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  1. Captain Kevin says:

    #7 – WTF?!?!?!!!

  2. Captain Kevin says:

    People have been abusing marijuana for decades, and now it’s sold legally on every corner, with or without a medical card. I just did a face palm over this opioid thing.

  3. prodinov says:

    Micheal, number 2 remains a key part of the faith. If only….and if I could add. I have been an avid reader for years and I find your servanthood so evident and refreshing. I am heartbroken (or at least empathetic to your expressions of pain, both physical and spiritual), and desire to assist if my own financial bearings improve. I recall over a decade ago, Ken Silva, since deceased of Apprising Ministries would always tell his readership that he needed money or else….website was coming down. Everyday, a new threat, a new outburst of financial needs. I quickly sent him $500,….yiyiyiyi, and never heard from him. You? You have never ever done a “Ken Silva” on your readers yet it is obvious that you have certain financial needs. I can only think that you will receive substantial blessings at some point because our faith tells us so… are a servant and that I greatly appreciate.

  4. Michael says:


    It’s a tough environment for doctors…and patients.

  5. Michael says:


    You’ve been a great encouragement for years…and it has mattered more than you will know this side of eternity…

  6. filistine says:

    #1–like Robert Morris? Evidently ‘similars’ attract.

  7. LInn says:


    I’ll be praying about those pain meds. Many people really need them, and in a more rural area (I think that is what your area is like) it would be hard to get them somewhere else. 🙁 I don’t like them, but post-hip surgery they are the only thing that cuts the pain (I’m non-functional when I take them, and my pink elephants have many conversations with me).

    #10-My church has approximately 10 elders. This past year they divided up the members and assigned each one/couple/family to an elder. The elders contacted everyone personally. I appreciate knowing who I can call when an emergency arises (like, death of a family member) instead of leaving a mumbling message on an answering machine at the church office. There are deacons who cooperate with the elders, so the groups get a bit smaller. It’s a nice touch.

    #8 If you believe everything is bad news (and there is still bad news, although I find a lot of it is happening overseas), then you don’t have to better yourself. You just stay in your pit and suffer. It’s probably the eternal optimist in me, but I work hard at being thankful every day. It’s not hard-I had breakfast, made it to work (setting up for summer ESL program I teach in), and the cat still loves me. I’m sure there will be more things to be thankful for.

  8. Dan from Georgia says:

    Great thoughts and strong stuff here Michael.

    Two responses from me…

    Your thought #2…agreed. I keep having thoughts that those who aspire to bring about the kingdom through political means are completely (or on their way) ignorant.

    …your #6…absolutely SAVAGE! Seems like those that have the loudest voices in getting so-and-so into the White House are also the ones with the most immorality in their ranks.

    No apologies for my views.

  9. Dan from Georgia says:

    Man, so sorry to hear about the opioids and not getting what you need.

  10. Michael says:


    Yes…and like almost 25 years of stories here told and untold…

  11. Michael says:


    The division of labor at your church is really to be commended…everyone should have someone they can call in leadership when they have a need…

  12. Michael says:


    You nailed it in my opinion…and it was my opinion long before the orange man…

  13. Alpinist says:

    Micheal I have commented before on this. But the economy is not strong in this country. Yes many jobs were added. But most of those jobs were part time. I should add that both Americans and Canadians are facing stagnant wage growth. We are living in a bifurcated economy where the top 25% dominated by boomers is doing much better than everyone else. Stack that with inflation and we have real structural problems that the numbers don’t show. Many Americans have their incomes supplemented by disability and welfare. As far as crime goes. Well yes violent crime is down but petty crimes such as property theft are no longer reported. Fact is that many times the police don’t show up. You can walk in WalMart and take what you want. No is going to stop you. People gave up reporting it. Everything else you said is spot on. Thank you as always.

  14. Interested Bystander says:

    I understand and sympathize with your meds possibly becoming unavailable, since I also use them. My own MD explained to me that the powers that be have set a hard limit on their availability to our entire area. Nothing can abrogate that decision. Any new patients with conditions that call for that level of pain relief are out of luck.

    Pain clinics are under a microscope (as they should be) and require ongoing patient testing to see if they are using street drugs along with them, or if they are actually using them at all, or are actually selling them to others. The old days of overprescribing are long gone, replaced by withholding from those with severe pain.

    Crumbling spines should be taken care of with aspirin I guess.

  15. Michael says:


    I receive your corrections…good points made.

  16. Michael says:

    Interested Bystander,

    I’m hoping that I can find alternatives…because I’m not sure about life without an alternative…

  17. R'as al Ghul says:


    Have you looked spinal cord stimulators for back pain?

    Here is a link to Johns Hopkins Medical:

  18. Captain Kevin says:

    R’as, I’ve wondered if my insurance would cover that.

  19. R'as al Ghul says:


    Not sure. But one can certainly research it with your insurance company and your regular doctors/specialists.

  20. UnCCed says:

    Regarding #7, we were in the same boat till we found an alternative, watch the movie, The Leaf of Faith (not religious, but alternative pain treatment).

    Regarding the “leaders,” however we can those who don’t belong in the pulpit out of it, I applaud it. Sometimes, people like myself require simple truths to be learned the hard way.

  21. Michael says:

    R’as al Ghul,

    The pain clinic I’m at pushes them…I’m considering it.

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