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  1. Taught on 1 John 3:16-19 at a local Assembly of God Church. Hopefully a few more people can learn to love in deed and truth.

  2. Reuben,
    Excellent point about the readings. It is so refreshing just to hear scripture read, with no commentary or opinion. The Holy Spirit does his work. The liturgy is wonderful – us Lutherans like to say that the liturgy saves us from a wayward pastor.
    If the pastor has his own ideas or bent, well the liturgy gives him only 15 – 20 min to screw up his part, but the Liturgy before the sermon and the liturgy after the sermon, keeps the focus on Jesus.

    Even though it looks like the Rockies will not pull themselves out of the cellar this year – it looks like you very much have! 🙂

  3. Reuben says:

    Hey, the Rockies put the Padres out today. And I seem to recall that they shut down the Dodgers as well.

    As long as we are slaying every California team, we are just fine.

  4. “… I had never felt a reverence for God’s Word before. I suspect because my interpretation of it was where my mind was at for so many years. This is different. I am reading God’s Holy and Infallible Word. That Word has power. It is not my power behind it anymore. It is God’s.” you don’t know how wonderful it is to read your words, Reuben … and that opens the gate for God to work with what comes out of your mouth and your mind, too, does it not?

  5. I was honored and humbled about a month ago when my church asked me to lead the Sunday morning adult Bible study. For 30 yrs this class was taught by the pastors and the past 12 by 2 professors of theology from Concordia University. I was surprised when I got the call from the elders, but greatly enthusiastic.

    I have always told people that when I teach, I learn the most. I have spent the past 4 weeks speaking about prayer. My style for this has been to ask the hard questions, everyone has but are afraid to ask – so ask the questions and let everyone respond. The interaction has been so great, it took 3 weeks just to get through the 15 questions I had prepared as an introduction for week 1.

    I have one more week on the topic of prayer and then I am moving to the Book of Galatians – which I think if I can get them to understand and interact with it properly, it may be the key to understanding the whole New Testament.

  6. Reuben,
    “As long as we are slaying every California team, we are just fine.”

    Spoken like a true believer in a team that is dwelling in the cellar 20 games outs. Usually fans of teams like the Rockies are just happy if the players get their jocks on facing the right way. 😉

  7. Reuben says:

    Goof. 😛

  8. Reuben says:

    @5, that is awesome! Even for a corrupt dodgers fan!

  9. covered says:

    MLD, they called the right man. You’ve been teaching here for a while. I’m sure that they were all blessed.

  10. Reubs, I’m really enjoying your posts and comments lately (not that I didn’t before)!

  11. Ixtlan says:

    going back to the original post…

    There can be a sense of abandonment of self when one steps out to serve the Lord, particularly in the opening paragraphs of a new chapter in our lives. In fact, there should be. What I have found is that the initial enertia to serve the Lord either loses its effect or becomes self generating. Both are dangerous and can lead us to depend on the arm of the flesh.. One has to remember that that we are in this thing for the long haul, not a short burst of expression. Manna was good only for a day and so our enthusiasm and sense of purpose needs to be recharged by His Spirit in the same way.

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