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5 Responses

  1. Erunner says:

    Good show guys! Two tough topics that you handled well. Thanks!!

  2. em says:

    what E said… (Gold Creek-say that to someone who lived there in the 60s and they’ll think riding stable – where my girls fell in love with horses)… still looks like it’s a place for show horses… dunno
    but their intent does seem to serve… to be ‘nice’ at least and i do pray for them

  3. em says:

    i’ll try again… re; Gold Creek church (where Driscoll guest spoke?) their intent – the church’s intent does seem to be of service to the community and does seem want that opportunity to serve to be open to all their congregation

    i’ve really been the queen of poorly worded comments today… i’m really sorry about that… i wonder if anything was profound? 🙄 ha!

  4. Xenia says:

    Em, I think pretty much everything you say is profound.

  5. em says:

    ah, Xenia – you are kind

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