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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Israel and Gaza? Check out Stephen Sizer on Facebook… not sure he is balanced but he sure gives the perspective from the non-zionist camp.

  2. Michael
    Found something from a friend from the old days, John Fischer, called The Declaration of a Marketplace Christian that relates well with No. 1 – thought you might find it of interest:

  3. Babylon's Dread says:

    Isn’t the money always in the hands of older folk?

  4. Babylon's Dread says:

    Has Merritt checked out MD and his popularity and the hubris question?

  5. Michael says:

    Martyrs Project…that linked article will find a permanent place on this blog somewhere.
    Thank you!

  6. Americans are too fickled to be trusted in polls. Jews are for the marginalized and go right down your list 100% … no one converts to Judaism.

    Islam is pretty wicked in all aspects of life and 10s of thousands if not millions of Americans convert to be Muslim.

  7. Babylon's Dread says:

    Spurgeon lived in days when hermeneutics were based on a belief that things are clearer than they are. His Calvinism is based upon a view of hermeneutics that misses a lot.

  8. Michael says:


    I think MD’s hubris will end his ministry sooner than later…

  9. Michael
    You are welcome! I’ve always liked John (he’ll be interviewing us for his podcast next month) but I thought this was something special…

  10. Steve Wright says:

    to allow me knowingly to alter a single text of Scripture
    Funny. I sort of did this yesterday (with a clear explanation first). Probably first time ever. Ending the first chapter of James and the “if any of you think he is religious…” – In a nutshell, I said that because our culture today, especially among evangelical hipsters, is so big on talking about Christianity not being a religion and so forth…it is important we don’t think James is simply ripping on the idea of people considering themselves “religious”

    And thus ignore the teaching…

    So I said, just this once, allow me to change the word to “spiritual” – If any of you think he is spiritual….Does that get our attention? Because no way would James’ first-century Jewish audience think in terms of 21st century evangelical lingo.

    Then I taught the rest of the chapter.

  11. Babylon's Dread says:

    Interesting Steve

    I am not sure if that works exegetically but it works contextually

  12. Steve Wright says:

    I think so too BD

  13. I don’t get it – Jesus was the most religious guy I know – why do people not want to be religious?

  14. Steve Wright says:

    Yeah MLD, I mentioned the lunacy of saying Jesus was not religious. I’m trying to communicate against millions of youtube hits too…

  15. fyi says:

    #4; fear not is not a command–it is an exhortation! A source of comfort when we are afraid…

  16. Tim says:

    “Note to self; when you feel like you’re drowning, look for someone who can walk on water…”

    Amen & amen.

  17. Jean says:

    Thank you for this post Michael. This is a message I needed to hear today…and again tomorrow. Amen!

  18. Dan from Georgia says:

    Re number 7: I don’t know why the church at large is so lusting after millenials. Personally I can’t stand it and won’t give money to a church that is so focused on the young crowd.

  19. EricL says:

    #10- if you’re done, then you had better get yourself out of the oven. Don’t want to be smelling crisped Michael. 🙂
    As for 1-9, thank you for sharing. They are thought-provoking.

  20. Just A Sheep says:

    #7 – So the lesson is because the boomers have the money the church should continue to cater to them? That is what the church has been doing for the last 40 years & we all see the results. That is way more Americanism than Christianity! Sometimes I wonder if the American church would be more healthy if we just served the world instead of worrying about “who has the money”.

    The church should try and reach all the people all the time.
    There are many lost boomers and they need to be reached.
    There are many lost youth and they need to reached.

    I am grateful for churches that reach older people.
    I am grateful for churches that reach younger people

  21. Pilgrim says:

    Not a balanced perspective, but a good local one:

  22. erunner says:

    Here’s an article from awhile back that Brian Brodersen wrote on the topic of mental illness. It’s very encouraging.

  23. Steve Wright says:

    I know being a dispensationalist somehow negates my political views on Israel in the eyes of some…although guys like MLD are way off the mark when they try to portray ALL of us as believing God allows a different path for salvation for the Jews and so forth.

    And I know Israel is not always the good guy, just as America has shown itself to not always be the good guy in every moment of every war…

    But this conflict with Hamas is different than the “typical” Israeli-Palestinian conflicts over housing settlements and treatment of the citizenry. And frankly, Hamas’ side interests me no more than ISIS’ side in discussing why they want to eliminate Iraqi Christians from the face of the earth. I will listen to a Christian on the ground in Iraq at full value and not care a whit to hear an alternative view.

    So here is a view, from the ground, in Israel, if interested.

    (a snippet) Often, at times of conflict, Israel is preoccupied with how “the world” is reporting and understanding events. We are bitter that we are misrepresented — that the international community doesn’t realize we are defending ourselves against aggressors (rather than being the aggressors), doesn’t internalize the cynical use by Hezbollah (in south Lebanon) and Hamas (in the West Bank 10 years ago and now in Gaza) of local citizens as expendable shields for their terrorist activity.

    We’re frustrated about all that now too, but it’s not our preoccupation. For we find ourselves at war with an Islamic extremist group utterly committed to killing us, at whatever cost, delighting in the evil it wreaks upon us, indifferent to the devastation it brings down upon Gaza.

  24. Steve,
    Thanks, I should be included in everyone’s preface on Israel. 🙂

    Hey, I support Israel here 100%. I am sure that if Mexico were lobbing rockets over the border into San Diego, we would go in and kick butt – in fact we would grind them to dust to make a point.

    Since you brought up dispensationalism and my view, that would show our difference. You look at this as a Bible thing and I look at it strictly as a geo political thing. You know, just as if Ecuador were to send rockets into Peru.

  25. Steve Wright says:

    MLD, my comments were purely geopolitical (as is the article I linked) – my doctrine though is enough for some to wrongly conclude I am being theological when I am not.

    Like when men are told they can’t comment about abortion…..

  26. Francisco Nunez says:

    Brother Pilgrim,
    You bring up some good points on this blog. However I believe they would be more compelling and credible if the true identity of the person behind pilgrim were revealed.

    This blog has been a learning forum and a blessing for many. I also believe we can all discuss differing points of views in a healthy way. My desire is that this we can respect one other on this blog and keep things that way. I also believe that we will all be more respectful to one another if we use our true identities because it would keep us accountable. Also if we are truly in Christ we should have nothing to fear or be ashamed of. I would like to encourage you to not use an alias as we are all brothers in Christ. Please don’t be afraid of using your true identity.

    I say this in love and in humility. 2Tim2:15
    In Him,

  27. PP Vet says:

    Bob Mumford used to say that people need at some times in their lives a “rubber room”: a safe place where they can bounce around while they are getting their lives established.

    PhxPr is a “rubber room” for some of us to bounce around our thoughts as we work through the issues on the frontier of our thinking.

    That is why we need to be anonymous, officially at least, to keep from being fired or whatever.

    Some of us who are officially anonymous choose to identify ourselves to the site management in the interests of having a modicum of accountability.

    However just this once I will give my real name, which is Mr. Mxyzptlk.

  28. Anne says:

    Well, said, PPV! I was still on staff at the CC mothership when I found this “city of refuge”, trying to wrap my head and heart around so much I was observing and experiencing. I do not doubt in many ways participating here saved my life. Over the years, I have had the privilege of breaking anonymity, even meeting face to face, with many PP folk including the site host. There are many valid reasons for folks choosing to post anonymously that should be respected, as well as respect for others who choose otherwise.

    Better late than never on CCCM’s deeper awareness regarding mental health issues. I cannot help but imagine my life would have been so different if when I was diagnosed with severe post partum depression in 1972, my and my family’s lives would have been very different if I had been allowed to access treatment rather than constant pressure to read my bible more, pray more, submit more. Thanks for sharing cas’ article, Michael!

    Peace to all!

  29. Francisco Nunez says:

    thx for sharing Anne & PP Vet.

  30. Dan from Georgia says:

    Re: entry #1: I perused the comments section after the article, and it is sad to see that so many interpreted Merritt’s comments as purely political.

  31. Zzyyxx says:

    A few here use multiple names so they can maintain respectability for one name while having freedom using their other names to say what is really on their minds.

    I have even observed one guy addressing himself and replying to himself all in the same thread.

    Way back in the “chat room” days some guys would pretend to be girls.

    Nothing is to be taken to seriously on the net.

    Am I really me or someone pretending to be me, that is the question?

    Using real names changes nothing at all, take everything with a fleck of pepper and a grain of salt…

  32. Masters servant says:

    “The reality is that many aren’t rejecting Jesus or the faith once delivered…they’re rejecting all the baggage we hang on both.” Winner!!!! Michael, that is well said and what I’ve been saying in the thread about C.C. winners and losers.

  33. Jeff Hensley says:


    #2 and #10 on your list —-> BIG AMEN over here

  34. Neo says:

    Lol, Jeff.

  35. Neo says:

    Btw, this is Pete, Jeff. Yes, that Pete.

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