4th vision ending with the end of the world with the 7 bowls – ch 16)

    This is important because there are some who insist on consecutive order from chapter 19 to chapter 20 where the KJV says ‘and’ and the ESV says “then”- but what we see at the beginning of 20 is Jesus is back at his first coming binding satan as he said he had done in Matthew 12 and once again we will see the church alive with Christ followed by more war in heaven and the end of the world.

    So, don’t miss that word And here in 12:1.

  2. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I just wanted to make that point here in ch 12 — we can hold off all chapter 20 conversation when we get there.

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