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  1. Nina says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Michael! Thank you for your informative and insightful posts and interactions over the years. I have learned much from you. God bless!

  2. Em says:

    # 7 … ain’t that the Truth, but. . ?
    If you’re not chastened? Be afraid. . You just may not yet be in the family. .. (Specific confessions do connect with God – a good thing – a better thing coming from a contrite heart)
    God keep – keep us all

  3. Jeff Sheckstein says:

    Happy Birthday Michael

  4. Mo’tel the Tailor says:

    Sheckstein is a disingenuous jerk. Therefore disregard his comment and take mine…Happy Birthday

  5. Michael says:

    Thank you, Nina!

  6. Michael says:

    Sheck and Mo’tel…two of my favorites…thanks, my friend!

  7. Michael says:

    Wi-fi has stayed on for a few minutes…life is getting better…will try to get Linkathon up…

  8. erunner says:

    Happy birthday Michael!! God bless!!

  9. Michael says:

    Thank you, Erunner!

  10. Josh says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m on vacation at Hilton Head Island. These little islands off the Carolinas are amazing. I’ve threatened to move this way many times.

    I showed up here in 2008. The site has meant a great deal to me. Thanks for keeping it going.

  11. Michael says:

    Thanks, Josh.
    I’m on the coast in Southern Oregon/Northern California…it’s warmer where you are…

  12. Josh says:

    You vacationing?

  13. Jerod says:

    Happy Birthday, Michael. Just a feeling, but it seems as if soon you might be ready to start on God’s next journey, whatever that is…

    Thanks for keeping this community going and Godspeed!

  14. Michael says:

    Thanks, Jerod.
    I’m not sure if there is a next…maybe…

  15. Karen says:

    I just found out something that made my blood boil. A friend of mine in Corona, CA, has endometriosis (the kind that grows back after it’s been taken out.) She has no health insurance, and can’t get on Medical (Medicaid in CA) because she still lives in a home and owns a car. (What is she supposed to do, give up her car?) The ER started turning her away because she hasn’t paid the bills from before. She can’t work, but does her best making artwork, and has a stall in a store. She is a year behind in her house payments, so she has to be ready anytime to get a call to evacuate. It’s been this way for years, and I’m afraid she’s going to die if she doesn’t have surgery. When she eats, she says it feels like razor blades going down, so she’s skinny. She can hardly eat. Well, the food bank at Harvest Fellowship (Greg Laurie) turned her away because she has a home! What can I do about this? I am from CA but now live in SC. I remember Greg from the Jesus Movement, but he wouldn’t know me. I don’t care. Does anybody have a personal number for him?

    Btw, happy birthday, I wish I was 61 again.

  16. Michael says:

    I’ll see what I can do when I get home tomorrow…

  17. Dan from Georgia says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday Michael!

  18. Muff Pottter says:

    I live in Corona.
    Get my email address from Michael, contact me, and I’ll see what I can do food wise.

  19. Michael says:

    Thanks, Dan!

  20. Michael says:


    I sent an email off earlier these evening and we’ll see what we can all come up with…thank you for being on the team!

  21. mk says:

    Michael — I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this community and thankful for our friendship over the years. I hope to meet you someday, but being we are as far apart geographically coast to coast from NW to SE…well, I don’t know how realistic that is. That said, I’m grateful for your blog and FB to stay connected. Happy Birthday all week long!!!

  22. Michael says:

    Thank you.MK…grateful for you,my friend!

  23. Michael, happy birthday. My company is sending me to Hillsboro again in October. One friend I keep in contact with asked me to stay another day over to hang with them. I think I will. I was there in November, but it was in and out.

    Karen, I’m sorry your friend is suffering so. Medi-Cal is paying for my mother’s care not covered by Medicare, but the cut off seems to be <$2k net worth. Last I heard, the state was liquidating her 5 acres… destitute, or rich, you are ok. Not much so for those in the middle (most people). Sad about Harvest. CC in San Jose doesn't descriminate. I wish they'd advertize the food bank more though outside of the church.

  24. London says:

    In my state, with the Medicaid expansion through ACA (Obamcare) the eligibility for Medicaid is income, not assets. If your friend has zero income, then she would qualify here. Having a house and a car would not matter. I’d have her go to Health and Human Services (or whatever office it is there) and talk with someone.

    Also, here’s a link to some food pantry resources in Corona.
    Some of them may also have other resources such as utility assistance, disability and Medicaid resource info. for your friend.

    Forget Greg Laurie and don’t waste your energy on him. It is better spent elsewhere getting connected to people who can and will help.

  25. Muff Pottter says:

    Hi Michael,
    I never got the email.
    Please resend.
    Thanks Muchly,

  26. Em says:

    Hope Karen picks up Lomdon’ s post… In my state it is the same – i could go into the food bank and get supplies – when one of my daughters was laid off, taking advantage of the foodbank allowed her to keep her mtg. payments up to date…
    Perhaps i can cut the church some slack as they don’t have the resources the foodbank does and, perhaps they think
    Karen’s friend is not in as desperate a place as she is. . hope that is it….

  27. Michael says:


    My apologies…I meant that I sent an email to Karen as we’ve had some folks offer to help behind the scenes as well…

  28. filbertz says:

    as usual, I’m late to the (birthday) party. thanks for your faithful endeavor, willingness to grow in wisdom, and fostering a broader perspective. You have had a powerful impact in many lives, mine included.

  29. Reuben says:

    Of all the blogs in the world….

    I started here to argue with you about Calvinism when I was part of the Simpleminded Preacher crowd. That was over 13 years ago? You were a tornado to Calvary Chapel’s trailer park of ignorant preachers who wielded way too much power and taught nonsense. I watched in real time the very things you were trying to expose. I went from a complete theological moron to someone who began questioning all the garbage CC taught. I saw how the system was built to destroy people. You inspired me to understand things better, turned me on to Packer, Grudem, Barth, etc… and I genuinely saw how simpleminded my crowd really was. I watched churches implode, two of which were not even CC. I saw the devastation of my willfully ignorant teachings, and realized the error of my ways. When everything collapsed around me, you told me to run. It turned out to be the best advice I was ever given. What was nebulous to me then became blindingly apparent. I lost almost all confidence in humanity, but you somehow saved a shred of it. I am eternally indebted to this blog, and your ministry. You are one of the most powerfully kind people I have ever known, and regardless of my hatred for your god, you are one of the finest humans who protects humans from the train wrecks known as the church. I am proud of you and the work you have done, and I know the burden you carry to do it. I wish I was as strong as you, and could endure the pain to pull people from the fire the way you have for decades.

    I am proud to call you friend.

  30. Michael says:

    Thank you, fil!

  31. Michael says:


    Thank you for all that…I may have needed it this morning.
    I can’t live up to it, but we’ll keep trying.
    Much love to you, your family, and all that dwell under your roof…

  32. Dan from Georgia says:


    I too appreciate this blog/community that you have spearheaded here. I don’t have mileage on all topics written here, but this is a unique place in that I sense community.

    Thanks again!

  33. Michael says:

    Thank you, Dan!
    You’re a pillar of the community now…and we’re better for it.

  34. Karen says:

    Hi London, Muff, Em, The New Victor, and Michael for showing interest and helping my friend in Corona. It seems very bleak to me. I got a lot out of the blog, “What Good is a Doubting Pastor?” As always, it’s refreshing to hear a pastor say, “I don’t know.” I have also been wallowing in self-pity and anger at my own life, but my problems are nowhere near as bad as my many friends. So many are going through horrendous difficulties. I, like a lot of people -somehow picked up the idea that after accepting Jesus, the rest of life would be wonderful, based on a few scriptures, denial and comparing myself with others. Whether or not He does what I think He should, He’s still there.

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