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  1. erunner says:

    How did I miss you have a job?? Congratulations Michael!!

  2. Paige says:

    “The great thing about this list is that I’ll be sound asleep if you’re mad about any of it…”

    Hahahaha totally made me LOL.

    Yes, I also congratulate you on the job. Hallelujah.

    I don’t even want to look. Did someone really object to the prayer you posted? Some folks need to go on a cleanse. Seriously full of ‘it”.

    You are hilarious. Love you! Sleep well!

  3. Jean says:

    The one dogma that is so difficult for me intellectually that I take it simply by faith is that Christ is actually reigning right now over this creation seated at the right hand of the Father.

  4. brian says:

    Just a question I dont get the works salvation thing. Why would anyone think they can work their way into God’s favor? When I use to enjoy doing ministry or helping folks I never thought much about getting some reward. The joy was the reward, I dont even get that out of it anymore. Evangelicalism the gift that keeps on giving.

  5. Paige says:

    The main dogma I struggle with “intellectually’ is that of Blood. Why all the OT blood sacrifice and shedding, and how does the Blood of Jesus Christ cleanse us from sin, these 2 thousand years later. I have to accept this and many other challenges, ‘by faith’.

  6. Bob Sweat says:

    #1 – Amen!!

    #5 – 🙂

  7. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    I could probably write a lot of stuff inspired by 6. There are a lot of people who trade one echo chamber for another and think they’ve switched to the right team, made the right decision, and properly cast aside the badness of yore, without realizing that all they did was change teams and have the same mentality they did before.

  8. Porcine Pilot says:

    Roger, Oakland…

  9. Em says:

    Paige, blood is a mysterious thing, isn’t it? … my daughter who has been an E.R. nurse tells me that it has a distinct smell that you don’t easily forget… and doesn’t it have an emotional impact on most people?
    do we have any evidence of the substance in Eternity? when our Lord resurrected, He spoke of flesh and bone…
    calling it a night – so not trying to start something here, but you have me wondering now, too

  10. Porcine Pilot says:

    …over and out.

  11. filbertz says:

    helpful distinction on #2. The demands of some (individuals and groups) for the St. Louis Rams to punish the players who gave the “don’t shoot” hands up sign entering the field before yesterday’s game show over-sensitivity & lack of distinction between protest and riot.

    McDonalds in Walmart…a match made in (corporate) heaven. Where else can you load your electric shopping cart with Big Macs?

    Dogma difficulties? Imputed righteousness.

  12. Steve Wright says:

    The relevant passage is 1 Timothy 5:16 “If any believing woman (some translations add man here too) has relatives who are widows, let her care for them. Let the church not be burdened, so that it may care for those who are truly widows”

    The translation “so that” is one Greek word, ἵνα – A common adverbial conjunction for a purpose or result clause. I think it is a purpose clause here, but even if seen as a result the interpretation is the same. The church is NOT to be burdened (financially) by one category of believer so that it is able to support another category of believer (result or purpose).

    Dr. Mounce (who knows a little Greek 🙂 ) wrote an exegetical commentary on the pastoral epistles for the Word Series (editor Dr. Metzger)

    He writes “His concern in vv 3-16 is that the church care for widows who are truly widows, who have no one else to care for them and who have led godly lives. He also adds another concern that has only been implicit in the discussion. The church has an obligation to care for widows who truly are alone, but it cannot do this with its limited resources if families do not care for their own.”

  13. Jim says:

    1 Peter 2:13-17.

    Makes no sense to me, and I question if Peter actually wrote this.

  14. Q says:


    I call baloney on your repeated use of calling people who believe in end times prophesy differently than you “wonks”, I think you mean this to degrade, demean, and discredit, people you consider brothers and sisters in Christ. You should stop, maybe repent would be called for.

    Maybe you mean well studied and strong convictions but it does not come off that way.

    The term could be easily turned towards you, in the nicest way.

    And if you are going to post controversial stuff on your prayer and praise thread you should not be surprised people are going to talk about it on the thread it was posted.

  15. Q says:


    Do you think withholding from those in need who have families is a way God uses to shame those families and convict them of sin in hopes they repent?

    I do, but when families continue not to respond, to are church family, don’t we have to?

  16. London says:

    And if you are going to post controversial stuff on your prayer and praise thread you should not be surprised people are going to talk about it on the thread it was posted”

    You missed the point entirely. No one says people can’t talk about what’s posted in the prayer thread header…just don’t do it in the prayer thread. Take it to another thread and discuss away…those weekly threads are set aside for people to post prayer requests or praises about something.

  17. Eric says:

    When church is happening well, the church is the family to those lacking a family. In NT times that meant material aid for widows. In our times that will often be spending time with those who are lonely. It will mean helping each other live the life we are called to. Pastors play a big role here – not just rebuking the glutton or addict or hateful brother, but patiently helping them along.

  18. Michael says:

    Thanks for the job kudos.
    It’s seasonal and looks like it may end very soon.
    It’s better than nothing.

    If you want to discuss the stuff I post on the prayer thread there are lots of places to do so here…we’ve never allowed it on that thread itself.

    I predict that the whole pretrib/apostasy/antichrist/ meme will be the district minority view even among pop evangelicalism within five years. I don’t believe it can hold in the marketplace of theology when challenged in it’s present form.

  19. JTK says:

    Re: #3–
    Do you think Charles Bowden was a joy to be around for the average waiter?
    What if he ran into me at a store and I wore my clerical robe? A suit?

    You’d know better than I, but I imagine he’d be a might bit prickly.

    I see you the same way.
    But you’re worth having around!

    We can’t ALL be like Joel Osteen.


  20. JTK says:

    …Or If I wore a “say no to drugs” shirt?

    A Ronald Reagan tshirt ?

  21. Michael says:

    Thanks, JTK… 🙂
    I’m off to work.

  22. mike says:

    Too many to count and too much to say about them for this venue. These days I’m less and less convinced in the dogma, but trying to justify just taking things on faith alone.
    Just being real here. Not looking for an answer from anyone here. Thx

  23. Some really great worship lead by pastor Oden Fong.

    I recorded this in 2002 during an evening service with my mini-disk player through my head phones and was greatly surprised at how well it had turned out.

    So I uploaded it to a website where others can download it to enjoy!

    This is one of the typical worship services that Oden conducts.

    Even though it was recorded years ago it is still so relevant in the Holy Spirit.

    You will not be disappointed if you take the two minutes it takes to download this particular worship session.

  24. Todays bible study on my blog is about the plumb-line that God lays against our walls.

    How are we to perceive the laying of the plumb-line of God?

    Is it a negative judgmental thing or is it a positive thing to be embraced?

  25. “…post controversial stuff on your prayer and praise thread…”?????

    Yikes, time to get of your echo chamber!

    You need to go pray with other believers who are mystics and charismatics…
    Meditate and quietly listen.
    The expression of the human soul towards God is simultaneously amazing and sad and revelatory and entirely personal. That’s WHY it’s prayer & praise, it flows from us humans toward God and out to the wider world, sanctifying the moment with our realizations, formed with our breath, sacred in the very act of hallowing our present Creator.

    The Psalms are loaded with this vast spectrum.
    You now have permission to explore & celebrate.

  26. Em says:

    Gman, if i read your #25 correctly, i don’t think that you’re interpreting the admonition correctly… a, perhaps hostile, discussion had broken out and into the prayer thread on the suitability of the quote from Teresa of Avila as the heading for the week’s prayer thread… not controversial prayers

    my prayers are so dull… only the Creator, Himself, can appreciate them… prayer is most definitely a heart thing – so think i’m agreeing with you on that?

  27. fyi says:

    for Steve Wright: Steve, can you send me your email please?

  28. Hi Em,
    No, I saw the kerfuffle.
    I’m good with my post.
    Happy holidaze =)

  29. Teresa of Avila was as cool as most of the charismatics i run into at church. =)
    Too bad there are still catholic haters

  30. Francisco Nunez says:

    I enjoyed the most recent Calvin’s Corner session. Got a good laugh on the “going emergent” part. I guess I must be emergent too 🙂

    Congrats on the new job.

  31. Steve Wright says:


    pastorsteve (at) calvaryle (dot) org

  32. Andrew says:

    I must say I am really confused about the Roger Oakland , Brian Broderson and the old and new Calvary Chapel. The Calvary Chapel traditionalists in their day are probably similar in some ways to the emergents today but just in a different era. In other words both movements in my opinion have pushed the envelope both in terms of theology and practice to a point where it’s sometimes hard to recognize the church. I’m not sure who is right or wrong but it does appear Calvary Chapel is the poster boy for American evangelicalism and maybe it’s time to for me to leave evangelicalism for something more orthodox.

  33. Q says:

    “who are mystics…”

    “Meditate and quietly listen”

    “That’s WHY it’s prayer & praise, it flows from us humans toward God and out to the wider world, sanctifying the moment with our realizations, formed with our breath, sacred in the very act of hallowing our present Creator”

    Yikes, some type of connected cosmic consciences with self realization of the sacred self and dream telepathy.

    I think we are connected now.

  34. Q says:

    Is G really Wayne Dyer?

    Wayne, thank you for releasing me to explore and celebrate, you have reached a level of knowledge that is quite amazing, everyone should see you hold the secrets to set people free, how did you acquire this amazing knowledge?

  35. London says:

    Oh look, Q is missing the point again.

  36. Xenia says:

    maybe it’s time to for me to leave evangelicalism for something more orthodox.<<<


  37. Q says:


    Can you be more vague?

  38. filbertz says:

    Q clearly drives faster than his headlights illuminate.

  39. Q says:

    filbertz, If you don’t understand just ask.

    Or, I will slow down for you, it is obvious this is to fast for you, it is okay, not everyone can keep up, maybe Wayne can show you the way.

  40. Andrew says:

    I listened to the link Roger Oakland listed for Brian Broderson. Brian Broderson said this in that message:

    “An evangelical is a person who holds fast to the essential orthodox Christian doctrine.”

    This I am finding harder and harder to believe.

  41. filbertz says:

    Wayne can punctuate and spell.

  42. Q says:

    Then he must be right.

  43. filbertz says:

    That was easy.

  44. Q says:


    Please correct my spelling and punctuation’s from my earlier post @39 –

    “filbertz, If you don’t understand just ask.

    Or, I will slow down for you, it is obvious this is to fast for you, it is okay, not everyone can keep up, maybe Wayne can show you the way.”

  45. filbertz says:

    Ask Wayne.

  46. London says:

    Q – yes I can.

  47. Q says:

    filbertz, In the video below, which one is G, aka Wayne, and which one is you?

  48. Q says:

    I think G had the treats, but you are kind of cute, maybe not as persistent as the little Jack.

  49. filbertz says:

    London is vague, G is Wayne Dyer, filbertz is a cute Jack Russell terrier.

    Your credibility grows with each comment.

  50. Q says:


    “London is vague”


    “G is Wayne Dyer”

    Sort of.

    “filbertz is a cute Jack Russell terrier”

    Except the persistence.

  51. filbertz says:

    …and Q clearly drives faster than his headlights can illuminate.

  52. Q says:

    “and Q clearly drives faster than his headlights can illuminate”


    What is it you do not understand?

  53. Q says:


    Read what you and London wrote, there is know substance, G kind of made some new age coherence, you and London are vague or made logical fallacies.

  54. filbertz says:

    Wrong question. There are many things I don’t understand. I don’t understand your condescending attitude toward G’s hard-earned opinion regarding Teresa of Avila, worship, and the Psalms. You didn’t seek to clarify or understand; instead, you mocked a man who sees things differently than yourself…for what end only you know. G exemplifies grace in a manner most of us can only aspire to emulate. I’ve learned over the many years he’s commented here to listen, consider, and respect his thoughts. I don’t agree with everything he believes, but so what? I know no one who agrees with everything I believe, including my wife of 35 years. So, rather than sarcastically bag on someone, perhaps you would seek first to understand what he’s really saying, extend some room for disagreement, and err on the side of grace. No one here has a corner on truth. The productive tension of this site is found in teachability, not assertion.

  55. Jim says:

    Tis the season to be jolly… or maybe lighten up just a little?

  56. Q says:


    G, aka Wayne, was condescending towards me not towards what I said. I do believe I understand what G said, and you comparing Teresa of Avila to the Psalms is shameful!

    Wow 35 years, what does that mean?

    How long do you think I have been married?

    Does it matter?

    What if it is more and my wife agrees with me?

  57. London says:

    Q – at it again I see. Truly astonishing how often you skip right over the point someone makes.
    New record.

  58. Q says:

    London, Can you be more specific?

  59. London says:

    Yes I can

  60. Q says:


    Be specific, what am I missing?

    Although if you leave it at “astonishing” and a “New record”, it wont be the first time and I lived with it.

  61. Q says:

    “G exemplifies grace in a manner most of us can only aspire to emulate”

    Idol worship.

  62. Nonnie says:

    FA la la la la, la la la la!

  63. Bob says:

    Interesting thread.

    I like the point about the NT church giving, the widows and orphans stuff. But, I find it’s not a NT discovery, it’s Torah from the beginning. I love it when Paul teaches Torah to a non-Torah world.

    G said this:

    “You now have permission to explore & celebrate.”

    Over the many decades my exploration and observation is this, most of us (OK just me, I guess) pray and praise like a bunch of pagan worshipers. The focus seems to be either fixing something I messed up, sacrificing something so my crops will come in, I just think the music sounds cool and puts me in what I call the “zone” or I want a tangible miracle like seeing the holes.

    Yep, what I discovered is this; it really is all about me in the end and sadly even the greatest people in the hall of faith seem to fail in the very same way. Is that something to celebrate or maybe weep over?

    Now Q I’m not so sure about????

    Are you trying to point to that enigmatic source of NT gospel stories through your handle? If so a bit too clever for most.

  64. brian says:

    I have a meeting tomorrow and on Thursday concerning my job and my work related injury. I had a long diatribe I deleted. Please pray for me. Thanks.

  65. Bob says:


    Will do.

  66. London says:

    hmmm…i thought it was a James Bond reference.

  67. London says:

    Good luck in your meeting tomorrow, Brian

  68. papiaslogia says:

    Michael – I must have missed the announcement about your new job. Congrats my friend.

  69. Steve Wright says:

    I find it’s not a NT discovery,
    Of course not. God’s care for the widow (and orphan) and the poor in general is from cover to cover.

  70. Bob Sweat says:

    Fil, right on with #54!

    Sometimes we just need to ignore ignorance.

  71. Francisco Nunez says:

    In regards to #4 widows and orphans. In the OT The Lord through Moses certainly communicated clearly to the nation of Israel on how widows and orphans were to be cared for. ( Deut 10:18, Deut 14:29,Deut 24:20-21, Psalms 10:18, Psalms 82:3) We certainly need to be doing the same today, not less. Paul exhorted the early Church to do so.

    Ultimatley caring for widows and orphans is one of the most exalting forms of worshiping Christ. It is an honor to care for these most vulnerable yet most precious souls. As a body we certainly miss out on the blessings when we choose to ignore this group, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

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