“Victory In Jesus”: Kevin H

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6 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    I was a young believer and still remember the first time I heard this song in a Baptist church. They were flaming with love for Christ. It was the closest to dancing I ever saw my Baptist brethren. Whitehaven Baptist Church 1987. Beautiful.

  2. Alan says:


  3. Captain Kevin says:

    I became a believer in 1980. We sang this song often. It was one of the ones where you had to balance the hymnal on your lap so you could clap along or the 3 ladies in the front row could play their tambourines.

  4. Kevin H says:


    Mine wasn’t a Baptist church although I believe our pastor had come from pastoring a Baptist church. “Victory in Jesus” was also probably the closest to rocking music and dancing he ever got. 🙂

  5. Josh says:

    As a Southern Baptist music minister for 28 years – yes, I know the song well 🙂

    I do remember it fondly, and took the message to heart. I have heard it used in wild contexts though.

  6. filistine says:

    The song was a staple in my home church as well, but relegated to Sunday evening services where things were less formal and a bit rowdier. My favorite song-leader would pump his right arm to lead the congregation and play his baritone horn with his left…good times for sure.

    The weapons of our warfare are indeed not carnal. Otherwise, you’re not in the right conflict.

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