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  1. Babylon's Dread says:

    Everything has kind of a formula when you break it down. If I were to ask ‘how can I get an article in Relevant magazine?’ pretty much everyone who has read 3 articles knows. Take up your glass of whine and follow me.

  2. Em says:

    Looks like a great list of thot prods this week. .?
    Snowed in and grateful for the material

  3. Josh The Baptist says:

    I live close to Heritage USA, now Rick Joyner’s church. I had a girlfriend in middles school who did summer vacations at Heritage. The video doesn’t really do it justice. There’s a weird “ghost-town” feel to it now. There have been lawsuits brought against Joyner to clean it up. Don’t know where any of that stands. Here’s a page with some now & then photos:

  4. Em says:

    A church’s inner circle is not always without toxic members also…
    i once had one of those people accuse me of something so egregious that i won’t mention it here and, yet, that person was and remained one of the pastors most trusted right up to the end…
    needless to say, i was never part of that inner circle, nor did i want to be….
    hmmm… should churches have inner circles? i guess they have to…

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