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  1. em... again says:

    list of links looks very (underline ‘very’) interesting – know where i’ll be spending my time later this afternoon – thank you…

  2. Papias says:

    Had not heard of this “incident”…

    “In February 2017, James MacDonald was teaching a Bible class before the entire high school student body. This is a Christian school run by HBC. MacDonald allegedly became irate at a couple of students and berated them before the entire student body for 10 minutes. Apparently, a cameraman associated with HBF was present and witnessed the incident, deeming it out of line and reporting it to HBF leadership.

    The alleged incident upset the kids and teachers at the school so much that a number of families left the school immediately, and the camera man quit his job the next day. According to one source, this incident led to MacDonald being questioned by HBF pastors at a meeting in February. MacDonald was reportedly irate that his response had been questioned. This incident was supposedly the beginning of the end which eventually resulted in MacDonald’s resignation™ letter.”

  3. The New Victor says:

    The silence of the lambs article, another follow up about the long cover up of the sexual abuse of missionary kids in Bangladesh, was brutal to read. That so many people could engage in a cult like cover-up is disgusting and evil. My ex laws wanted to within just that small family unit (where it was not to the levels experienced by the MKs). When in doubt, cast the doubt far away from you, family, church authority… all the way to the cops. That’s what they are cops for.

  4. Jean says:

    Thank you for the Links.

  5. Pilgrim says:

    As far as the incident with MacDonald and the kids go, my wife has a good friend who has kids that were there and pulled the kids out of the school. She uses the term “manhandled” for what went on.

  6. Babylon's Dread says:

    How many times are we going to reprise iterations of that bilge about millennials?

  7. Michael says:


    I put one in occasionally so I can find out if you’re still reading us… 🙂

  8. JML says:

    I loved the Millennial article. I have two daughters of that age and it’s their sentiments, exactly. I hear stories every month about more of their Christian friends pulling out of church for many of the same reasons and they are saying that God is calling them out.

    The reasons? No ministry to the poor, widowed or orphaned. Too many meetings that seem like a fraternity. Music that is so loud you can’t worship. Spectator Christianity in church meetings that is dull and uninteresting. Teaching on a surface level, never getting to the deeper stuff. Social Christianity that condemns anything that doesn’t walk their politic. Everything too black and white. No room for grace.

    Sad stuff. Maybe God is building a new church outside the old church.

  9. JTK says:

    “59 Percent of Millennials Raised in a Church Have Downloaded Porn This Week—And They’re Trying to Tell Us Why”

    Sounds about the same to me.
    I see the problems with my church, with everyone I love intimately in fact, yet stick with them.

    Besides, aren’t the stats for that age “85% fall away from the Christian faith?”

    Millennials, at least many if not most, are amazing and will change this world.

    My church is over 90% millennials. So perhaps I can speak to this a bit.

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