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3 Responses

  1. Jean says:

    “For the Hebrew Christians the going back was going back to their UR – Temple Judaism.”

    Exile-minded living is difficult. Walking by faith, not slight. Hoping in a promise. Nourished by the love of Christ, who pioneered the way for us on a cross.

    When our knees get weak, we’re tempted to look back. Maybe there’s a leader who can take us back there. Is our future in the past?

    Or, when we get impatient , we’re tempted to help God out, speed up His program. Maybe there’s a leader who has a copy of God’s map through the wilderness. Are we looking for a second Sarah?

    “Lord, teach us to pray”

  2. Em says:

    this is MLD’s best lesson so far, IMHO 🙂 it kind of complements the Prayer posted from Clement … keep on keeping on indeed! for 2,000+ years? yep, same needs, same redemption and same hope

  3. Jean says:

    This is a fine lesson MLD. 3 is definitely my favorite number.

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