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  1. Noelle says:


  2. Michael says:

    Thank you, my friend…

  3. MM says:

    I think we all often find ourselves alone and feeling like a worthless part of our community. But, God doesn’t forget we are part of His entire creation.

    I found I can’t exist or even live without the contribution of others. They grow the food I eat, transport it to the stores I shop at, provide recipes to improve the joy of my consumption, someone designs and makes the clothes I wear, others manage the resources around me …

    I think you get the idea. I’m part of the bigger whole that God designed from the beginning. My purpose is to be a part of it, contributing to His Kingdom in the small ways I’m capable of.

    There’s no such thing as a hermit because with out others we would all die. Even Elijah lived because of others in a time of famine.

    Michael thank you for your part it does bring strength, joy and life to others!

    Jesus was never alone on the cross. He was surrounded by the world and the people of His Kingdom. But, it sure is a heavy load! Bless His Name!!!

  4. Michael says:

    Thank you, MM…

  5. Captain Kevin says:

    Remember the old commercial for Hai Karate after shave?

    “Thanks. I needed that!”

  6. Michael says:

    Thanks, CK…I needed it too…

  7. Em says:

    I suspect that, as long as one is alive here… A Believer is of use to the Kingdom and an unbeliever has a chance to repent
    At this stage of life i look back with more longing than regret (then i think of ?Lot’s wife) and in the present i find God still finds uses for me, piddling though they may be.
    But i do wish God would remove the wolf pack, yes i said wolves, that have invaded our neighborhood. I don’t think i am up to being challenged y a real life wolf, let alone a pack… Everyone, not me, up here as guns, but it is illegal to shootva wolf. … SAY WHAT? ?

  8. JoelG says:

    Interesting that the old priest(!) Zechariah didn’t believe at first and young Mary did.

    Your faith is an inspiration. Keep believing.

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