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  1. Dan from Georgia says:

    You beat me to #4.

    Those belivers who dabble in conspiracy theories and election lies and other garbage are dabbling in demonic things that WILL lead them astray whether they believe it or not. QANON and the like are NOT COMPATIBLE with faith in Jesus.

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    …in other words,

    PICK A SIDE, but don’t waste the Kingdom’s time meddling in worldly crap like that.

  3. Michael says:


    I really do wonder if it’s some spirit of deception.

    How else could intelligent people think these things?

    The Dale Earnhardt one cracked me up, then disturbed me…people that were there knew he was dead before they got him out of the car…

  4. Dan from Georgia says:


    I know my comment may have been obtuse, but I wonder how are society is going to survive when people surrender their minds over to falsehoods. I don’t even hear the name Jesus anymore from a co-worker who is really into this stuff.

    I never heard of the Dale Earnhardt one.

  5. Dan from Georgia says:

    ok, so I myself have been susceptible to falsehoods and still am. How many of us when presented with the facts, humbly change our tune. I once believed the Madelyn Murray O’hare was out to censor Christians (radio, tv, etc). Turns out that was false. I changed my tune. Nowadays, people cry “fake news” or “oh, that website/news outlet is liberal, so of course…”.

  6. Michael says:


    People in the crowd were saying that other deceased celebrities were there…including Earnhardt.
    I don’t know how we can self govern believing this crap either…

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    That is REALLY out there.

  8. Em says:

    “Wee will see the Holy Spirit move across the world on a !ighty way…. …”
    Okay – that i can pray for, but.

  9. Em says:

    Be careful when bringing “back” the dead…. They may not appreciate it. 😇

  10. Linn says:

    Back when I was a missionary in South America, I was visiting a church where people collected Coke bottle caps for lucky numbers and the stuff they could win with them. My bottle number was 666. I was told by one very sincere woman that I should never drink Coke again. It was very hard for me to keep from rolling my eyes, but I did politely submit that 666 is a number between 665 and 667.

    #4 I think Satan has a good laugh at all our pathetic actions to figure out when the world will end. It’s terribly important, we have some information (earthquakes, wars, and stuff), but even Jesus said only the Father knew the day or the hour. when the Son would come again. If we lived like Jesus could return any day, in a God-pleasing, humble, holy way, serving both the Lord and our fellow humans, I believe that God would be very pleased vs all the nonsense we go through trying to figure out when the end will come. These folks must miss out on a lot of the great things that God wants to do in their lives.

  11. Randy Davis says:

    I think that a large portion of this craziness goes back to the 60s with the rise of Jim Bakker, TBN, Pat Robertson, and others who claimed extraordinary powers as gifts of the Holy Spirit. Pat Robertson prayed away a hurricane. TBN hosted people who had raised the dead and healed the sick-without supporting evidence. People learned that believing these claims was a matter of living by faith. They primed the pump for people to believe an alternative form of Christianity, which has lead to the nonsense we see today.

  12. Donner says:

    Uh, it’s RFK, Jr.

  13. DavidH says:

    I knew the son of a Pentecostal preacher who claimed that Reagan was the Antichrist. Reagan’s full name was Ronald Wilson Reagan. Each name has six letters, equating to 666. It doesn’t take a lot of work to come up with a conspiracy theory, it does take a lot of work to undo a conspiracy theory.

  14. Michael says:

    RFK Jr. is still alive and crazy as hell. JFK Jr. was who they were waiting for…

  15. ( |o )====::: says:

    This is a sad reminder of my days serving with Chuck Missler.

  16. Nathan Priddis says:

    I was left confused by the Kim Clemet / Missler hookup. I watched a video where Clemet called Missler one of God’s generals. Missler just sat there smiling.

    That’s NAR talk.

  17. Em says:

    Lynn @3:51. 👍 👍 👍

  18. Captain Kevin says:

    I know I’m not the sharpest marble in the jar, but Lord have mercy, some of these folks are beyond stupid!!

  19. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    For 2 … Crawford Gribben’s book The Puritan Millennium is a fascinating if dense read on number crunching in the old days. His other books are Writing the Rapture (one of the only surveys of bad Secret Rapture novels written by, I’m afraid it must be said this harshly, paranoid WASPs, anyone has written that I know of) and his survey of millenarian thought in trans-Atlantic evangelicalism from 1500 to 2000 are both well worth reading. I’ve been an amillenialist for quite some time but reading about the propensity of postmils to foment revolutions and premils to bewail the demise of society more ardently than Spengler … yep … still amillenial. None of that means I can’t still appreciate Roger Williams or Richard Sibbes.

  20. Dan from Georgia says:

    Ok NOW I AM ANGRY!!!! This crowd of goofballs thought that Debbie Reynolds would somehow come back from beyond and appear in Dallas?!?!?!? Star of one of my all-time favorite classic movies “Singin’ In the Rain”??? Who will they try to dredge up next?

  21. Nathan Priddis says:

    Yes. Something spiritual has happened.
    No. The vast majority of people adhering to crazy theories are completely normal. They’ve changed and I think they are largely impervious to information that would change them back.

    A massive outbreak of irrational behavior and thought, has occurred worldwide.

  22. BrianD says:

    1. Did Elvis sing the national anthem?

    2. I’m guessing DJT is the Prochrist, ready to fight his nemesis in the not-so ‘dinstant’ future.

    3. Other religions just chill.

  23. CM says:

    Michael and Dan from GA,

    Did Jimmy Hoffa, Elvis, Francisco Franco (HT: SNL 1st Season) show up?

    Did any of these Qanoners in Dallas believe like Linus that there is a Great Pumpkin when they were kids?

  24. Dan from Georgia says:

    CM and BrianD,

    I was thinking they should have invited Jesus back, but they probably wouldn’t recognize him, let alone know who he is….

  25. Dan from Georgia says:


    Francisco Franco is still dead.


  26. CM says:

    Dan from GA,

    The Jesus of those Q-anoners is their Cheeto Jesus Donald Trump. They even made a gold statue of their idol and god to genuflect towards at CPAC…

  27. Tim says:

    I always find it interesting here that it takes on the character of “criticizing your own side” whether that be politically or religiously because no matter how bat shit crazy conservatives act, no matter how far down conspiracy theory rabbit holes they have gone, no matter how hateful or even violent they become… they are still “your side” because you still buy into the idea that all aspects of “liberalism” are so inherently evil that you really have no other choice.

  28. josh hamrick says:

    Not my side.

  29. Linnea says:

    Well, scoffing at others is not exactly godly sentiment, though it is satisfying. I love Jordan Peterson’s prayer/reflection here:

    Kyrie Eleison

  30. Michael says:


    That was good…

  31. Em says:

    Tim @6:34 am
    liberal or conservative when they go hard over mindless, either side is “bat shit crazy “

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