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5 Responses

  1. Tohu Wabohu says:

    Wow, that Roger Olson piece about the New Evangelical Liturgy is spot on.

  2. Em says:

    Looks like some great food for thought – thank you

  3. Corby says:

    Nice to see Roger Olson has caught up to the early 1990s in his analysis of church service trends. Sheesh. The only thing that has changed in almost 30 years is the technology. All art, no substance.

  4. Em says:

    Scripture and Bible not interchangeable terms? I’m not qualified to discuss Allert’s assertions, but i can say that the Holy Spirit can harmonize and correlate all of it… It the Book, makes sense to me – not all pontificating preachers do, but that is a different problem … ?

  5. Eric says:

    Scripture for us means the bible, but “scripture” in the context of 2 Tim 3 – he is saying we shouldn’t automatically assume it means our bible. When 2 Tim was written much of the NT didn’t exist.

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