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  1. filbertz says:

    the loss of perspective is one of the biggest dangers in today’s society. The ‘immediate’ has no context.

    I love autumn…but not being soggy. 😉

    Your Galatians quote also provides the antidote to a technology-addicted culture. Serving others and doing good never becomes “trendy” and nor goes out of style.

    American politics is looking more like a rugby scrum all the time. Where’s the ball?

  2. filbertz says:

    …seventh grade proof-reading error: “…never becomes “trendy” nor goes out of style.” 🙁

  3. Lutheran says:

    I like your #3, Michael.

    At my Lutheran church I’d say most folks are probably conservative in their worldview. But like most churches, there are a variety of positions. We all seem to get along.

  4. Michael says:


    We have to get very intentional about how we speak to each other, especially as members of the body of Christ.
    It’s harder for me than most, but at some point we need to stop enjoying division.

  5. Xenia says:

    1. I think it is because the world and its issues are so complex, as you suggest. For example, I don’t understand Obamacare at all and that’s just one example of many national issues that I don’t understand. And I don’t have the inclination to try to really understand it because I can see that intelligent, good-intentioned people who claim they do understand it have wildly different opinions about it. This is why my political philosophy of life is localism. The national issues are too complex and too riddled with a corruption that I can’t do anything about. I can love my neighbor. I can’t do anything about most cases of poverty in the US but I can stop and chat with the local homeless people, ask their names, listen to their stories, pat their dogs, give them a dollar, and add them to my prayer list.

    2. We have actually left several social events because of homosexual public displays of affection. I remember one “Winter Holiday” faculty party at my husband’s university where they was assigned seating (place cards) at the table and we found ourselves seated with a group of homosexuals who were grabbing each other and making lewd remarks. We quietly got up and left and I am sure these public perverts thought we were being hateful.

    3. I do think most liberals really do care for the poor but I believe they are misguided in many of their efforts. On the other hand, I have heard the most horrible things said about poor people coming from the mouths of conservative Christians. Better never go for a walk through the poor parts of town with some “Christians” and let them see you give a dollar to a homeless person. Holy Cow!

    4. Yep. I think this is best accomplished through a localist philosophy, like Michael’s skate park efforts.

    5. Twitter is at least talking with people about ideas. I don’t do much with Twitter. Instead, I demonstrate my superiority over my dog by killing hordes of monsters in this really stupid MMOG I am somewhat addicted to.

    6. Jesus came to Earth in the fulness of time. The Roman Empire had *just* the right degree of technology for God to accomplish His purposes in the way He desired. Good roads but no Internet.

    7. I am enjoying getting older. Maybe it’s because I am in good health and have a pretty care-free existence but my husband and I often comment that this is the best time of our lives.

    8. I have a phone phobia (long story as to why) so I am not tempted by smart phones and pretty much hate all phones, period. When a phone rings, I panic, if only briefly. I only carry my Tracfone with me if it’s absolutely necessary.

    9. I don’t know…. As I said in # 1, the issues are so complex that I think people distill the issues down into one or two pithy statements to try to make sense of things no one really understands well.

    10. Nursing home and funeral homes….. and I will add modern funerals where never is seen a hint of the body or even a mention as to where it might have wound up. My church has the body in an open wooden coffin lying in the center of the church and church members take turns reading the Psalms over the body until the actual funeral liturgy takes place. We all kiss our beloved good-bye on their cold gray cheeks. All the prayers and hymns of resurrection, all the love, all the hope that we have in Christ- all this works to help up fear death less. Odd, but true.

  6. Michael says:


    Thank you for making very good sense of my scattered thoughts.
    Like you, I’m more and more inclined to focus on the local…on what’s in front of me that I can actually affect and understand.
    Well done, my friend.

  7. I’m pretty much tracking with Xenia on 1-9…

    but one question – The phone phobia?!?! Really? I thought I was the only one. I have gotten MUCH better over the years, but my wife still has to make me carry my Tracphone (for emergencies she says. No one had emergences 20 years ago?) I had another cell phone that freaked me out to the point that I “accidentally” threw it away.

    Odd. I’m not sure I can even say why phones bother me so much, but boy, they do.

  8. Xenia says:

    My patron Saint, St. Xenia of St. Petersburg, was from a wealthy family but gave all her possessions away and began wandering the streets of the city, talking to people, helping people, giving the occasional prophecy. People would give her a ruble and she’d give it away to the next person she met. No one really knew where she slept at night. She is my heroine.

  9. Rob Murphy says:

    I really like Xenia’s idea of “localism” . . . and from underneath my tin foil hat I can cite thousands of times that great ideal was squashed by a power greater than the ‘localists’ could resist.
    I would add that I can guarantee that every squash I hand over the fence to my neighbor gets to my neighbor – remarkably without the State inspecting it, taxing it, or redirecting it. I can give my neighbor a ride to the doctor’s appointment with equal efficiency.
    I like Xenia’s ‘localism’ quite a lot. But I also see the need to build a wall around our ‘local-location’ to keep the Sheriff of Naught-ing-them out. 😉

    Also, let’s not denigrate Twitter-attention-span too much because I . . . what was I saying?

  10. Steve Wright says:

    A comment about the complexity of political issues. And I think it is nonpartisan.

    Some things are quite simple.

    Such as a nation continuing to run deficits, print money to cover those deficits, and borrow from foreign powers.

    Such as the more you tax something, the less of it you will receive.

    Such as a nation being dependent upon foreign enemies for vital resources.

    Such as a nation not just being a world leader, but acting like the world’s police officer.

    That while the law will not and can not eliminate every instance of a sinful act, at the same time the legalization and acceptance of sin will certainly increase the prevalence of such acts.

    And of course, the recognition that man is sinful and selfish – and will often lie, hurt others and otherwise do whatever is necessary to meet his personal desires, even at the expense of others.

  11. Steve – while those issues are easy to understand, trying to discern the cause and solution is where the complexity appears.

  12. “…at some point we need to stop enjoying division.”

    Just thought that was worth repeating. I think I’ll write it on a chalkboard 100 times (for my own benefit).

  13. I don’t think we enjoy division as much as we enjoy being right. And in order for me to be right, someone else has to be wrong.

  14. WOW…Xenia and Josh, we’re not alone!!! I too am a phonophobe. I don’t mind texting a little, but hate, and I do mean hate, with a passion, talking on the phone. I have to work up the courage to make the simplest of calls. I would rather travel 400 miles and knock on someone’s door than use the phone. My dad was the same way.

  15. Josh at #13, I think you’re wrong about that! 😉

  16. Let me prove it to ya 🙂

  17. You want a piece of me?!

  18. Kevin H says:

    “I do know that when we have reached a point where we assume that our opponents motives are evil that there is little hope for progress or reconciliation.” – I have an easy solution for that. For those I align with politically, I assume the same. 🙂

    Now I think that when either side of the aisle (or those who may fall somewhere in between) comes up with an idea or plan, there is some good will included in their thoughts. I think there is usually some kind of genuine concern to help others and to make conditions better overall. I may think that some ideas and some ways of thinking are better than others, but that does not negate the good will someone may have, even if I think their idea or plan is bad. The problem is, there is often so much corruption mixed in with those good intentions that it sure can make one’s motives appear evil as a whole.

    As for the complexity of issues, I’m in the same boat. I may have a general philosophy that would make me more in favor of some ideas and less of others. But understanding all the ins and out of certain issues and all the possible effects on them by various plans sure is hard to nail down when everybody keeps yelling completely conflicting information.

  19. Steve Wright says:

    , trying to discern the cause and solution is where the complexity appears.
    The cause is sin and the solution is stopping the behavior. Just stop.

    Sin in terms of selfishness, in terms of love of power, money and influence. Sin in terms well described in Scripture.

    Ever see Dave – the movie where a regular guy, Kevin Kline, pretends to be the President because he looks like him but actually gets involved with stuff…so he and his accountant balance the budget in one night over pizza.

    Yeah its a movie…but we could do the same easily. It’s not hard, just there is no will.

  20. Balancing the budget = “but we could do the same easily. It’s not hard, just there is no will.”

    As long as you admit guilt also. Raise taxes for half and cut services for the other half. Simple. Now, if you object to my plan it is because you have let sin get the best of you and you have no will to solve the issue,

  21. Lutheran says:

    Michael’s #4 reminded of a book by one of my heroes in the faith, Bishop Desmond Tutu.

  22. Xenia, Josh and CK
    Y’all aren’t the only ones.
    I hate talking on phones and I didn’t like it even when we had only one phone attached to the wall, party line, before ATT was broken up.

  23. Recommendation here.
    At lunch, I started reading this book.
    It is amazing! Stories like you think should only happen in the book of Acts.
    Books like this always do something for me.

    Which None Can Shut: Remarkable True Stories of God’s Miraculous Work in the Muslim World

  24. Nonnie says:

    Just wondering about the “anti phone” folks. Do any of you have children or grandchildren that live far from you?
    Living 5,000 miles from family, I’m so thankful to have a phone (and internet/Facetime/Skype) with virtually free phone calls. Even though we only see each other about once a year, my grand babies know me and we have a precious bond…through the phone and internet.

    For anyone other than family, I usually prefer text. 😀

  25. I don’t like to talk on the phone. At home I never answer the phone – and and mean never. My wife is not happy with that quirk.

  26. Nonnie says:

    For any of you who were Breaking Bad fans and don’t like to answer the phone, here you go:

  27. Ricky Bobby says:

    “9. Political and theological issues were once debated for hours or even days at a time in the public square…and people listened to both sides to make decisions. Now, we debate things on Twitter in 140 characters or less and wonder why no one understands the issues.”

    Now, to be fair, I try to hash out an issue for days, weeks, months and years with enough volume of information and discussion to get me kicked off pretty much most places 🙂

  28. Jim says:

    It’s funny how the two parties look so much alike these days, while we still use descriptive terms to divide ourselves. What the heck is a conservative and what the heck is a liberal?
    There are 99 shades of libertarians, from socialist to anarchist, so what the heck are they?

    I know “small govt” conservatives who know that we can’t spend 21% of our budget on entitlements, but would not dare touch the 20% spent on the military. I know liberals who want the govt out of our bedrooms, but think it’s their business what’s in my gun safe.

    A consistent political philosophy is hard to find these days.

  29. Xenia says:

    Nonnie, I am not exactly anti-phone, but when the phone rings I just about jump out of my skin. It is an irrational phobia and I know the very night it started: When I was a teenager, my dad had a stroke. We followed the ambulance to the hospital where the prognosis was not good. For some totally inexplicable reason, my mother decided that we would go home and go to bed rather than stay by his bedside. So me, my mother, and my sister all went home and waited for the phone to ring, which it did around 3AM with the news that Dad had died. This was the start of the phobia that was made worse over the years by having a job as a receptionist at a place with a very complicated phone system and often accidentally hanging up on important (grouchy) people rather than successfully transferring their call and also being a phone counselor for the local Compassion Pregnancy Center and getting “Hello, I want you to talk me out of suicide” at 2 AM. Also got other bad news on the phone. I just associate the phone with bad news.

    I think this is a little irrational, as I said.

  30. Steve Wright says:

    (I apologize for the double-thread post. Mods can delete the Open Blogging one. This was meant in reply to MLD’s “guilt” crack @20 and I put it in the wrong thread)

    MLD – if I had the power I would campaign on a wealth tax, which would make the Liberal Democrats like Warren Buffet show their hypocrisy once and for all. (and many in the GOP would scream too but at least they aren’t the ones like the left who claims to care for the poor while encouraging the policies that keep them that way.)

    It would basically eliminate all taxes for the poor and even lower middle class. ALL taxes including payroll, interest/capital gains, income. Maybe up to $40-50,000 a year. Maybe higher.

    Then it would hit everyone with a net worth above a certain very comfortable figure – let’s say 300 million or so – with a 25% wealth tax to both fund the government and reduce the debt. This is annual. So all those lefty billionaires (and the Koch brothers too of course) would each cough up a tidy sum.

    Ever look at the richest americans list. You need over 1.3 billion to crack #400. I’m sure there are thousands with a net worth between 300 million and 1.3 billion. (And the rich have only been getting richer under the Obama Administration)

    Example. Spielberg is worth about 3.3 billion. His first 300 million is exempt, but then he pays 25% of the other 3 billion – or 750 million dollars. How many lower income people could go off the tax rolls without a penny lost to the Treasury. And that is just one guy’s example – and really not even the top (150 guys have more wealth than Spielberg)

    Next year, after his remaining 2.5 billion has earned him another 200 million or so that year, he will again get to exclude the first 300 million and get taxed on the 2.4 billion left. So another 600 million to the Treasury. We could eventually lower and maybe eliminate this tax after some years once we got our house in order – but that is the way to do it.

    So yeah, increase the taxes..THAT way…and then cut spending while you are at it. Those rich folks in D.C. might have incentive to cut spending if they (and their puppet masters) knew their wealth tax would disappear more quickly.

    But don’t allow multi-millionaire congressmen (or spouses of..) to keep raising marginal rates and payroll rates and interest/capital gain rates on people trying to actually build a little income and savings for themselves – in order to keep the oligarchy class intact.

  31. Nonnie says:

    Xenia, thank you for explaining what you meant. I can understand why phones aren’t a “positive” in your life.

    My husband, for example, hates to answer the phone. He just doesn’t like to talk on the phone, with kids and grandkids being the exception.

  32. Free on Amazon today and tomorrow.

    Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free by Tullian Tchividjian

  33. I’m kinda like Xenia. It is an irrational fear. As a kid, I learned to associate the phone ringing with police, collectors, and debt. When the phone rang, my evening was shot. I haven’t had a negative phone call like that in 20 years, but I can’t shake the horrible feeling every time it rings. I do talk to some people when I have to, but I went years where I wouldn’t even do that.

  34. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    “3. I do think most liberals really do care for the poor but I believe they are misguided in many of their efforts. On the other hand, I have heard the most horrible things said about poor people coming from the mouths of conservative Christians. Better never go for a walk through the poor parts of town with some “Christians” and let them see you give a dollar to a homeless person. Holy Cow!”


  35. If ya’ll keep talking politics, I’m just gonna obstruct the conversation…

    like a Republican in Congress 🙂

  36. Ricky Bobby says:

    The republicans haven’t obstructed a thing. The House passed a bill and sent it to the Senate. The Senate rewrote the bill and sent it back. 0bama has vowed to veto any bill sent up that doesn’t have a prescribed set of stuff that he and the Dems want.

    If the R’s are “obstructionist” then the Dems are the freakin’ Hoover Dam.

  37. Agreeing with RB for once.

  38. Ricky Bobby says:

    I agree with SolRod’s thumbs up on this one, I think this is pretty correct in many cases:

    “3. I do think most liberals really do care for the poor but I believe they are misguided in many of their efforts. On the other hand, I have heard the most horrible things said about poor people coming from the mouths of conservative Christians. Better never go for a walk through the poor parts of town with some “Christians” and let them see you give a dollar to a homeless person. Holy Cow!”

  39. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Funny how some are passionate about politics but not about Pastoral abuse from their own tribe. Whats that about when good men do nothing evil prospers. I mean if you can’t de dove a guy, at least publicly rebuke him and come out against him in order to warn others but no fighting the Repub/Dem war is more important.

  40. If you guys keep talking politics, I’m gonna blame you for everything that is wrong in the world…

    Like a Democrat in Congress:)

  41. Josh, we ARE to blame for everything that is wrong in the world!

  42. Derek,
    Thanks for the heads up about Glorious Ruin. That’s one I was just able to remove from my wish list.

  43. I wish I knew the feeling of taking some off my wish list. It keeps growing, but the books I add never seem to drop in price.
    Some go up though.

  44. Ricky Bobby says:

    SolRod said, “Funny how some are passionate about politics but not about Pastoral abuse from their own tribe. ”

    The truth is like a sword…or so says the bible you preach Steve W and others.

  45. RB,
    Let’s use a little bit of that logic you’re so fond of. The political subject(s) was brought up on the Open Blogging thread by Jim, not by Steve or any other tribal members. It came up again here, prompted by Michael. The Obamacare/government shutdown fiasco is on just about everyone’s minds right now.

    On the other hand, you have beat the sh*t out of the pastoral abuse horse now for several years. Believe it or not, there are other subjects out there that can be discussed, and they don’t all revolve around your personal experience.

  46. Just to be clear, I have sat under abusive pastors (not anything even close to what you have endured, RB), and the BG’s, Skip Heitzigs, James MacDonalds and others make me sick. I’m not saying it isn’t important.

  47. Muff Potter says:

    But don’t allow multi-millionaire congressmen (or spouses of..) to keep raising marginal rates and payroll rates and interest/capital gain rates on people trying to actually build a little income and savings for themselves – in order to keep the oligarchy class intact.

    Wow Steve, I am astonished. This is the first time I’ve heard a Bible believing pastor such as yourself militate for the tax rates on capital that were in effect back in the good old Leave It to Beaver days. Usually it’s only the family and church oriented morality values of yesteryear that many of those in your camp pine for. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in many of those values too, and I’d still be delighted to see Oprah Winfrey & Apple forced to pay their fair share.

    By the way, and somewhat off topic, I think that Spielberg is way over-rated. I think that Ridley Scott is a much better film maker.

  48. covered says:

    Again SolRod jumps in with a cheap shot. If it weren’t for RB would you even have a reason to hate Steve or CC’s?

  49. Jim says:

    Lock your doors, as the govt shuts down in one minute. if we still have internet tomorrow, please post if you’ve noticed. 🙂

  50. Glen says:

    Almost two hours later the Internet is still working………….

  51. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    CC much like the Catholic church has turned a blind eye towards abuse. Pastors that don’t publicly take a stand against the abuse in their own tribe have failed to protect the flock. The fact that the Catholic church gets treated as some type of sacred cow by evangelicals is disgusting. Roger Mahoney here in L.A. should be thrown in prison for protecting those pedophile preists. But the Catholic church thru out history has destroyed lives and fleeced their flock. They are a false religion with a false prophet called the Pope.

  52. While I’m relieved that the talk of politics has shifted, I’m not sure a BG discussion is any fresher.

  53. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    you cant just want to enjoy the benefits of being part of a big name brand like Calvary Chapel but yet not want to deal with the responsibility and negative stuff

  54. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    See these so called Leaders in the church are not true Leaders because true Leaders stand for what’s right in the face of adversity such as Martin Luther King. True leaders don’t shift blame and responsibility. To me Chuck Smith is not a leader I can look up to. This whole Papa Chuck grandfatherly image is a Work. The shoot version of Chuck from what I heard is that of a shrewd businessman that takes no prisoners. He didn’t build that empire by being Mr. Nice guy. Just like I never bought into the image i f Michael Jackson being a nice harmless man that loved little kids or of Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods. Public image is many times a detour from the truth.

  55. Scott says:

    Michael,I read where you are going to sign up on the healthcare (Oregon) exchange today? If you can, I would be interested to know what kind of coverage you end up getting and what your cost will be directly and any costs that are subsidized. Thanks.

  56. Bob Sweat says:

    Due to the government shut-down, the Panda Cam at the National Zoo has been turned off. Thousands of young children are in tears. 😯

  57. SolRod,
    “To me Chuck Smith is not a leader I can look up to.”

    So, do you have people coming up to you daily telling you to ‘look up to Chuck’?

  58. “grandfatherly image is a Work. The shoot version of Chuck”

    This is one of my favorite quotes ever on this blog. Not the rest of it, just these words. Glad you are keeping up kayfabe, solrod.

  59. Jim says:


    There was a congressman on the house floor last night around 12:15, ranting about the Statue of Liberty closing today like the NY water supply was shutting down. It was sad and funny. As with the sequester, the admin will ensure that the effects of the “shut down” are as visible as possible, and the media will love it. No one else will care.

  60. Xenia says:

    Jim, people care, especially those (like a number of our friends) who are being forced to take unpaid time off from work. (They work for government agencies here in town: The Defense Language Institute and the Naval Postgraduate School.) They may eventually be reimbursed but to say nobody cares is not correct.

  61. Love that picture @ #61m Jim. Awesome.

  62. covered says:

    SolRod, the problem is that you still don’t have a dog in the CC fight. I don’t know Steve other that he’s a CC guy yet I don’t hate him or sucker punch him at every opportunity. If you just shared one testimony of how you personally were abused by Steve or CC, then it wouldn’t be an issue. I notice that you also seem to hate Catholicism and the Pope yet you don’t throw shots at Xenia. I understand and agree with RB having a CC issue but you seem to be using his issue as your reason to hate and that takes away any credibility that you may bring here.

  63. Xenia says:

    The fact that the Catholic church gets treated as some type of sacred cow by evangelicals….<<<

    On what planet does this happen?

  64. Jim says:

    MSNBC Anchor Gives Up Signing Up For ObamaCare Exchange After 35 Minutes

  65. Jim says:


    I meant the rest of us. The 800K non essential govt employees obviously care.

    I’m wondering why we have 800K non essential federal employees, but that’s probably just me.

  66. Xenia says:

    Jim, your #67 is so obnoxious that I can’t compose a lady-like response.

  67. Xenia says:

    I notice that you also seem to hate Catholicism and the Pope yet you don’t throw shots at Xenia.<<<

    I'm not a Roman Catholic and I don't have a Pope!

  68. Jim says:

    I’m sorry Xenia. You have firmly held beliefs that I disagree with, but I just withhold comment.

    I have a firmly held belief that our govt is far too large and inefficient.

  69. Jim says:

    Market’s up…

  70. Michael says:


    Is there any other of my personal information that you would like me to make public?
    Their website has already crashed, so this bit will have to wait…

  71. jamesk says:

    Here is the thing I don’t get about Obamacare. If it is so wonderful, how come the president has given out so many exemptions already? Even congress and the White House staff are exempt. Now all of the unions, who pushed hard for it to pass want out of it.

  72. Nonnie says:

    jamesk, for me that is the most diabolical thing about it. It breathes such contempt for the public to exempt himself and the congress and unions, etc. I just can’t understand why even people who are Obama fans, would not be incensed about this.

  73. Jim says:

    Because they’re Obama fans. I’ve never seen a president with as many enablers.

  74. All the rest of them had their same group of fans who thought they could do no wrong. You just notice with Obama because you don’t like him.

  75. Michael says:

    From what I could see before the site crashed it appears that there are a number of plans offering basically the same coverage with wildly varying costs.
    It appears that I will be able to get some measure of coverage at a reasonable rate and for that I’m grateful.
    The “subsidy” looks like it will disappear the minute I get a job.

  76. Jim says:


    No more playing “I was just kidding” without a smiley-face. You’ve proven yourself to be untrustworthy 🙂

    Seriously, the MSM, while having their phones tapped and being named as potential criminals on subpoenas, have never carried water as they have for this man.

  77. I’ve heard otherwise rational men defend G.W. Bush. That seems impossible. The crazier Bush got, the more aggressive the defense.

    I have personally defended Clinton, even though some of his actions are indefensible. It’s the nature of partisan politics. I wish we could just dump the whole system.

  78. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    I went to a CC, so i do have experience with them. I do have a Dog in this fight as we are all supposed to be of the same Body and when So called leaders don’t have the backbone to protect the flock Shame on them and I will call it out. Esay for those men to enjoy the benefits of being part of a Brand Name but yet not want the responsibility or the negative that comes with it. I understand that they can’t De dove abusive men like B.G. and Skip but at least publicly warn the brethren of these Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Saying nothing is almost an endorsement of these guys as they participate in the same Non Denomination Denomination.

  79. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Esay meant to say “Easy”

  80. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    “Because they’re Obama fans. I’ve never seen a president with as many enablers.”

    Your ridiculous dude

  81. Hey Jim,
    Take a look at this.
    I think you will like it.

  82. Jim says:

    Thanks for your thoughtful commentary, Solomon.

  83. covered says:

    So SolRod, can you share your own personal experience on how and when you personally were abused? That’s what I thought.

  84. I want to take this chance to push the book in #23 again.
    I finished it tonight and let me tell you…it was heartening!

    The recent reports from the Middle East can lead you to believe that Christianity will be extinct there soon, but this book gives hope in the power of God’s strong right arm in taking a people for Himself and protecting them.

    This is one book that shows how God is moving forward in the Middle East.
    Lot of supernatural stuff here and fights against spiritual powers.
    Dreams and visions are used a lot by God in other places.

    Starting to think I may know a little better why that stuff doesn’t happen as much here, but still thinking about that.

    Here is the author’s blog as well.

  85. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    What does that have to do with speaking the truth and exposing works of darkness ephesians 5:11. Being or not being abused has nothing to do with that

  86. covered says:

    That’s what I thought SolRod. Your stand against all things CC and Steve are basically what you learned on another blog.

  87. Jim says:

    Why should the Church bother?

  88. Solomon Rodriguez says:


    You are arrogant and stiff necked!! You have no idea what I know or don’t know about CC. Also the biuble tells us to expose wolves in sheeps clothing. I would rather obey God then listen to man. I will shout it from the roof tops. Question: Should Chuck and other so called Leaders in CC warn the flock of Bob Grenier? Also Pastoral abuse just doesn’t consist of physical and sexual abuse but also financial abuse and mis use of power and refusing to submit to the brethren when called out on sin.

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