Jean’s Gospel: Do Not Be Anxious

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  1. John 20:29 says:

    A topic with so much more relevance to the child of God than does the subject of racism with all the ornaments of history and bias that we take turns hanging on it and pulling off again… I’ve lived long enough now to understand why history, in my youth, was taught as names and dates… I can see events that I’ve lived thru being distorted by the presumptions of historians declaring what was in the mind of the major (and minor) players of 100 years ago… Children think that they’ve identified the sins of their parents, put there efforts into not repeating them and go on to commit their own and the cycles … cycle…
    I confess that, taking time to consider the lay of the land here in 2017, I am often anxious for tomorrow… I have food, clothing and some money in the bank that is devaluing even as I type this… I wasn’t anxious, but I’ve lived longer than I’d planned –
    that was before my test began… ? So, I need to think on God’s admonition presented here today… Thank you, Jean

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