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  1. Em says:

    When i first “became a Christian” i was amazed at the number of pew sitters who were caught up in celebrity. Did they really know the One who was the real celebrity of the Faith? Any real commitment to the Faith, itself?
    Perhaps, everybody talkin bout heaven aint goin there? 😓

  2. Eric says:

    Reporting of GfA scandal is not hidden. When I type “gospel for asia” into a Google search box, the autocomplete suggestions include “lawsuit”, “class action” and “ceo salary”.

  3. Michael says:


    Try it without any of the autocompletes…

  4. JD says:

    Pope KP put d’whammy on me
    Pope KP put d’whammy on me
    Wuz a Shyster frum a Chapel dat uh give uh me d’apple
    So I sent ‘em all me guineas an’ me last rupee

  5. Eric says:

    1. Gospel for Asia: Home
    2. GFA World: Home
    3. CT: Gospel for Asia Settles Lawsuit with $37 Million Refund to …
    4. Gospel for Asia – Wikipedia (inc a Controversies section)
    5. Gospel for Asia Reviews | (good, bad and mixed reviews)
    6. CPost: Gospel for Asia founder talks fraud lawsuit, ring kissing – The …
    7. Gospel for Asia – Warren Throckmorton
    8. Throckmorton: Every Gospel for Asia Donor Should Read This Federal Court …
    9. Gospel for Asia (Australia) Inc.: mini charity review
    10. Petition · The Gospel For Asia Board of Directors: Removing …
    Your results may vary.

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