Ashley’s Story: The Potters Field Ministries Case

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6 Responses

  1. EricL says:

    Thank you, Ashley. You are brave to share your story with all of us. I hope it saves others from what sounds like a very manipulative group. I pray for continued healing and clarity for you, so that you can enjoy our Father’s love without fear, free of the misconceptions caused by abusers who claimed their actions were godly (though they weren’t). You are so precious to Him.

  2. DavidM says:

    I’m floored. Ashley, I am amazed at your recovery from this. You painted a very clear picture of what you suffered. May God guide you and keep you close to Him.

    This is a portrait of a serial cult leader/abuser. This is Jim Jones stuff. What a cruel, sick man.

  3. Midwife says:

    Ohhhh Ashley, I do understand the spiritual and physical abuse that comes from “pastors” as they call themselves and so called elders along with women in the church who have become complicit due to their own weaknesses and fears. My experience with all of this was back in the 1970s but no different in the approach to berate me and control me. One day I broke through the fear they had taught me to live with and I have been relearning for many years how good and loving God is. I call it when I see it now and I don’t allow them to shame me with false teachings or judgmental philosophy they spew from their lips. Scripture I like: “If anyone should cause one of these little ones to lose his faith in me, it would be better for that person to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea.” So stay strong, observe hard like you have and yes, always trust your gut instinct. If you ever sense that God is mad at you for anything, only think of Him hugging you and telling you that you are His beloved child. Thank you for telling your story… that takes guts.

  4. Ashley.

    I’m sure this will have no effect due to the passing of time, and the apparent parental consent to your program participation. That’s not the point.

    But, first I suggest this because it wasn’t a program.
    And, second there is importance in speaking up at the proper time. Even if the World does not listen or care.

    Where you kept in PFM against your will? Either physically unable to leave PFM, or a result of fear and intimidation?
    If so, file a complaint with law enforcement.
    You will have gone on record, in the sight of God and man. Call it a crime.

    You say you have denied God. May I suggest to you that God is responsible for ALL that happens in the House of God. Talking to him might feel weird right now. Try stating how you feel about the work of God in a Montana Sheriff’s report.

  5. Holding someone against their will is a crime. Keeping them from calling for help is a felony. My ex’s husband took her phone to keep her from calling me for help. Two cops and a therapist told me “felony!” Any contracts signed are irrelevant. The gun story in the other thread is unbelievable.

    The stories fit the model of domestic abuse.

    I’m very glad you got out Ashley, and are seeking help to heal.

  6. Rachelle says:

    Ashley, I am so sorry. I remember being a student in 2006 with some “On Track” girls, and I remember them being painted in a very troubled light, “in need of” repentance and guidance. Looking back now, I doubt very much the validity of those statements, and I wish I had done more at the time to reach these girls who were at the mercy of Mike and his salvation complex.

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