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  1. Shawn says:

    BTW as we are preparing for ice storms in SWMO I have been anxious especially worrying about losing power with really cold Temps (#7). I was hoping you would post your Things I Think today to distract me for a little while. You came through. I appreciate it.

    #3- When I taught at a CC Bible College in from 2001-2007 everyone was uptight about Dawkins book the God Delusion like they were about the DaVinci Code before it. I read the DaVinci Code and found in very entertaining though not quite back by the research Brown had supposedly done.

    So I picked up Dawkins book when it came out. I read maybe half of it. I did not finish because other duties called at the time and admittedly I got tired of Dawkins’ arrogance protruding from the pages as if their were no viable alternatives to his constant assertion that God does not exist. Quite a few people warned about reading such literature, well intended I am sure, because it could destroy my faith. I would joke that in my opinion it was the best manual on Christian Living outside the Bible. Dawkins did not even come close to destroying my faith. He actually strengthened it.

    Now my fellow believers in Christ that is a different story. Actually in the midst of much nonsense parading as godliness they never have come close either. Good thing the Bible lays out a pretty good picture of the human condition, religious or otherwise, and about the masqueraders.

  2. Michael says:


    Thanks for reading…and waiting.

    Hope the power stays on and you stay warm!

  3. Steven says:

    #3. Oh man, I cannot agree more

    #4. Again….I cannot agree more (again)

    (For what my agreement is worth, that is)

  4. filistine says:

    I have to admit you took a right turn with #10–caught me off guard with that one. Junior E has always been an intriguing individual who emerged from his father’s substantial shadow with a great career of his own. I’m glad you found his podcasts worthwhile.

    I agree with your second thought regarding doctors and nurses & all within the healthcare profession. It has been a s*%# show with crazies insisting on their own brand of medicine, demanding their own course of treatment, yet professing they will blame the doctors if they die–lunacy. If one is sick enough for hospitalization, but won’t let them treat him–stay at home & take his chances. Those who have taken the road need to live or die with the consequences–or blame those they’ve followed.

    My dogs continue to be the best therapy. Well, them and whiskey. 🙂

  5. Michael says:

    Thanks, Steven…

  6. Michael says:


    I hope you’re feeling better, my friend…
    Jr has made a rabid fan out of me…he’s a very decent fellow and an excellent interviewer.

    I have my cats…if I start in on the copious amounts of whiskey I have, this column will get a lot more interesting…so I’ve abstained…so far…

  7. filistine says:

    It’s been a longer-than-expected recovery–tired, sore joints, prone to coldness, not sleeping well, but I am slowly improving. Thankfully the sunlight is increasing daily instead of decreasing & I find that helpful. My bride wasn’t as ill as me & recovered more quickly, though her other health issues warrant vigilance.

    I’ve been listening to some great podcasts as well & some e-books too. There are some very helpful resources out there.

  8. Michael says:


    You both remain in my thoughts and prayers…both of you are very special people.

  9. filistine says:

    The sentiment is mutual.

  10. Dan from Georgia says:

    Couldn’t sleep tonight then found out Russia has attacked Ukraine. I am taking an online Russian language course (not political) and my teacher is from the Ukraine. Can’t imagine what she’s thinking right now.

  11. bob1 says:

    #9 Yes. Pray. Let’s pray hard.

    Sadly, Putin has said publicly he wants the Soviet Union to return to its earlier, Stalinist”glory days.”

    Ah yes, the good old days. You know, those days when 3.9 million Ukrainians were starved out by Stalin. About 14% of Ukraine’s entire population.

    So yes, let’s plead with the Lord to intervene mightily!

  12. Derek says:

    I have no interest in seeing my son go die for some place that has no hold on me or the people around me. Fighting Russia won’t be like all the little nothing wars I fought in lately that we still couldn’t win. No American blood for the Ukrainian government that was basically installed a few years ago so that families like the Bidens could get richer. Democrats and Republicans are cheering this idiocy to fruition.

  13. Josh the Baptist says:

    The right has certainly taken a weird stance on this conflict. I didn’t expect that.

  14. Em says:

    As Michael has observed here our politicians, for true most part, are bought and paid for!
    No sense of patriotism or history.
    Or so it seems from here! Dunno, though, do i! 🤔

  15. Everstudy says:

    “The right has certainly taken a weird stance on this conflict.”

    What stance have we taken? I haven’t gotten my handout from headquarters yet.

  16. Josh the Baptist says:

    What is your take?

  17. Michael says:

    The former president and Fox News have been applauding the genius of a murderous dictator and underplaying what is about to be lost.

    I won’t have it here.

    That is the first and only warning I will give. I’m in no mood for anyone defending this atrocity.

  18. Josh the Baptist says:

    Yeah, that’s been what I’ve found shocking. I can’t say that I’ve seen us so divided that we’ll side with Vladimir Putin over someone from the other party. Sad times.

  19. Kevin H says:

    Some on the Right are cheering on aspects of the Russian invasion in order to score political points against the Left. Others are saying this whole Ukraine/Russia thing is just being used (even created) to distract away from some supposed Hillary scandal and/or the supposed tyranny of COVID rules and restrictions. It is all wicked.

    Not nearly all on the Right are guilty of such behavior. But to the extent that such mindsets have perpetrated the Right, it is scary.

    I say this as a lifelong Republican.

  20. Josh the Baptist says:

    Kevin – It’s mainstream. It is Fox News.

  21. Kevin H says:

    Josh, yes it is. It is so sad.

  22. Michael says:

    The same people that claimed that wearing a mask in a pandemic was “tyranny” are tacitly supporting the onslaught of real tyranny.

    I am disgusted beyond my capabilities to speak.

  23. Josh the Baptist says:

    I think the experiment has officially failed.

  24. Michael says:


    If you’re speaking of the American experiment…you might be right .

  25. Josh the Baptist says:


  26. Duane Arnold says:

    My wife and I visited Kyiv and Odessa often back in the day… Watching the Russian attack is simply heartbreaking.

  27. Kevin H says:

    I’d be interested in hearing Xenia’s perspective on all this with her association with the Russian Orthodox Church here in the States.

  28. bob1 says:

    I found the article Duane linked to fasccinating…

    And terrifying.

    If what the writer says is true, it’s another shameful episode with the Church marrying itself to a nationalist ideology.

    Haven’t we learned anything? I guess not.

  29. Derek says:

    I don’t care what happens on the other side of the world in a country that borders Russia and not the US. I have no interests there. The ones who want war and sanctions sure do seem to have a lot of financial interests there, Republicans and Democrats alike.
    I got fooled into supporting useless wars twice in the last 20 years. I won’t be fooled again. No American blood is worth any of this and especially not with a senile old fool leading us.
    Not going to be suckered with the “poor Christians in Ukraine” ploy either. We fly the LGBT flag from our Russian Embassy. We are not going in to save Ukrainian Christians. At some point we became the side without any morals.

  30. Derek says:

    Was #6 aimed at Canada or Russia? So confused on who is doing tyrant stuff these days.

  31. josh hamrick says:


  32. Jean says:

    I am not an expert in Canadian government, but I understand two things about Canada: (1) Canadian’s elect their political leaders, and (2) Canada has an independent judiciary. With those two types of institutions in Canada, I don’t see how (a) Canada’s government could be accused of tyranny or (b) Canada could be compared to or confused with Russia.

  33. Kevin H says:

    While certainly one can disagree with the recent actions taken by the Canadian government, to equate or liken what they did compared to what Russia is currently doing is a complete loss of rational and ethical perspective.

  34. EricL says:

    What happens if Russia turns to their old USSR provinces of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia? These little lands are surrounded by Russia and will be like snacks to the Bear, but the West foolishly gave them NATO membership. That would bring us into in a true war, since NATO promises that an attack on any member is like an attack on all members. Will Putin be satisfied with just Ukraine, or does he want all the rest of the USSR provinces back in the fold?

    Ugly times. Definitely praying for the people of Ukraine.

  35. Derek says:

    Lol, that is just a joke, in western “democracies” you only get to protest if you are a cause that the system already supports. If not, you get jailed with no speedy trial (J6 Protestors) or you get your bank account frozen so you starve to death if you don’t submit (Trucker convoys). BTW, since when do the banks work for the governments? Interesting that. Government and corporations are joined at the hip to screw you over now.
    Now, explain to me how going fight Putin is an example of a Just War? You know you want to.
    Let me say again, I don’t care what Putin does. I don’t care for democracies anymore. Democracies just means spreading evil around the world now. I don’t trust the Constitution to save me, it is a toothless document against the managerial state. I don’t watch Fox News, it is just more news that tries to guide me in the same direction that any other does, just at a slower pace.
    There isn’t a hairs worth of difference between what Republicans and Democrats want. They just want you to think there is. With Republicans, I still get tranny kid surgery but with a tax break added on. Democracies and Republics have no choice but to devolve into evil systems.
    We are the evil in the world now. We aren’t the good guys, we just want to keep fooling ourselves that we are.

  36. bob1 says:

    Was #6 aimed at Canada or Russia?

    The stupidity never ceases to amaze…

  37. bob1 says:

    We are the evil in the world now

    Yet more stupidity…

  38. Derek says:

    We are. We all know it,
    Waiting for someone to say Putin is actually the Real Hitler.
    I will laugh so hard.

  39. Josh the Baptist says:

    I mean, about us being the bad guys, there is certainly truth there.

    But why do you think Putin is a good guy? That’s the mindboggler.

  40. bob1 says:

    We are. We all know it,


    Most of us don’t actually.

  41. Josh the Baptist says:

    Oh, this country has been about evil from the very start. Can’t argue with that.

  42. Derek says:

    When did I say he was the good guy? You are putting words into my posts that aren’t there.
    I have not been convinced that he is the evil that the current political atmosphere wants me to think he is.
    I live here. I see how badly America has degraded over the years.
    We are bad. I see this because I am here. I don’t live in Russia. Maybe it is bad too.
    We, however, don’t need to be the ones trying to impose a perverted moral order on the world.

  43. Derek says:

    I don’t care what you think. Most boomers (or some boomer adjacent) are clueless and still live in an America that only exists in their heads now.

  44. Josh the Baptist says:

    Oh, we’ve always been bad. We’ve improved in a lot of ways.
    He’s going to kill a lot of people in that tiny country. That’s bad, right?

  45. Derek says:

    I don’t know Josh. How many people do you estimate he will kill?
    How many people will we kill if we go there? How many innocent people did we kill in our wars? How many people did we kill with a drone with no real person anywhere around, just video game action death?
    Why should I care about every death in the world? I don’t have the mental ability to do that. We weren’t meant to do that.

  46. Josh the Baptist says:

    Well, I am against all killing, anti-war, all that, so I am with you on that. If our country does it, it is horrible. If he does it, it is horrible.

  47. Derek says:

    We have not improved. That is laughable.
    Progressivism has always been built in to the western liberal tradition though.
    The founders were the progressives of their day. There are many ideas built into the Western Christians churches that are false ideas, but everyone, Republicans and Democrats both believe them to be true because they ideologically can’t not believe them. These are ideas that are believed by both sides of the fake aisle. These ideas infect the Church. You seem to easily identify them when it is a case of some “conservative” idea that crept in, but not so much when one of these shared bad ideas infect it.
    We always try to fool ourselves that the world is progressing to heaven on earth.

  48. Derek says:

    I am not anti-war, just anti this war. Wars around the other side of the world are no longer on my radar.
    If it came down to it, I can still fight one and pile those bodies up.
    It has to be a lot closer to home and meaningful though. Christians used to know that killing was not always wrong. The Crusaders were not always wrong.

  49. Derek says:

    I will be the voice of reason to my friends and family about this war. Most already are wondering why this is happening.
    I will tell them the stuff people like Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow won’t. No war cheerleading here. No propaganda to support the politician’s money cow. Just straight up stuff like which politicians have gotten payoffs and jobs from Ukraine for themselves and family members.

  50. Michael says:

    I am not advocating for American military involvement.
    That would seem to have only one outcome, which is too dire to fathom.

    However, neither do I support anyone who thinks this is less than a horrible tragedy for the people of Ukraine done by a murderous tyrant.

  51. bob1 says:

    However, neither do I support anyone who thinks this is less than a horrible tragedy for the people of Ukraine done by a murderous tyrant.

    I agree.

    The lack of nuance by some on here is either frightening, pathetic or both. Taka your pick.

  52. Derek says:

    Which people of Ukraine? The Ukrainians or the ethnic minority Russians who declared themselves separate in their republics?
    Is Kosovo the only place that gets to do that with the support of the West?
    When is wanting to be a free republic a good thing, when the West supports it? When is it bad, when the East supports it?
    How do we decide?
    How far has the Russian advance gone? Is it only in the separatist regions? Have they pushed to Kiev?
    I need to look this up and see if they have even advanced beyond the separatist regions. I heard they took out Ukraine’s Air Force in first strike.

  53. bob1 says:

    These observations about Ukraine, Russia and the Orthodox churches seem to parallel rather closely, the article Duane
    referenced earlier.

  54. Derek says:

    Interesting, saw a map with a lot of strikes on it. Seem to be in the same places we had bioweapons labs in the Ukraine.

  55. Josh the Baptist says:

    Oh, we are much better off in many ways. Obviously worse in some.

  56. Josh the Baptist says:

    Derek, you sound like a Putin apologist.

  57. Derek says:

    Say it Josh.
    Say Putin is literally Hitler.
    If anything, I added some life to this thread and gave some people some stuff to think about besides worn down rhetoric like calling everyone we are against Hitler.
    Gotta go now. Time to eat and think about how to talk more people off the Ukrainian war ledge.

  58. Josh the Baptist says:

    You are having a conversation with yourself that didn’t happen here. No one except you referred to Hitler. No one here advocated war. I specifically spoke against it. Are you ok?

  59. Derek says:

    I was just being preemptive. I hear Hitler get thrown about helter skelter in everything I read these days. I was denying ground so someone would look foolish using an argument that included the greatest villain to ever live as their touchstone.
    You know they use it in the same way that people try to use “oh are you a (insert villain here) apologist?” That is another old worn out tactic to smear someone. Sort of last to, just like the Hitler comparisons.
    Btw, betting this war is over in days with casualties only in the thousands and mostly military or militias. Looks like Russia is making short work there. Impressive militarily so far.

  60. Derek says:

    Last = lazy

  61. Michael says:


    We have readers here with friends and family in Ukraine. While you may believe you’re full of insight, they are of a different opinion.

    This site is committed to supporting and praying for the people affected…the politics are beyond my pay scale.

  62. London says:

    Derek you may not have ties to Ukraine, but I definitely do. I find your words offensive and cruel.

  63. Em says:

    We should ALL be praying that Putin isn’t starting WW3
    Praying here for your Ukraine folk, London

  64. Derek says:

    I don’t care. I dont want any of my family that is still in the military to go die there for our political elite’s money laundering country.
    I have been trying to convince my son to get out once his enlistment is up. The military is more worried about diversity, LGBT and just general weirdness than training for war. We don’t need to go up against a force that selects for masculine virtues in their military. Plus, the Global American Empire has nothing worth dying for anymore. I have talked about 3 guys down from joining in the past three years. The South takes the brunt of dying for an empire that shows to hate everything Southerners love. Offensive and cruel is using our people up like trash and then taking a dump on us afterwards.
    Night all

  65. Nonnie says:

    My heart goes out for the people of Ukraine and the Russian people that are against this incursion by their leader. I also agree with Derek that I don’t want to see our young men and women die for this political power playing that will accomplish absolutely nothing. Just like the 13 that died in Afghanistan in the final days. I don’t want to see young Americans die because of corrupt and impotent leaders and money/power brokers.
    At the same time, my heart hurts for the innocents in Ukraine. God help them.

  66. London says:

    Thanks Em.

  67. Josh the Baptist says:

    When our political leanings allow us to say deaths in the thousands is a good thing, its time to reevaluate.

    But we won’t. We’re too far down this rabbit hole.

  68. London says:

    I’ve seen hundreds of faces of refugees and victims of war go across the tv screen in my lifetime.
    This is the first time I’ve ever know any of them personally.
    I’ve been to Ukraine a couple times and tonight I’m thinking of every person who I met there and hoping they live through this nightmare.

  69. Kevin H says:


    There has not been one person here advocating that America go to war. Not a single one, including myself. It is irrelevant to this discussion.

    Your repeated mantras that you don’t care about what is happening in Ukraine or the people thereof is cruel and offensive as London said. Of course we are going to naturally care about our own family and friends and even country before others that we don’t personally know. But God cares for and loves everybody, therefore we have no excuse but to do the same. To keep repeating over and over that you don’t care is frankly, anti-Christ.

    May you some day take a hard look at how your political and cultural beliefs are causing you to act in manners that betray what should be your greatest loyalty.

  70. Josh the Baptist says:

    London – I am so sorry. Praying for your friends and loved ones.

  71. Josh the Baptist says:

    Something has happened with Derek. He used to be a thoughtful individual. At least in his interactions here, he’s gone off the rails.

    On Feb 3rd, he had this to say about fast-food workers:
    “jackboots and brownshirts: I was just following orders.
    Also, jackboots and brownshirts: and I made up some of my own at the same time.”

    On February 24th, he had this to say about us:
    “I hear Hitler get thrown about helter skelter in everything I read these days. I was denying ground so someone would look foolish using an argument that included the greatest villain to ever live as their touchstone.”

    So he makes nazi references towards fast food workers, but shows up here to laugh at us for making Hitler / Putin references that none of us ever made.

    Derek, there is no way any of that makes sense to you.

  72. Michael says:

    I’ve given Derek a break from the site…

  73. Duane Arnold says:


    It is not meant to make sense. It is meant to provoke.

  74. Derek says:

    Josh, you have changed also. It is noticeable.
    It happens. I am thoughtful, I just no longer have the same set of ideologies held by either Republicans or Democrats, but still you say somehow I am being political. You are stuck in only one way to look at things and sometimes you say things in here that hold no reality to what my previous posts said. You are trying to fit me in some preformed mold do you can hate me. Understandable.
    Look I got a ban by Michael, Trudeau would be proud. Sort of proud that my ideas scare people do much when they just advocate against war.

  75. Michael says:


    Sorry to disappoint you, but your ideas don’t scare anyone…they just don’t hold up to critical thought at times.

    I have moderated you not because anyone hates you or is scared…but because you seem to lack any sense of common decency or Christian ethics.

    No one has advocated for war here…not a single person.

  76. Duane Arnold says:

    An evangelical church in Kyiv…

    “We will shelter the weak, serve the suffering, and mend the broken.”

  77. Xenia says:

    Derek, the only “scary” thing about you is how you have lost your way. We are afraid *for* you, not *of* you. You used to be one of my favorite PhxPeeps, and now I don’t know you.

  78. Josh the Baptist says:

    Derek, I don’t hate you. I don’t even know what you are talking about. I’m being serious. You aren’t making sense. Its not necessarily that your arguments are good or bad. They are disconnected from reality. Something took you down a very strange path, and I’m sorry to see it happen.

  79. Em says:

    This morning my daughter told me that a Russian tank was coming toward a car going the opposite direction with three people trying to flee the war zone. The tank swerved to the oncoming car and flattened it. She saw the video….
    I was young but I heard that the Russian soldiers were merciless to civilians at the end of WW,2. Pray harder folks, pray more and harder
    God keep.

  80. Em says:

    P.S. we all change over time. Hopefully we’ll follow Scripture and develop the mind of Christ….. 🙏

  81. Kevin H says:

    This change in Derek is not one that happened overnight. I was once friends with Derek on Facebook as I had found him to be a thoughtful guy and enjoyed his interaction. However, as time went on, that changed as Derek more and more, rather than honestly interacting on topics just chose to insult me for things I wrote there and even here. Eventually Derek ended up unfriending me when I called him out on a racist statement he had made – something along the lines that it’s better for different races and cultures to remain separate because that is what God had purposed at Babel. I then did not have much interaction with him until he returned here recently.

    I don’t know what all has happened in Derek’s life, but his words and actions here have been the poster child of the Christian who has allowed political and cultural thoughts and concerns to take strong precedence over Christian ethics and behavior.

    I do not wish Derek ill but am saddened by what he has become and only wish that he would return to being that guy that we all liked much better years ago.

  82. Xenia says:

    Concerning all these things, I now see how it’s possible for Satan to send a delusion that everyone will believe, except the elect, who barely escape. Satan is practicing.

  83. Em says:

    “Satan is practicing.”. Perhaps this is why we ask God the Father to deliver us from evil? If Eve is our example, we’re no match for Satan!

  84. Xenia says:

    So it’s a good idea, maybe, to do some self-reflection to determine if maybe we have fallen for delusion. Right or Left, Satan’s got a lie to fit everyone. I have never seen so many people believing and declaring such preposterous stuff, on both sides.

  85. London says:

    I saw that video. It was horrifying.
    The car was flatten but the man who was driving survived after people rescued him.
    The bystanders took care of the tank driver. He will not be doing that again.

  86. London says:

    Thank you Josh.

  87. PM says:


    It feels like invasion of the body snatchers. I don’t know Derek but I do know previously rational, intelligent people who have consumed such a one-sided diet of news/social media/whatever, that now their logic, and sometimes their core personhood isn’t recognizable. It’s honestly baffling to me. Thank goodness my closest circle of friends and family have remained mostly unaffected. But even with them I see the small shifts…or maybe I’m the one changing…

  88. Ted Kijeski says:

    #1 — They’ve been held up by mask mandates.

  89. Kevin H says:


    Invasion of the body snatchers indeed. I have seen several people I know transform into something very different these last few years, and not good transformations at that. The changes have seemingly happened quite quickly and quite substantially that it is shocking.

    Just a few days ago, I saw a friend post on Facebook that we should ignore the Ukraine/Russia situation because it was just a media/government creation to distract attention away from the real tyranny of the day – that being the COVID rules and regulations and specifically what had happened in Canada and the coming trucker convoy here in the States.

    This is a friend who I once admired for having a very good head on his shoulders. One who I had seen very honorably and judiciously navigate his way through a situation where he had been involved with a very abusive and corrupt ministry.

    Yet now, with the political issues of the day, he has gone off the deep end. It is very sad.

  90. Dan from Georgia says:

    Kevin and PM, yes, I have seen this also with otherwise very intelligent people, become so consumed with their….ugh I hate this…their tribe’s narrative…that they become totally unreasonable and almost unpleasant to be around at times. And these people tend to be the most vocal and obnoxious…you almost cannot reason with them or have an honest conversation with them.

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