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  1. Rick says:

    Yes, yes…

    I agree and/or understand your thinking here. Standing gladly by the side of the perpetually perplexed.

  2. filbertz says:

    regarding #4–I think many Christians love rules and law more than grace and forgiveness; it is more tidy and safe. It is also very much Pharisee 101.

    solutions on any of these issues mentioned above will be elusive as long as civil discourse continues to be elusive.

  3. Josh the Baptist says:

    1. True. We really have to teach are kids “Thou shalt not kill.” It can’t be entertainment for us. We can’t take it lightly.

    3 . I only heard the opposite grumbling, that he was too evangelistic. People love to gripe. I didn’t listen to more than a minute of it, but it sounded good.

    5. Well, that’s the Gospel, right there.

    6. I don’t think about it much either. I think if we look at biblical and historical evidence, we’d see that most concern over Christ’s concern is during times of persecution.

    10. While I agree, it seems like I should do…something.

  4. Michael says:


    Living as a Christian in a fallen world is doing something…

  5. bob1 says:

    I was amazed by Bishop Curry’s homily. The Gospel was proclaimed!

    Thanks be to God.

  6. Cash says:

    The Royal Wedding made me think of the kingdom come, when our Lord is sitting on the throne, judging with righteous judgement. I think that righteous judgement is probably a lot different than many Christians might think. There will be a lot of surprised people on that day.

  7. Babylon’s Dread says:

    In #6 you eschew eschatology and in #10 you reveal its’ centrality. Virtually all of life reveals our eschatology as you display for Josh.

    Eschatology is everything we do.

  8. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Looking at my feed from the wedding, the only objections I saw about the homily were from the reformed themselves – and almost all from the reformed baptist types.
    The only Lutheran objections I saw were over unionism, followed by the statement that it was an Anglican thing to share altar and pulpits so we Lutherans really didn’t have much to say.

    Although some may say I am an insensitive ass to assume gender, I think a man and a woman getting married in a church is worthy of worldwide publicity.

  9. ( |o )====::: says:

    #3 The gospel choir’s Stand by Me
    #2 Bishop Curry’s homily

    …and #1 the cellist’s sox!

  10. Michael says:


    Good point… 🙂

  11. John 20:29 says:

    #3 – i heard that the Brits were outraged. They considered the Bishop’s presentation (sermon or homily?) way out of place for the dignity of the occasion… the Queen had a sour face and some of her relatives seemed to mock or show amusement – dunno there is that stiff upper lip mentality that prevailed thru WW2… ? so, maybe there is pride is keeping serious topics serious – dunno
    i’m thinking that some are going to have to explain themselves come judgement day on that…

    i had a little trouble following the analogy of love to fire… seemed good, but he lost me around a couple corners… still, i’d kind of like to think something good has begun in England…

    FWIW – i think every woman watching was thinking, “i’d love to have my man look at me the way Harry looks a Meghan” i hope every man wasn’t thinking, “wow, i wish my woman looked liked that!” LOL

    good things to think on again, thank you, Michael

  12. Captain Kevin says:

    Michael, great “Things…”

    “Was he supposed to give an altar call too?”

    From some of the comments I’ve read elsewhere, that’s exactly what some folks were expecting, and felt that without one, it could not have been considered “good preaching.”

    I wonder if that means that all preaching prior to Finney should be considered null and void.

  13. Captain Kevin says:

    #4. Amazing grace…that saved a wretch like me. But him? Her? Them? Naaah…

  14. Duane Arnold says:

    Preaching about the love of God at a wedding… what a concept. It might even catch on, at least in some circles…

  15. Eric says:

    The Christians I know who talked about the sermon were positive. The Gospel was getting some airtime. (Non-Americans didn’t know he’s liberal)

    Some non-Christian commentators didn’t like it – what’s this preacher man doing? He’s meant to do his bit then get out the way.

    The iPad – well according to this article he didn’t use it, going way off-script:

  16. Samer Khoury says:

    I haven’t commented on here in years but #4 is making me! People were ashamed of Jesus when he walked the Earth for the same reason! Seems like the Church has a tendency to miss the point.

  17. Dan from Georgia says:

    Sometimes when someone is handed a very public platform like the Episcopal Bishop was a few days ago, seems like every group with some “identity” wants said speaker to reflect THEIR values. And no, I didn’t do some intensive scientific study to come to that observation…just my impression of the spirit of the day.

    And I agree with Michael, we don’t always need an opinion on EVERY LITTLE ITEM that crosses in front of our eyes…heck, we don’t always need to “take to twitter” to pile on, or vent on Facebook, or blog about the rage-of-the-day.

    Ha! See what I did there?

    Myself? I didn’t watch the wedding ’cause I was finishing up an overnight shift when the ceremony started and had to rush home to sleep…but I would have like to watch it.

    Re: thought #6…I think looking forward to the second coming is just plain and simple anticipation and active hope…like saying “I’m tired of kids killing their peers…come quickly Lord Jesus”..everything else is just hedging bets and pure foolish speculation.

    Amen to thought #4!

  18. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    A Samer sighting! 🙂 – come back and participate (better known as the free for all)

    #4 makes for a catchy line but I think it needs some meat put on the bones. Depending on the season, I worship with 80 to 180 people who are tickled that God loves sinners – of whom we count ourselves. If we invite someone to church it is because we know God loves sinners.

    But…we still take the position of St Paul when he says that God has reconciled the world to himself through Jesus Christ our Lord and that is what we lead with – our message to the unsaved world is a robust “you must stop hating God.”

  19. Captain Kevin says:

    Samer sighting!!!!

  20. Captain Kevin says:

    MLD beat me to it by about 14 hours! Time for me to crawl back below deck.

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