It’s Time To Do Something About PFM

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4 Responses

  1. Not an attorney says:

    Mr Rozell and Mr McCoy,
    I beg you to act before it’s too late.
    The Lord has been more than patient with you to make things right with all these young people. Please know that the Lord has a track record of disciplining his children as we saw in the Old Testament when the Assyrians and Babylonians invaded. Prior to the conquest the prophets preached repentance but the kings and people rejected the warning. Ultimately God used a heathen nation (bad guys) to bring painful Judgement to his people.
    Fast forward to today, there is a new modern era nation of Assyrians known as California attorneys who have been deputized by the California Empire to bring judgment to private businesses and non profits. I beg you to pray and consider reaching out to these people people affected and unilaterally start a “pick up stix” campaign. You’re attorneys will explain everything you need to know. No it won’t be cheap but you will be doing the right thing and avoiding a public trial and more exposure.

    If you choose to do nothing and just one aggrieved former employee files a representative action against you, not only will You give the name of Jesus a bad name but the modern day Assyrians(plaintiffs attorneys)will be make a public spectacle of you. Don’t take this option please.

    May God give you the wisdom to act responsibly.

    You both

  2. JM says:

    (Having chronic computer problems, so hope this little note gets through.)
    Thank you, Michael, for your perseverance on this. It does matter & it does give hope. 🙂

  3. Not an Attorney says:

    To the victims of PFM/Mudman Burgers

    If you are an aggrieved former employee , one of the most important forms of documentation will be your paycheck stubs and any W2 forms. They prove your employment and allow the intake personnel at your law firm obtain key information on your employer. Also make sure to give your prospective attorney copies of any employment agreement they made you sign if you have them. In California any employment agreement that waives an employees wages and salaries due would be deemed “unconscionable” and thus considered null and void by any CA court.

    Once your attorneys send a spoliation letter and a request for production of documents to the prospective defendant employer they will review all the documents. After review the attorneys will conduct a violation analysis to ultimately come up with a settlement demand. It is critical that you seek an attorney from California since the golden state labor laws offer a lot more gold to wronged workers than Montana labor laws could ever offer.

    Again this is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered legal advice. If you need legal advice make sure to consult with a licensed employment law attorney, preferably someone from California.

  4. Not an Attorney says:

    TO PFM/Mudman Directors,

    It seems that you have. The reality is that you are an the verge of a PAGA /class action lawsuit if you do not do something to make things right with all these young people.

    The plaintiff side attorneys in California not only go after big businesses with deep pockets but also non profits and community organizations. Even the UFW(united farm workers) Union was hit by one of these devastating lawsuits and they paid big time.

    Directors if I were you, I would give these wage and hour issues my upmost attention. Check out the article below. Again were talking California labor law here. In California as an employer, it doesn’t matter if your labor violations were unintentional, you are guilty until proven guilty. California laws enable lots of technicalities.

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