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  1. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I don’t understand the angst over this. CFA is a business and makes decisions as a business – part of which is being a good steward.

    There seems to be a pronounced Christian segment that lives their own piety through CFA. I recollect that some praise CFA for being closed on Sunday but they still go out and eat on Sundays.
    I wonder how many CFA fans will now pick up the slack and send extra money to the Salvation Army?

  2. Xenia says:

    Regarding the “hateful” Salvation Army….

    We plan to be bell-ringers this Christmas. I suggest those of you who care about this GREAT organization give it a try yourselves this year!

    The Salvo Armo, as I affectionately call them, is getting hit from several directions. Let’s help them out!

    In our town, they have an apartment complex for homeless families and also provide meals for the homeless men who hang out at the park each day. They have after school programs, too.

  3. Xenia says:

    Chick-fil-A is going to discover that they can never do enough to appease the liberal extremists. Even now homosexual groups are saying it wasn’t enough, not nearly enough, and is making more demands, to no one’s surprise.

    I agree w/ MLD that it’s a bit hypocritical to commend a restaurant for not opening on Sunday yet still going out to eat on that day anyway. Roast a chicken and bake a pie and stay home w/ the fam is my advice.

  4. Dan from Georgia says:

    You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t these days with the Twitter-verse and armchair activism (re the whole Chick-Fil-A rhubarb)..

    That said, I will still eat there.

  5. Xenia Moos says:

    Here’s where to go to volunteer to be a bell-ringer:

    You enter your zip code, choose when and where you’d like to volunteer and that’s it! Easy peasy. You can just sign up for one 2-hour shift; no huge commitment.

  6. Michael says:

    They’re building the first Chik-Fil-A in the region here.
    I’ve never ate there.
    I don’t make my meal decisions based on theology…if the sandwiches are good, I’ll eat there once in a while.
    They seem to be good citizens in the communities they are in.
    They will never satisfy the extremists on either side…so they may as well do what they they think best.

  7. Dan from Georgia says:

    That’s right Michael..there are extremists on BOTH sides…and both sides demand complete and total obedience to their beliefs.

  8. Steve says:

    I personally think being closed on Sunday is poor business decision but I commend them for doing it to give a day off for their employees. I don’t think it’s hypocritical to go out to eat on Sunday. People have choice to work or not work for chick file A.

  9. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    This is much like the people who complain that the Black Friday Sales should not bleed into Thanksgiving Day. The complaint? People need to be off on Thanksgiving to be with their families.
    All along they sit a watch 3 football games that require 1,000s of people in each city to work.

  10. pstrmike01 says:

    They are building a chick-fil-a here also. I’ve ate a CFA safes times and I like their food. We don’t have a local SA here, or I’d be tempted to send them a donation.

    This is no different when the SBC got all in wad over Disney, except I seem to recall liberals taking shots at them. I think it is a dangerous precedent when any corporation gives in to any special interest groups. I pull something like Howard Schultz did with Starbucks a few years ago. I would tell the LBGTQ community to go visit the Colonel and write the Salvation Army a check.

  11. Michael says:

    I simply can’t and won’t keep up with the choices demanded by the culture wars.
    If I like their sandwich I’ll eat it…if I don’t, I won’t.

    In n Out is overtly Christian, but I don’t like their food…so I go to the pagans at 5 Guys…so far, no spiritual damage has ensued.

  12. BrianD says:

    b/c of dietary issues, I eat low-carb, so my meal of choice at Jesus Chicken is the grilled chicken cool wrap and the 12-piece grilled nuggets. The Southwest grilled salad’s good, too. I will say that in general, the customer service at Chick fil A is far superior to just about any other fast-food restaurant.

    If there is ever an In n Out near me, I will eat there, diet and diabetes be damned.

  13. Dan from Georgia says:

    I generally eat the grilled nuggets as well…high protein, low carbs, low calories. And yes their customer service is tops…makes me think the “chicken wars” going on right now between Chick-A-Fil and Popeye’s is misguided…I don’t care if your food is good if you’re employees are a**** and rude (I’m looking at you McDonalds et al).

    And like Michael, I won’t get caught in the shopping culture wars.

  14. pstrmike says:

    BrianD and Dan from Georgia,

    Thanks for the tip. I had some discouraging lab results so I’m at that place where I have to make some changes….. 🙁

    I went to a Chick-fil-a in Beaverton a few years ago…… nice employees, actually. Same with the one in Boise…… those are the only two I’ve been to.

    Never been to a Popeyes, but then again, I don’t eat a lot of fast food.

    I like Five Guys and In-n-Out. Comparing their food is like apples and oranges.

    Instead of doing Operation Christmas Child this year, we are supporting a local, secular charity that focuses on taking care of kids through various means.

  15. Dan from Georgia says:


    I’m ashamed to admit how much wife and I eat fast food…and its really hard to find something (remotely) healthy. That said, the 8-count grilled nuggets at CFA clocks in at a whopping 110 calories (haha)…I think the breaded nuggets are a few hundred more calories. When eating out and looking for chicken, I almost always get it grilled instead of fried….keeps the calorie count down quite a bit.

  16. “In n Out is overtly Christian, but I don’t like their food…”

    So you’re the other one! I find them highly overrated which is almost blasphemous to say in Cali. Sunday I was lazy so took the kids to the Togos, observing the 30 car line fir the drive through at I&O, shook my head and got a chicken bacon ranch wrap, having them add cucumbers in addition to the lettuce and tomatoes. The cucumbers cancel out some of the bacon badness (and the ranch dressing). I think.

    Tried Popeyes years ago, too greasy. There is a CFA in San Jose, but I have yet to try it. Various Pho places are my bent here, which may be somewhat healthy except for the sodium. I stir in all of the mint (green is good). Good Pho is what I’ll miss if I retire out of California…

    Tried The Impossible Whopper a couple of months ago, my first time in BK in 6 years. Tasted like what I remember a normal whopper did. YMMV.

    I’ll send in my donation to TSVA, and also bring the gently used kids’ clothes and shoes which their mom doesn’t like because she works for goodwill. Before she worked for them, I deemed TSVA a better charity.

  17. Michael says:


    I just thought In n Out was overrated at first, now I simply don’t like their food.
    The french fries are horrible.
    The kid and millions of others think differently.
    I could care less about bible verses on the cups…but it is always clean and the people are paid fairly.

    I prefer Five Guys or Sonic…but I take Trey to the horrible french fry and funny tasting burger place once a week or so…I get something somewhere else and all is well…

  18. A few months ago, S9 wanted I&O. Then we walked across the parking lot to Togos where D7 and I got sandwiches. His fries had cooled off by then. I tried a few, and gave up, even though I saw the guy slicing fresh taters. I’m not sure what makes great fries… but being very hot makes them more palatable. By the time my son was done, he decided he no longer liked I&O. I may have been cruel, making him wait until it cooled off…

  19. Em says:

    i think Sonic puts mashed potatoes in their milk shakes… i bought one, drinking it as i drove to shop… couldn’t quite finish it and when i finished (summer) and came back to the car, it was warm, but still thick ? ? ?
    Growing up i lived in a town where everything closed on Sunday but the Adventist bakery and one druggist… it was rather nice as i recall… my grandpa approved because Christians shouldn’t be doing commercial things on the Sabbath… couldn’t hang out laundry or mow the lawn either… nobody did that in that town then…
    Not sure i approve of trading on the Faith in one’s business affairs, but who knows when a random Bible verse on a paper cup will hit home…
    Kanye West has been handing out scores of free Bibles supplied by the American Bible Society or somebody… that is something to pray about for certain… how shall they be taught without teachers?

  20. London says:

    CFA here in town is providing us with fresh veg for 100+ families we are providing food boxes to this year. Fresh carrots, celery and onions for free, just for the asking. They’ve done it every year for the past 8 years or so.
    No one else comes close to helping us that much and they have never once asked any of us about our religion affiliation or sexuality. They get a bad rap, but they do a lot of good in their local communities.

  21. MM says:

    “ I just thought In n Out was overrated at first, now I simply don’t like their food.
    The french fries are horrible.”

    I knew I liked Michael for more than one reason.

  22. Xenia says:

    I read that C-f-A is rethinking their decision. I don’t think they expected the criticism.

    On the whole, I think C-f-A is a good company who cares about their communities, as London notes. People are upset because it seems that the homosexuals/drag queen mob is taking over every single aspect of the society and people looked to this chicken restaurant as an example that you could resist the mob and still succeed. It was about much more than chicken sandwiches, it was about a company that had principles but dropped them for the sake of “good business practices.” As I’ve said here before, I am not one who divorces my religious beliefs from any other area of my life, be it politics or business practices. I am disappointed when other Christians do make this division for the sake of pragmatism and profit.

    Everything the homo/drag queen people touch smells of sulfur. They exemplify the culture of death. You Christians who think you can just get along with these people are mistaken. They hate us and they won’t be satisfied until every Cross is replaced with a rainbow banner. This is because they are following the orders of their leader, who is Satan himself.

    So this silly chicken restaurant was a soldier in the battle, and they seemed to be surrendering. Looks like they might be changing their minds. If true, good for them because they could never grovel enough to make the alphabet people happy.

  23. j2theperson says:

    Is the Anglican church in Canada full of progressive heretics like the Episcopal church in America? Or is their decline the result of something else?

  24. Michael says:

    They are progressive heretics who defrocked J.I. Packer…

  25. Michael says:

    My problem with the CFA stuff is selective morality.
    Most of the big companies rely in some measure on slave labor, child labor, and the destruction of environments.
    CFA’s base would affirm the crimes against God and humanity on the border, as long as they don’t give money to queers.
    I believe our faith should inform our buying choices, but until I live on a farm and learn to use a loom, I’m going to have to walk in hypocrisy…

  26. Xenia says:

    My problem with the CFA stuff is selective morality.<<<

    That's my problem with a lot of people, including my own self.

  27. Michael says:


    My own self too…we live in complex times…

  28. j2theperson says:

    Wow. You have to be so far gone to defrock J.I. Packer.

  29. MM says:


    Tell us how you really feel. 🙂

    The Chick Fil-A management have become cowards! And while I may or not agree with them, this type of thinking is what led to over 5 million people being systematically murdered while their neighbors stood by and watched. Putting the dollar in front of us is a very slippery slope.

    Of course the LBGT crowd would argue they are the ones being led to slaughter in the same manner by people like CF and those who agree with them.

    In all of it I object to the blatant in my face pushing of this alternate mortality. I can’t think of one new TV show or movie which has not been effected by this new thought. I get tired of seeing men and women having intimate relations with the same gender, affairs, and such. It is no wonder STDs, like HPV, have their highest percentage in the young and minority communities.

    OK rant over, back to you Xenia

  30. Steve says:

    They hate us and they won’t be satisfied until every Cross is replaced with a rainbow banner. This is because they are following the orders of their leader, who is Satan himself.
    Xenia, it’s not us they hate, it’s God. We all are at enmity with God in our flesh. Every single one of us. This is what we have in common with our fellow man

  31. Jean says:

    “I believe our faith should inform our buying choices, but until I live on a farm and learn to use a loom, I’m going to have to walk in hypocrisy…”

    This is why I believe in government, and reject Ayn Rand and modern libertarianism. In my opinion, our nation needs to coalesce around national values and implement policies to achieve our values.

  32. Em says:

    I am reading a book, The Rise of the Bureaucratic State… I seriously doubt, as i read, that the Democratic Republic will survive… can national values survive in a bureaucracy that has overruled the model of individual states coalesced around a common national flag and constitution
    as far as i can see, our children already live in a new power structure…. Big question is, will it respect the Christians among them – the true, not the nominal?

  33. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    I can now weigh in on the chicken wars – but I need to reveal that I have not eaten at a Chick Fil A or a Popeye’s. I just returned from an 11 hour 600 mile round trip to pick up my 95 yr old mother in law to spend 10 days with me over Thanksgiving.

    When we crossed back into Arizona she had me stop at the Wendy’s at the Flying J. I had their Spicy Chicken sandwich – thought it was pretty darn good and it filled the hole. So, right now that is my favorite chicken place. 🙂 (I rarely eat out)

  34. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    “our nation needs to coalesce around national values ”
    They should send out a form with the census next year asking us to list our top 10 national values – I’m sure all our lists will match 🙂

  35. bob1 says:

    A question for the Anglicans here —

    does the ‘breakaway’ Anglican denomination (or whatever it’s called) ACNA, do they
    have any churches in Canada?

  36. Michael says:


    My guess is that they’ll last until 2045…

  37. bob1 says:

    Thanks, Michael! Whew…

  38. Michael says:


    The Anglican communion in the West is a disaster…don’t get me started…

  39. pstrmike says:

    by 2045, if I’m still here, I probably won’t care one way or the other


  40. Em says:

    Yesterday i misidentified the book i am reading, “Umasking the Administrative State” author John Marini… i feel that it is giving me a much clearer picture of the changes in our nation’s government.. The only value to the Church is that it clearly lays out the make up of our government today.. It isn’t what we evangelicals like to think it is. Or we can just ask our grandchildren, i guess. ?

  41. Jim says:

    Brothers and Sisters, please don’t eat fast food. It takes 5 minutes to cook a grass fed hamburger. Eat real food.

    (end of sermon)

  42. Chris Long says:

    Regardless of the morality issues of CFA’s decision, personally I just think from a strictly business standpoint, what they’ve done is going to backfire big time.
    In the article, it says that they are the 3rd largest fast food chain in the U.S. I had NO idea!! If they think that’s all because of their food, they’ve got to be delusional. Their food IMO is “ok” and definitely hits the spot sometimes, but they are also quite expensive. What you get for what you pay is not what anyone would call “a good value” I don’t think. I think a big part of their brand and success is precisely because they were known for certain values. Whether you liked that they closed on Sundays or not, for instance, it just seems refreshing in this age we live in, and I think many people respect a company that does something like that. They’ve long been painted as this company that both lives out and stands up for Christian principles. Several years back when they took some strong heat from the culture for their stances, many Christians rose up and I remember very clearly that CFA enjoyed some of their biggest profits ever as a result.

    Now, they seem like they are reversing course and turning their backs on the very people that built their success. Regardless of the morality issues, business-wise that just seems really really dumb… I don’t believe for a second that they got to be #3 in the nation just because they make a decent chicken sandwich. There’s LOTS of food choices out there and I believe there’s much more in play. Personally if I were a CFA franchisee, I’d be really teed off right now at corporate because personally I think they are going to take a hit financially as a result of this. And all they are going to get by waffling back and forth is seek to stir up everyone on both sides every time they waffle. They need to pick their horse…

  43. bob1 says:

    Well, like it or not, about 2/3 of Americans support same sex relationships and marriage. I guess I’m like Michael — I don’t look at the morality of it. Or as he said, “If I like their sandwich I’ll eat it…if I don’t, I won’t.” My wife and I go there and think they make a really good sandwich! And the folks
    here are quite hospitable. Whether they’re Xn or not, I don’t know and don’t care.

    It gets exhausting to look at every little thing from a political standpoint, But having said that, I’d prefer to spend my human capital on more substantive issues like climate change and health care affordability. But that’s just me, I guess.

  44. CM says:

    My take on the various fast food places:

    I do love In and Out Burger, though I think is more do its rarity (think of the all buzz for Coors Beer before they shipped it east of the Mississippi – cue Smokey and the Bandit).

    Sonic is ok, though I did like their novelty of the bacon shakes a few years (they stopped I believe).

    Chicken: Not a fan of Popeye’s or KFC – too greasy. I do like Bojangles. The spicy deluxe chicken sandwich at Chick-Fil-A is good.

    Your mileage may vary depending the specific location and/or franchise.

  45. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    as chicken goes I prefer Ezell’s, by far, to Chick-Fil-A or KFC. Not that I should be eating there much, really, at my age.

    But I’ll miss the smoke grilled chicken club sandwich. That was a glorious sandwich.

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