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  1. Todd White says:

    Hey I routinely lengthen legs to random people on the street. So what if Jesus didn’t include that in His repertoire. Reattaching severed ears is really hard!!! Also don’t forget to attend my latest upcoming conference where I will tell you how to go deeper into God’s power, it’s only $200 to be there, don’t you care about the things of God?

  2. Josh the Baptist says:

    The Saeed page is still there. You’ve just been blocked.

  3. Josh the Baptist says:

    You *almost* convinced me there, Todd. 🙂

  4. Kevin H says:


    Yes, I can attest, it was heaven in Philadelphia. 🙂

    Didn’t you see all that gold dust and angel feathers falling from the heavens after they won the Super Bowl? …….Or maybe that was just confetti. 🙂

  5. filbertz says:

    I lengthen the truth from time to time…until I have no leg to stand on.

    Abedini in the Greek means “dung-beetle.”

  6. Corbatonium says:

    Regarding CGN floundering, that’s very subjective and depends on what one assumes CGN is trying to do/be in the first place. I’m not in any way on the “inside” of CGN so I don’t claim any authority in these observations or speculations. One person’s “floundering” is another person’s being cautious, and/or making room for The Lord to define it as it needs defining.

    From a marketing standpoint, what CCA has going/is doing seems to be built on the very things that caused the split in the first place; an overdeveloped sense of identity to the point of behaving very Pharisaical in some instances. They have a name with recognition for those who are into that brand. They have a dove to get behind, or in front of, or underneath, or whatever. They now have Chuck’s archive. But they also have the leadership that is well documented in terms of how they have handled themselves with previous CCA council members and their open criticism of Brian, all of which is deplorable and I don’t know why anyone would follow those guys. But to some, they appear to be “winning” whatever that means.

    My guess with CGN is that they are deliberately not trying to compete. They aren’t trying to come up with a brand as such and as yet. In relative terms these days, they should have folded, but they aren’t playing that game or by those rules. They just now have a Twitter feed for example. I think they are taking it slow on purpose and I think that’s a very good thing in light of the split. Sometimes the need comes first and then the solution presents itself. Other times the solution is there first and the need for which is exists comes later. Perhaps the later is true here.

    I know that Brian isn’t hated here in this community, nor is he overly admired. But I will say that I listen to CCCMs Sunday podcast and him teaching (which I know people here don’t think is very dynamic). What he is saying, what he is emphasizing, the way he is handling the issues of our day and the building up of believers is exactly what is needed. He is setting the right tone. He is allowing room for and in fact encouraging people in different contexts to serve the gospel in their communities in ways that make sense and not according to one narrow way which was the case before. But with that openness, that broadness, comes an inherent lack of clear definition. Perhaps that is contributing to the perceived “floundering.”

    Just some stream of consciousness thoughts. If I had a church I would join up with CGN.

  7. Michael says:


    Any group has to have identity markers to survive…it’s what delineates them from everyone else.
    What are CGN’s identity markers?

  8. Jerod says:

    I assume ” floundering” means there is no money? That’s what it means in my ledger.

  9. Corbatonium says:

    Michael – agreed. However, I think that they are in a unique position. I would suspect that those who are currently a part of it are fine with it with the limited identity markers that are defined in their “Join” page. They are getting out of it what they want out of it, even if that is very little for now. Some would argue, “What’s the point then?” The question itself is moot because it’s based on the individual need/preference, not an absolute one.

    For myself, I don’t need much from it to be a part of it beyond knowing that there are others out there who believe like I do theologically and methodologically. What they are now, as limited as that may seem to some, is enough. More than that, it can only get better.

  10. Michael says:


    Not in this case…

  11. Benny Hinn says:

    Come to my conference and get your healing, or stay sick and poor. Why do you people hate prosperity?

  12. John 20:29 says:

    Now that is a compliment… Proud to be a part of “you people,” the group who identify with the Phxp peeps ?

  13. Kathi says:

    Saeed has a post up on his FB ministry page about being arrested:


  14. SMH says:

    Saeed, stop talking. That would be the best move for your family. Save it for the court.

  15. Michael says:

    Typical Saeed…the devil made him do it…and do it again and again…

  16. Josh the Baptist says:

    The devil has the same name as his ex-wife? Hmm..

  17. grberry says:


    Your comment to Corby on identity markers caught my eye. I just finished John H. Walton & J. Harvey Walton’s “The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest” on my commute this morning. Identity markers is a big part of their take on the conquest and on herem (hebrew word). But they say (in proposition/chapter 21) that scripture teaches us that we need more than just markers, we also need to set aside priviledges or statuses from identities that will contaminate through syncretism (Jew/Greek, slave/free, male/female) and to remove from the community those among it who deviate from the parameters of the community identity (heretics). I know you said back on the 13th that both CGN and CCA will remove from their database those who deviate enough for discipline. (And I note that Morningstar is not so listed any longer) Does either group draw boundaries about alternative identities?

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