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  1. Thanks Michael.

  2. I would love to hear John Duncan’s unpacking of how Calvary got where it is. Further I would like to know whether people believe that Calvary was a Spirit movement and whether they believe it still is and if not how the Spirit was quenched.

  3. ( |o )====::: says:

    Every movement is “a Spirit Movement”, and every moment is “unquenched” until someone wants lightning in a bottle, thinks they can codify love and contain Him, tell Him how to love, who to love, brand Him, make a book of guidelines to keep Him from getting too Pentecostally free and try to domesticate Him. Calvary Chapel as “a thing” is passe, but the presence of God cannot be quenched whenever & wherever two or more are gathering in His name and daring to go out and spread this love Named “Jesus”.

    …that’s my take 😉

  4. Ixtlan says:

    Listening to “Old Man” by Neil Young. Love the steel guitar. The Harvest album reminds me of days of fleeting innocence long ago and far away.

    I go back to days in tent. There was nothing like it that I have ever experienced, not before, not since.

    ” I sing the song
    because I love the man
    I know that some
    of you don’t understand
    to keep from running out.”

    The Needle And The Damage Done… Neil Young, Harvest

    Calvary Chapel’s best days are probably behind them. They have some strong challenges ahead with no real leadership. The current leadership structure has already proven to be ineffective and they lack cohesiveness. But at times, it takes more than leadership.

  5. Thanks for the comment G-man. I think you are correct.

  6. Ixtlan
    “I go back to days in tent. There was nothing like it that I have ever experienced, not before, not since.”

    That my friend was youth – everything was fresh and exciting. Now, as we age and life itself has beat us down… well, it’s like losing your taste buds. The steak still tastes the same to everyone, but us.

    I am sure that new CC folks, the age you were in the tent, are just as excited.

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