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  1. Em says:

    thanks for the update on Michael – praying, thankful and hopeful

    i love visiting E’s music and this week i loved #7 ….. overlooking a showtime presentation, here’s my favorite – it was the theme of the radio program ‘Haven of Rest’ and 61 years ago “First Mate Bob” was used to break down my resistance to an implacable, uncaring (i thought) God …

    i’ve been thinking back over the scorn we seem to be developing for the Faith expressed by the generation that my life bridges – those folk loved the Lord and yet, perhaps, they made the mistake of thinking that they had to fit the Faith into the times … we do need a new Reformation, but it will be the Church and not the world that benefits this time, i think

  2. Em says:

    🙂 per my above thoughts today, i guess my Faith today can still be expressed by the Gaither folks

  3. Em says:

    well, i didn’t intend to post it the above quite so large and … blatant? 😯

  4. Continuing to pray for you, Michael!

    Love E-Runner’s music choices this week. One of my daughters did a history project last year on the Jesus Movement, so we had fun watching some of those videos, especially Keith Green and Second Chapter of Acts. Then we branched off and I showed her videos of each of them performing “Easter Song.”

    Brought back a lot of memories. I never saw Keith Green perform, but I did attend a 2nd Chapter concert, hosted by Jack Hayford at Church on the Way. Matthew Ward had hair back then, and so did I.

    Hear the bells ringing, they’re singing that we can be born again…He is Risen…Hallelujah!

  5. erunner says:

    Em, For so long I had no time for the music you enjoy. I am a product of my generation for sure. I’ve come to appreciate it a lot in the last several years.

    Captain, I had a chance to see Keith and passed on it for some reason. I have gotten to see Annie Herring twice as a solo act in a small church here in Southern California. Glad you enjoyed the music.

    Thanks for linking to the music Rueben!

  6. erunner says:


  7. Lutheran says:


    I used to listen to “Haven of Rest” on Christian radio back in the 1970s. It was a bit cornball, but the content was certainly Christ-centered and grace centered. I always liked hearing the bells go off just before the prayer. 🙂

  8. Em says:

    erunner and Lute, yes it is cornball and God moves mysteriously – there was a time when i was contemptuous of all these sinners singing their ‘glory hallelujah’
    BTW – i’m selective of what i “enjoy,” and why – either i’m doubled minded or eclectic 🙂 and the old hymns of 2 centuries back is what feeds my soul the best, no matter what mood i’m in

    i look forward to the posts here from Erunner that says “The music is up…”

  9. this is probably only funny to me … i’ve been popping in and out here, looking for Michael updates as i edit a rewrite on something and as i browse this thread and see what i’ve written i don’t think i’m competent to edit anything …

    now the mom in me is worried about Michael trying to get up and going too soon – the way they churn these hospital rooms is criminal – but thanking God for the update of recovery

  10. Nonnie says:

    Praying Michael is getting a good night’s sleep (is that possible in a hospital?) and God’s healing hand upon HIm.

  11. Question: Does anyone know where and how Pete Nelson is? The Lord put him on my mind, and I checked the White Fields website, only to see that he is no longer the pastor there. So I did a search, and only see old information. Has anyone been in contact with him and/or his wife Angie?

  12. Scooter Jones says:

    Captain, check your inbox on FB.

  13. Please Note says:

    Praying for our brother, Michael!

    Been away & missed how this came about.

    I’m not on Facebook, if anyone would be willing to fill me in, Thanks.

    Get well, Michael ! Praying for those you care for, as well.

  14. Paige says:

    Thanks for the updates….. continuing to pray for Michael….. God bless all.

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