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  1. Jean says:

    In God’s economy, “faith” certainly plays an important role. Obviously, Christ and his work are paramount, but then there’s faith. Great article MLD.

  2. Jean, I think what we will see starting next time is that the upcoming ‘heroes of the faith’ were all just normal folks, with normal life issues who had no ‘personal’ faith that warranted anything on their part – but their faith came directly from the faithful one.

  3. Jean says:

    When God comes a callin, how much wrestling do we do before the old man taps out?

  4. Em says:

    examples of faith in action… hmmm
    then we have Lot’s wife… was that beyond faith or 2nd thoughts – regret?
    and we have the Exodus population… no faith – regrets?
    when does questioning as a Thomas progress to a condemning no faith?

  5. Em says:

    well, i am a person of little faith… quit watching Seahawk game early on…

    but i have thought on MLD’s question as the day has gone on… i have to confess that i don’t recall anyone of GREAT faith in my past…
    perhaps my dear grandfather, but he was so influenced by the Holiness movement of his time and place… on the other hand, he was totally sold out to following Christ as his truth and reality – no matter what transpired he blamed his own performance, never questioned God’s love or sovereignty… i know that God honored his son Edward and welcomed him as a good and faithful servant when he passed into Eternity – Edward was a good, God loving-without-pretense man … that’s some kind of faith – stubborn and myopic? maybe, but never, NEVER self righteous

  6. OK, I finally got home. I ushered and help serve communion for the 1st & 3rd services – taught my class that runs concurrent to the 2nd service and then presided over the quarterly congregation meeting for 2 hours.

    I am hoping that in the revised edition of Hebrews 11, that I will be included in the list of the faithful —- does it work that way??

  7. Xenia says:

    Wow, MLD, all I did was make a platter of tuna sandwiches!

  8. Em says:

    “I am hoping that in the revised edition of Hebrews 11, that I will be included in the list of the faithful —- does it work that way??” it did until you bragged on it 🙂 🙂

    i jest – God needs more of your tribe – of that i’m pretty certain

    can’t have too many tuna sandwiches, either, i don’t think 🙂

    all i did was pray for the pastors, the teachers, the helpers and ask God to forgive me for being so perfunctory about my prayers today

  9. Em says:

    hmmm… i mentioned that i thought that my grandfather was stubborn and myopic… now i’m thinking that that is great Faith – focused and unwavering

    not a good thing if the object of your faith is false, however…

    thinking… thinking…

  10. Jean says:

    I listened to a teaching this morning by a great preacher who challenged pastors to preach the Gospel without ever mentioning the word “faith” because it is the Gospel that creates what it requires. Preach Christ and the Spirit will do his work.

  11. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Norman Nagel at the St Louis seminary used to say – use the word Jesus instead of faith.

  12. Em says:

    #10 – i absolutely agree with that preacher, Jean
    it’s all about Christ, everything else in the Book is just pertinent data

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