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4 Responses

  1. Godlover says:

    I saw a statement recently that says it all, especially in light of the Potter’s Field character assassination pieces I have been seeing when no evidence has been provided to substantiate the slander written:

    “Y’all better stop disliking people (and passing uninformed judgment on them) based on what you heard and be glad God isn’t disliking YOU based on what He knows about you!”

  2. Michael says:


    What a ridiculous name for someone so deceived.
    We have close to 50 published testimonies…

  3. Godlover, who are “the least of these?” Does God desire mercy or sacrifice? If one doesn’t provide for those of one’s household (the shepherd for one’s lambs) are you not worse than the unbelievers?

  4. shortpolock says:

    What a time we live in. Love is grown cold. Courage is as common as a parka in Tucson.

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