Jean’s Gospel: Washing Each Others Feet

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  1. John 20:29 says:

    For a few years my husband and i were affiliated with an Evangelical Unitted Bretheren oChurch …. a medium size congregation of the most honest, grounded Christians i have known – the practice ofi foot washing was a part of their doctrine

  2. Jean says:


    What did you think/receive from the practice? I would be interested in learning more about how the practice is conducted today.

  3. John 20:29 says:

    It was a very long time ago, Jean… The EUB churches have long since been absorbed into another denomination (United Methodist, i think)… At the time it seemed a strange practice and i don’t recall what event called for a foot washing… My memories of the EUB are of a wonderful group of down to earth people… rare in So. Calif. churches in the 1950s – IMX – we were seeing the beginnings of celebrity Christianity…. and it was the time period when certain staid mainline churches (Presbyterian, Episcopal and finally some R.C.s ) were having outbreaks of tongues manifesting… IMV, it is silly to seek “a move of God,” but things were occuring that weren’t sought and folks who experienced them didn’t question the source. ..
    Someone(s) here have pointed out that the Holy Spirit, like the wind, is not ours to control… I ramble…. I apologize, but i often wonder if God wasn’ t gently chiding and warning to not attempt to manipulate Him… Dunno

  4. Duane Arnold says:

    When my friend, Ursula, was received as a postulant in an enclosed Anglican Benedictine community, the following took place:

    Her hair was placed beneath a wimple and she was clothed as a postulant. She walked alone through the abbey church to the door of the enclosure. She knocked three times. The community was assembled within. The novice sister opened the door. Ursula knelt before the Mother Abbess, who then asked, “Ursula, what do you seek?” Ursula replied, “The mercy of God and the fellowship of this community.” She arose and the Mother Abbess then knelt in front of her and washed her foot and kissed it. Then each sister, in turn, came round. If able, they knelt and kissed her foot as well (if not able, they kissed her on the cheek).

    It was very much about the “greatest among you shall be the servant”.

  5. Jeff says:

    Duane, that is a beautiful rite that is “very much about the greatest among you shall be the servant.”

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