Who Is Behind the 25,000 Deaths In Mexico?

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49 Responses

  1. brian says:

    If the evangelical media would go at this the way they did about the gay marriage this issue would take a front seat. That wont happen but it would be powerful.

  2. Em says:

    brian, let’s not pin this on Christian malaise, eh?

    my radio was on today, our local station carries Glenn Beck in the afternoon – he was giving the issue national attention in a big way and questioning why it isn’t all over the news in our country… wasn’t following too closely, but he did say that reporters for the major news outlets won’t go down there as there is no Satellite access – no way to get information (or pleas for help, i suspect) broadcast – the military assistance that we have poured into Mexico is now being used by these drug-so-called cartels very effectively.
    i, personally, think that Mexico has lost control of their country, but why? What’s playing out and planning out? And, we might ask with a little more urgency.

  3. Michael says:


    I agree that the country is out of it’s own control.
    I read a position paper today that said civil war was inevitable.


    There is a demonic component to this that can’t be ignored.

    Second…when people live in abject poverty and violence next to the richest country in the world…problems will happen.

  4. Babylon's Dread says:

    Riveting Michael,

    Keep us informed…. make noise… make a fuss… this matters to people in Arizona…big time.

  5. Michael says:


    I’m trying…

    There are a lot of undocumented immigrants headed your way, my friend.
    Arizona has solved it’s problem by sending it to New Mexico.

  6. jlo says:

    Wanting to get involved, but not knowing where to begin.

  7. Michael says:


    The best thing any of us can do is to be informed…there is so much emotion and misinformation surrounding the issue that if we can offer level headed truth we will make a dent.

  8. Linnea says:

    I know businesses who have gotten TONS of phone calls from people in Arizona and the calls are increasing daily as the deadline approaches.

  9. Em says:

    when humans slaughter other humans mindlessly there has to be a demonic component – i remember the teaching from our pulpits for years that drugs opened the door wide to demonic activity – too simplistic? dunno

    i’ve prayed for Africa shuddering and thanking God that we are separated from all that by the Atlantic Ocean – not anymore………….. does anyone know the history (pre-1800s) in Africa? were they always experiencing the grotesque slaughtering outbreaks that we’ve seen for the past 60 years or so? (i know it’s a big continent and it only occurs in pockets, but….)

  10. filbertz says:

    I think you are correct in insisting this is not solely a political issue, it is a human rights issue, a race issue, a religious issue, an economic issue, a media issue, and a political issue (to start with a list). Jlo’s point is well-taken…where does one start? Prayerful engagement for those of us who are moved to do so, for prayer is a starting point, not an after thought. Thank you for continuing to hold this up for scrutiny.

  11. Michael says:

    If drugs open the door to hell then we have a bigger problem…we are the ones buying the drugs…

  12. Michael says:


    It is all that you say..
    I come at it from one point of view…my heart is with the people,especially the 10000 new orphans.
    We need godly input from all the perspectives you mentioned to find godly solutions.

  13. Em says:

    filbert,”prayer is a starting point, not an after thought.” worth repeating and why is it so hard to practice?

  14. Em says:

    we have a big problem, that’s certain… and we’re not innocents, that’s certain, too…. and scary…

  15. Esther says:

    Michael, have you considered leading a prayer and mercy mission down to the area? It is my experience that when the Lord presses something on our hearts so heavy, often He is leading. You have such a passion and compassion, it seems that the Lord has particularly opened your eyes and your heart to this community of people, and given you a special heart for their need. With the huge community on PP, it would be amazing to see how the Lord would work. The prayer team, the resources that could be gathered, and the people who would join you in ministering to a group that are truly “the least of these” in the eyes of the world, but are precious in the eyes of the Lord.

  16. Tim says:

    The statistics & stories are too awful to conceive. Thanks for keeping this in front of us.

  17. Em says:

    Esther, i respectfully say that what your #15 proposes would be dangerous beyond comprehension (i am not pretending to know the mind of God on this). It would require a visitation by an angel to get me to join such a mission and i’m an old lady with nothing to lose… I hold you in high regard and your expressions of faith are not something i’m qualified to pass judgement on – but the odds are strong those going down would not return… terror is, perhaps, what this is all about… so, i’m not sure, beyond prayer, how we can bring God’s mercies to this area now…

    short day for me … God keep all close, edified and comforted

  18. jlo says:

    Prayer is the first thing that I do/have done. But I’m a practical person, I need to DO something.

  19. Xenia says:

    I don’t know what to do other than keep informed (Thank you, Michael) and to pray.

  20. jlo says:

    “The statistics & stories are too awful to conceive.”

    Can you imagine having to live your daily life in the midst of this horror?

  21. Michael says:


    At this point, I can’t see going down there.
    The problem (outside of the risk) is finding how to distribute what ever you bring.
    When Holly and I would go we wouldn’t get to the end of the first block before people had taken everything we brought…and that was before hell ascended.

    I’m looking for ways to support El Pastor and searching out who, if anyone , is taking in these orphans.

    God is certainly up to something…and I’m listening carefully.

    Last week a long time Applegate Fellowship parishioner went down to visit his family…and was executed the second day.

  22. papias says:

    This situation has caused me to really think about the drug problem, and to use an old saying:
    “We have seen the enemy, and it is us.”

    If there was no demand in the US, then MAYBE there wouldn’t be a battle to control the supply and routes in Mexico.

    Maybe we should also be praying for the drug demand here in the US?

  23. Michael says:


    You said it…

  24. brian says:

    My point was if many of the evangelical broadcasters put as much air time on this subject as they did Gay Marriage more people would be informed. When the Evangelical church really feels strongly about a subject they can act in great unity. I am not pinning it on them I am saying they to have a voice and have used it in the past.

  25. Esther says:

    Any prayer/mercy mission would definitely have to be done carefully and probably not in the traditional Mexico missions model. I don’t think driving in with cars of shoes and food would be safe either, but I do pray that there is a way to reach those children who have so captured your heart. I’ve been reading some incredible missionary accounts lately, stories of God’s protection and provision, and the very creative ways that He has helped his servants reach out in love. In my years on the radio I had the opportunity to interview some amazing men and women who entered war zones answering God’s call, and everyone of them described a passion and a burden for the people that reminds me of what you have written.
    A ministry in this part of the world that has almost just been turned over to evil would require incredible prayer – many, many, prayer warriors boldly storming the throne on behalf of the community and the people reaching to them, and would probably require an underground type of work – but if ever there was a community large enough to flood a region in prayer, PP seems like it to me.
    I don’t know what God is calling you too, and I have no illusions that any work would be dangerous and hard, even an intentional and intense prayer watch would probably come under great enemy attack, I just keep being struck by how deep the Lord has set the awareness of this evil and the vulnerability of these people in your heart and mind. Whenever I see that level of impression upon a heart I wonder what the Lord is up too.

  26. Michael says:


    There is no doubt that I am obsessed with the situation…you should see my desk…if you could find it. 😉

    You are also right that of any community I know of, this one will respond.

    I’m waiting for marching orders…

  27. Na'amah says:

    NO Michael do NOT go… pray, plan for ministering to the wounded

    there is much coming our way…

  28. brian says:

    I have been obsessed with this for several years now, mainly because of some folks I worked with some time back that liked in this area on the us side of the border. They worked with the disabled in mexico. I will admit I did not realize the full extent, still dont until I read and prayed about it instead of wringing my hands. Sometimes these problems are just so overwhelming and one does not know what to do or we are afraid, I know I would be if I lived there and would be to go there.

  29. Michael says:


    My sense is that we will be involved from this side of the border…I just get antsy reading report after report, day after day.

  30. Michael says:


    We’re going to find a way to make a difference…God didn’t put this on my heart for no reason.

    He will show us our path and we’ll follow it.

  31. Na'amah says:

    jlo ” I need to DO something.” please know prayer is doing something!

  32. Na'amah says:

    🙂 Michael check email

  33. Michael says:


    I checked, but there was no mail…resend..I’ve been having issues with gmail for a day or two.

  34. Esther says:

    Michael, I agree God put this on your heart for a reason. God is a great God of amazing miracles when His people seek Him. Where ever you minister from, from whatever side of the border you are on, trust Him and He will lead.
    These terrorists would like the world to believe that they are too powerful to take on, and this corner of the earth should be handed over to them and their evil, but God and His love is more powerful than their evil, and when leads His people to reach people in love, even giants of darkness will be overcome.

  35. Michael says:


    I just thank God that we are part of a community that will listen…and after listening care, then react as the Lord leads.

    This is bigger than all of us and I feel like it is a challenge to the church.

    We’ll see what unfolds…He is greater than he who is in the world.

  36. London says:

    Michael, I totally agree with Na’amth.
    Do not go down there!

  37. Michael says:


    I don’t see it happening…dead bloggers haven’t accomplished much. 🙂

    Like I’ve said before, my responsibilities to family supersede my obsession.

    I would like to go to Arizona, then Los Cruces and talk with some of the players…but I would like to get a job more. 😉

    You have a lot of undocumented immigrants headed your way…the Arizona law has many fleeing that direction.

    When are we running an article for you?

  38. London says:

    They have telephones in Las Cruces you know 😉

  39. brian says:

    “Like I’ve said before, my responsibilities to family supersede my obsession.”

    You know Michael I raised a child, I had about 1/2 an hour to make the choice, when I did I stuck with it for 18+ years. if there was ever a decision that got me reamed as a Christian it was that one. I wont go into what was said and done, it really is irrelevant. My “obsession” has been those with disabilities, it is not any more, my obsession is to make money and secure my retirement. Funny thing is I get along with Christians much better now then I ever have. I have always found that strange. I really do.

  40. brian says:

    well honesty demands my obsession is not to make money or secure my retirement, but I fake it alot, I am trying to repent of my obsession to help people.

  41. Na'amah says:

    brian… reading your words here and on other threads… i am definitely asking our loving heavenly Father to find you a much better quality of peeps to fellowship w brother… Yeesh! i mean i know churches tend to “collect” the lame, the weak, the borderline personalities but goodness gracious there isn’t a single brother or sister that ‘sees’ how you serve? sacrifice through your years?

  42. Steve Aspinall says:

    This makes horrible reading, and we don’t get anything like this in the MSM in the UK.

    Unfortunately it is unsurprising.

    There are powers afoot in the world, led by the demonic, gradually bringing us to events which are now inevitable, and prophecied for thousands of years.

    These things are necessary to bring together a system of global governance by public demand, the promise of justice, of law, or universal equality and universal citizenships, of nations brought under control and leaderships brought to account.

    If you want to impose a totalitarian nightmare in the guise of a democratic utopia as quickly as possible, you do whatever it takes to turn the world to chaos so that the people themselves beg you for an unthinkable alternative for the promise of peace.

    Look up! Your redemption is near!

    Principalities and powers are at work, and we have spiritual wickedness in high places on this planet. The things that our governments get away with doing in our name are simply unspeakable. And yet they must be spoken and condemned.

    Difficult times.

  43. brian says:

    I usually go to great lengths not to be seen seeking to avoid the praises of men, but I was often accused of seeking this. An example, I was in a faith community meeting dealing with grief, I did not seek this as that would have been sin, but I was there. I admit I spoke about the sadness of loosing a loved one, immediately I left the group as I sensed people might “feel sorry for me”, another sin I wished to avoid. This may sound silly but I think one of the worst sins one can commit in fellowship is to actually really need God. I mean to really desperately need Him, of course outside the apologetic. But to really actually need God. I actually try to avoid that as well. It is a strange religion we have, it really is.

  44. Captain Kevin says:

    With school starting two weeks from yesterday, it’ll be interesting to see how the AZ law makes a difference in enrollment.

  45. Steve Aspinall says:

    Don’t know how to post a prayer request other than in a thread, so here goes… By all means move it somewhere relevant so that it doesn’t detract from this… but here goes…

    I drive an elderly man with a number of infirmities five days a week to go out, do his errands and get his lunch. About four weeks ago his wife, who was crippled, died somewhat unexpectedly and the man himself had a brief stint in hospital due to a fall. After he came home he had about a week of down-time where his daughter came to visit, and then he went back to routine as usual and seemed to be doing very well, to have taken it all in stride and in fact he seemed to be doing better than he was before – more spring in his step, more of a sense of humour. I know his wife used to get very depressed about her crippled state and would obsess over him and drive him crazy with double checking everything he was doing and nattering him for days before an appointment to make sure he’d remember, so I know it can’t have been easy for him while she was still alive. She clearly didn’t like ‘his music’ so he used to sit in the house listening to it on headphones and drinking quite a lot of beer, sometimes frightening amounts for a small old guy who barely eats anything.

    Anyway, he seemed to be doing well, is eating more than he did, and drinking less. But twice in the last week he’s asked me to return large quantities of medications to the pharmacy for disposal under the claim that the district nurse has been visiting him and told him he no longer needs it.

    Now, one of these medications is an anticoagulant which he’s been having blood tests every few weeks for the last 3 years that I’ve been driving him in order to monitor doseage. So I was under the impression that it was a ‘once on it, on it for life’ kind of medication in order to stay alive. So I was surprised to hear it being de-prescribed by a district nurse with immediate effect when he clearly had a couple of months supply left. So I asked if something had been prescribed to replace it, and he gleefully announced that he just didn’t need it any more.

    I fulfilled his wishes with that drug, and the pharmacist, while surprised, agreed to destroy the remaining supply. When he presented me with a second medication today, again a good month’s worth of supply, and asked me to do the same, it just rang warning bells and I became very concerned that either the district nurse IS visiting and doing something strange with him, or that she isn’t visiting at all and that he’s actually in the process of committing medical suicide.

    So I went to see his doctor to report my concern so that they could keep an eye on him and check his prescriptions to see if they’ve been revoked or changed. I know full well they can’t give me his information or discuss him, but there have been two other occasions at the same surgery, once with him, once with another patient (actually, one of the doctors’ mother) who I drove and who was manifesting severe signs of dementia confusion and who I was deeply concerned about leaving at home alone, where I’ve talked confidentially to a doctor in order to alert them to patients in distress or danger.

    Anyway, today I was given enough concerned looks to know that whatever is going on is out of the ordinary and not what the doctors expected to be happening, but I was told flat that they couldn’t take any action at all to even investigate the concerns I had unless the patient gives me written permission to come and discuss him with his doctors. For a man who has early-onset dementia this is clearly a minefield.

    So I’m praying for him, and asking others to pray too – that if this is all normal and innocent that God will give me peace about it, but that if this is either sinister (nurses have been known to make medical interference at patient request in order to allow patients to die more quickly – I wish it weren’t so) or if this man is actually suicidal in spite of appearing to have a pretty reasonable quality of life (he gets all the assistance he could ever want from me – I go do errands, walk him around town, and get his groceries for him when he needs them – all for peanuts, just because I’m concerned for him and his daughter is living in blissful ignorance 400 miles away) – that the Lord will turn his heart around and cause him to want to live, and that even the doctors hearts will be touched to just check out this information and if something is amiss, to attempt to intervene…..

    Whatever God’s will is, of course, I just ask that others join me in praying for it to be revealed and come to be in the best possible way for this man.



  46. Fred says:


    I read your posts and am starting to think you are using a wee bit of hyperbole and weirdness to make some point. You are either brilliant, more than one person, or someone trying to make a veiled point.

    Could you come out and be a bit more clear and quit hiding behind the idea of “everything is a sin” and make your point clearly.

  47. Em says:

    S.A., praying as i read this morning… what you are describing is “normal”… may God give you His wisdom and mercy and saving faith for your friend at this stage

  48. Captain Kevin says:

    Steve, praying.

  49. Jtk says:

    I’ve always cared about the border.

    Because of you, Michael, I am much more informed and care even more.

    Before Moses stood on the side of the Red Sea, he had never heard of anyone parting a large body of water. And then it happened!

    God is going to do something.
    And each of us will do as He leads. In case that helps.

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