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  1. Alan says:

    “all the “prophets” from Bethel and like oriented places are frauds and grifters”

    I dissent strongly with the admission that they do open the door for those who grift and defraud. When esteem is offered by these means there is never a shortage of opportunists to rise for the rewards. Nevertheless many operate with honor and care and great love for the flock.

    Perhaps for you #4 is answered by #10. And those who fit your description of fraud and grift would be on my list as well. But not “all” not even close.

  2. Michael says:


    I knew that would rouse you from your absence. 🙂

    I am on various email lists from the “prophets”…and I’ve yet to find one that is not a grifter of biblical proportions.

    If I find one, I will stand corrected…and change my opinion to “most”.

  3. Michael says:

    In deference to your experience I will change it to “most”…but will go no farther without evidence…

  4. bob1 says:

    I love #3 — a fresh reminder of the generous, totally unmerited love of God. Thank you.

  5. Michael says:


    We lose the disciples disgust with this interaction in the translation…it amuses me no end until I realize that Jesus offers those same conversations to people that disgust me…

  6. Linn says:

    #4 Yes, it applies to all of us. For me, it’s some of the members of my family, close family members. They have lived in so many self-destructive ways that I find it distasteful, yet I would have ended up in the same place if God hadn’t brought me to Himself. So, when those thoughts come, it’s time to repent and make a phone call/email to see how they are. And, I pray for them specifically, both in terms of their spiritual state and their lifestyles. I fled from them as a teen and college student; now I find myself reaching out and asking God to help me love them.

  7. Michael says:


    We all have a list…mine is shorter than it used to be…but it’s still pretty long.

    I respect your dedication to Christ in this matter…it’s helpful!

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