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  1. Jean says:

    “•Why is Rahab always called “the prostitute”?”

    If you want to understand the universalism of the Gospel, then it is right here: The Gospel is for everyone. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.

  2. Jean says:

    “•Believe it or not, this is the Christian life – to be stricken, beaten and harassed… For Christ’s Sake.”

    There is an aspect of persecution that needs to be clarified. Yes, the enemy persecutes externally, and this is where MLD’s emphasis has been in his teaching (e.g., reference to Al Qaida). Daniel and his 3 friends defied King Nebuchadnezzar. That is the persecution of the world against the Church.

    This is very true. However, the enemy also works to destroy the Church from within through false teachers and false teaching. Jeremiah’s problem, for example, was not with the Babylonians, but with the Israelites. This, the deception of people from within the Church by false teachers and false teachings, to me is a far greater threat to the Church in America than any external threat.

  3. And just think that in the middle chapters of Matthew (where I have been teaching the past several weeks) Satan has used St.Peter as an actual anti christ to deceive from within.

    John warned of anti christs that were already within the church pulling it apart.

  4. So what is our understanding of ‘faith’. I taught yesterday on the Transfiguration and got down to the part of having faith the size of a mustard seed and what you can do (or if this was directed at the disciple alone what they would be capable of).

    Now we see in the book of Acts what they were able to do when we see the invasion of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost – but what about these OT characters – was their faith the size of a mustard seed.

    Is my faith?

  5. Jean says:


    God assigns to each a “measure of faith” according to the good pleasure of his electing grace. God called these OT characters to extraordinary service. He gave them the measure of faith that their service required.

  6. Jean – my point from earlier posts – that the faith we have is totally external to us and not something I can work on.

    Hence the “by faiths” in these passages is by God’s faithfulness and not by any faith these folks developed.

    In other words these passages are not to say, if our faith were good enough, we also would do such worthy works.

  7. Jean says:


    “Therefore put away all filthiness and rampant wickedness and receive with meekness the implanted word, which is able to save your souls.” (James 1:21)

    St. James here may be remembering back to Jesus’ parable of the sower. Faith is received when the Gospel is implanted (sown) in the heart. It is a life of reception of Christ’s good gifts when his people gather together.

    There are no ladders.

  8. Correct – and I don’t want anyone walking away from any of my studies thinking that they need to ‘work’ on their faith so they can do the works of Gideon etc.

    We need to realize that if we are a Christian we have all the faith we are going to get and it is fully loaded and fully charged. in other words we can do the works of Gideon ewtc – in fact we are already doing those works today – without realizing it, just as I am sure that Gideon etc didn’t realize they were either.

    The faith is given by God and the faith is in his faithfulness.

    Our faith does nothing for us – it doesn’t save us – Muslims, Jews and Hindus all have faith, and the only result of that faith is that it has punched their ticket for hell.

  9. Watching Daniel Fusco’s 2 min message speaks to this kind of thinking. His word message = “When it comes to serving Jesus, it’s all about finding the sweet spot that God designed for you. Watch today’s ‪#‎2MinuteMessage‬ to find out how.”

    Does God do things for us then hide them and send us on a scavenger hunt?

  10. Xenia says:

    I believe that faith in Christ (no point bringing up Hindus and Muslims) increases my good works and my good works, done in cooperation with Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit, increases my faith which enables my good works to increase, which increases my faith, etc.

  11. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Xenia – I believe that faith in Christ is what begins (not increases) my good works. Before faith in Christ, I was incapable of doing good works … per the Apostle Paul.

  12. Em says:

    “We need to realize that if we are a Christian we have all the faith we are going to get and it is fully loaded and fully charged.”

    reading this made me think of living in a house, plugging in a lamp with one 25 watt bulb (not up on lumens, yet) and saying, “this is all the electricity I have.”
    the house is fully wired – there’s a whole lot more potential available than you need for one little light bulb…

    so the question, are some of us destined to be just night-lights while others are power saws?
    or are we each a house? do we have hope of growing more comfortable and useful in our faith as we – ahem – plug in more?

  13. Jean says:


    Light bulbs are a great metaphor. Jesus is the light of the world; and Christians are his little light bulbs in the world.

  14. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Em, I think that is the point – that is all the electricity that is available you get. Now, if you screw in a 100 watt buld, you have not received more electricity (faith) – you have instead grown into your electricity (faith). Some day you will realize that with the same electricity (faith) you can plug in a waffle iron also and have breakfast. 🙂

    But none of that required receiving more electricity (faith)

    So, all these guys in Hebrews 11 did was screw in a bigger light bulb.

  15. Steve Wright says:

    The mustard seed as to faith seems to be used a) in contrast to no faith or b) in contrast to wanting an increase in faith.

    I think a plausible interpretation is that, given the tiny size of the mustard seed, that Jesus is speaking of faith as an either/or. A mustard seed, though tiny, is still alive, still a seed, and still bring growth.

    Rather than worrying about the QUANTITY of our faith, Jesus seems to be dismissing that notion and focusing on the EXISTENCE, or REALITY of our faith. Yes, no. You have or have not.

  16. Em says:

    #10- reminds that ‘faith comes by hearing the word of God’ … one can say that all the Scriptures we have are the gospel, but i think it more accurate to say that the gospel is their center – the core… ‘study to show yourself approved unto God – a workman that doesn’t need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth’ … i really think, from my own life’s walk, that for someone like myself, my faith requires that study, that renewing of my mind and i have no doubt that faith grows and that is where the fruit grows, also… but life in Christ isn’t static, nor under our control… what God needs to get done, gets done – He does sometimes prepare an earthen vessel for a specific task – hate to use old Moses as an example, but that man had a destiny from birth… his brother and sister? well, they weren’t quite as focused, but God used them… always wondered about old Jethro, tho

    just a little rabbit trailing here this quiet Monday morning – soryy

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