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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    For most of my early ministry teaching evangelicals about prophecy was an exercise in pastoral intimidation. I was intimidated within by the likely cost of telling the people that I did not believe the dispensational categories of eschatology and was not expecting an imminent return of our LORD. So I delayed, studied and found reasonable partners with whom to parry ideas. About 25 years ago I cast off restraint and it was fine as long as I shared wisely.

    Now I tell the people with impunity that the shelf life on prophecy updates has expired and that all of the implied date settings have been swallowed up in association with the overt ones. No one raises an eyebrow when I share that Mt 24 is past not future and no one brings me reams of categorical notes to refute my exegesis.

    But then no one quite has the zeal that was inspired by the left behind preachers.

    Now the spirit of intimidation concerns all things sexual and all things politically correct and all things pertaining to our “fragile” children. However, I remind them that I am old enough now not to care if they dismiss me. Still one has pause when one measures the words we use.

    As for the Super Bowl – I don’t much care the last 4 years but I watch and cheer. This year I’d say the 49ers team is slightly better but the speed of the Chiefs is unmatched. Further, the quarterback position goes strongly to Mahomes is the difference so I think Andy Reid gets to dump the trunk monkey. My fondest hope would be a fourth quarter bomb over the loudmouthed Sherman for victory so we could see a postgame whine louder than Newton’s pout in the Manning exit.

  2. Michael says:


    That was worth writing the column for…

  3. Em says:

    BD & Michael…. Must be a guy thing. ? all interesting, thoughts, tho
    Being a convinced Dispensational, i think it is a mistake to not watch. But i also think it is a mistake to think you see the “end.” Rapturist or not we have some very interesting things lining up worldwide on many levels…. And, yes, come soon Lord Jesus. Come by whatever scenario God has decreed

  4. bob1 says:

    yeah…number 3…kids could always pray in school. What’s changed?

  5. Outside T. Fold says:

    1. The FBI’s surveillance program was pretty pervasive. Saw many copies of the letter from the FBI encouraging Dr. King to kill himself.

    I wonder if those who dismiss him as a “womanizer” (I saw that used in the comments on here not long ago) say the same thing about Chuck Smith? Yeah, too bad about Chuck [insert dismissive wave] because he was a womanizer.

    4. Dr King was right. And in eschewing the place of conscience, the church contributes to its own diminishment and corruption. See also Letter from Birmingham Jail, where King calls out white moderates and those who say wait, not now, you’re not doing it right.

    Also, re: prophetic zeal, Dr. King’s words, written over 50 years ago, are prescient for this moment. I find that in the same way that human mortals give in to the temptation to say that they are speaking for the divine or say “Jesus would support _____this same thing I am doing_____”, there are plenty of people who chirp about what Dr. King would support or approve of based on scant evidence of study of the life, work, and teachings of the man. People like to make the divine one, saviors, and saintly prophets into their own image.

    End times prophecy. So many people have been taken in by that guy Darby. If I could time travel, I’d like to spend some time in the 1800s just before all that rot caught on and do ethnographic study among 19th century people about their beliefs. It’d be fascinating (as would my tripping all over myself with limitations getting accustomed to 19th century life, LOL.)

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