Today’s Temple Cleansers

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  1. EricL says:

    Thank you, Michael. The body has a need for you and other bloggers like you. When abusive leaders control the mic, the big screen, and the purse strings, it becomes very hard for the abused to be seen or heard. Your ministry is vital for the health of the church, for it gives voice to the orphans, the widows, the wounded. Thank you for all that you do.

  2. Em says:

    Agreeing with EricL this afternoon

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks to both of you.
    I’m semi retired from the battle, but wanted to show support for my friends still in the fray.

  4. Duane Arnold says:

    “I’m semi retired from the battle…”

    I think not, for one very good reason… you still care. That’s not a bad thing, at least in my opinion.

  5. Michael says:

    Duane, thanks…
    I’m “semi’ retired…but the whip still fits my hand if need be…

  6. BrianD says:

    Well said, Michael.

    A thought or two regarding the media:

    You cannot count on any significant coverage from the print side of the media, unless it’s from a larger paper like the Houston Chronicle (or the NY Times or Washington Post), because the years of cost-cutting and consolidation have turned the industry into a walking skeleton.

    The broadcast side of the media looks for ratings first and foremost.

    Crazy cults, famous megachurch pastors enjoying the services of prostitutes, or maybe a major church engulfed by some kind of reality TV-esque scandal? People will watch. People getting blackmailed and shunned? Too bad, pal, nobody cares (or nobody cares enough to watch).

    You’ll also have to get through bias and prejudice. Fox News won’t cover these stories, lest they anger those committing the abuse who also support that network.

    Therefore, it falls upon independent sources — like bloggers — to tell these stories. They have all of the responsibilities a reporter would have, without the resources a newspaper, network or TV station can provide. Bloggers carry the same risks and burdens, too, including litigation.

    Those like Michael, Julie Anne, the Wartburg ladies and Julie Roys who accept this responsibility of speaking truth to power have a hard calling. The powers do not want their secrets to be revealed. Their audience either tells them ‘who cares’ or ‘why are you doing this to good Godly men’, or ignores them or tries to flay them alive.

    My respect for what you, Michael, and the others have done is immeasurable. I don’t see as much of God anywhere in the world as I once did, but I surely see Him in what you and they have done for those who needed someone to speak for them.

  7. Michael says:

    Thank you, BrianD…you were right there with me in the worst of it.

    I think your analysis of media should be read far and wide…well done.

  8. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    something a little more recent to do with ECFA

  9. Dave says:

    Thanks for all that you (and others do)! It is heart breaking that it must be done. Know that you are constantly in the prayers of many.

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