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  1. Xenia Moos says:

    The first link about the Roman Catholic Church…

    Lately, because of some truly bizarre heretical actions committed by the pope and the ensuing backlash, I have become fascinated by Catholic current events. Seriously folks, the sins of the Catholic hierarchy, not just limited to sexual sins, make the abusive evangelical pastorate look like amateurs. The RC hierarchy is so corrupt I am starting to believe in all that Illuminati conspiracy stuff. I don’t know if there are any genuine Christians left among their top leadership.

    A problem with a local non-denom pastor is terrible for the people directly involved and will end (except for lingering anguish) when he’s deposed. I do not see any way that the RCC can ever recover from what’s going on with them now. It looks like the majority of the Cardinals are compromised and they are the ones who elect the next pope, who of course will be one of them. That’s how they got Francis. People will say they’ve always been this way. True.

    So the Traditionals are trying to figure out how to remain good Catholics (that is, people who believe in the tenets of the Creed) when the men in their leadership, including Francis, are not good Catholics. This is playing out on Twitter and I am, I confess, morbidly fascinated. And a little worried, too, because I see some signs of the same stuff creeping into certain areas of the Orthodox world. But we do not have an all-powerful pope figure; we have numerous Patriarchs. I had previously thought this multiplicity of jurisdictions was a problem but now I see it as a gift from God. When the Greeks fall, there’s still Antioch and Moscow.

    I know that a lot of readers here do not consider the Catholics to be Christians at all but I am not of that opinion. The resistance against Francis is full of serious Christian people who I admire quite a lot.

  2. Michael says:

    Fascinating stuff…

  3. Steve says:

    The Evangelical way for immigration sounds good and fair but it should really be called “Evangelical way for illegal immigration”. There is no talk about “legal” immigration which is missing from this discussion. If legal immigrants coming to the country are put in the back on the line after illegals, we will have an even bigger immigration problem than we have now. The policy needs to be more comprehensive for me to support it.

  4. Michael says:


    You have no idea what you’re talking about.
    The immigration conversation in this country is based on lies and more lies.
    Just one example for you…there is no “legal” way for people who are trying to come from Mexico or Central America that doesn’t take at least 20 years.
    We are processing applications from 1993 right now…
    Applying for asylum is legal…but is being made to look otherwise.

  5. Michael says:

    I debated whether to post that immigration link…I no longer believe we can even discuss the topic righteously.

  6. Michael says:

    My apology for being curt and rude.
    My frustration on this issue is why I no longer discuss it.

  7. Jessica says:

    We no longer attend church anywhere. I have seen the catholic church hid and shuffle it, the evangelical church denies it and the Baptist church stands up and applauds them when they cry and ask for forgives of sexual abuse. Our Lord must be in tears that His churches have been brought to the gates of hell with molesters, thieves and abusers as priests and pastors. God is in my heart, not in a church.

  8. Dan from Georgia says:

    Interesting…two articles on art. As an artist myself I have often wanted to find a fellowship group based around the arts, but have mostly been disappointed.

  9. Xenia says:

    The Catholic Church has sex scandals because it insists on a celibate clergy which makes it a good career choice for homosexuals. The Orthodox Church has married clergy, which makes their level of deviancy about the same as the general population.

    The Catholic Church insists on the supremacy of the bishop of Rome so when he apostatizes, he takes the whole organization down with him. Faithful Catholics (and there are plenty) have no where to go.

    The non-denoms have, by definition, no real authoritative governing body to oust the abusers.

    But in my opinion, opting out of church all together is a grave mistake. The people I know who do not attend a church have fallen away from Christianity altogether and I have examples in my family to demonstrate this, both old and young. God gave us churches to keep us in the faith.

  10. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    People who opt out of church because of the actions of others are terrible Christians at best or apostates who don’t want to take responsibility for their own apostasy.

    We say that we are all sinners, we say that all have sinned and missed God’s glory – we say that none is righteous, no not one —- and then we act all surprised when our fellows prove it to be true.

    Pastors, congregants, veterans, rookie – we are all in this together – we are Christ’s body…and we bail.

  11. Michael says:

    Your statement is not only wrong, it’s cruel and I won’t allow abused people to be further abused on my blog.
    If you’re really that ignorant of the pain and doubt that spiritual abuse can create, keep it to yourself.

  12. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    Michael, that is the reason you change churches – not leave church altogether. We are told to not forsake our assembling together. We are told that we are a needed part of Christ’s body – we are to help each other heal – not bail and leave others to fend for themselves.
    But. I will bow out of this one.

  13. Steve says:

    Michael,. I accept your apology and I understand your frustrations. I’m not here debating policy and I think there are some good things in the Evangelical call. But we need not talk about it if it causes too much anger.

  14. McGarrett says:

    I am not sure how any Christian who would call others “Apostates” after said individuals have been abused, bullied, lied to, while so called leaders of the Church marinate in dark hypocrisy which has directly maimed their lives, can be a person of true grace. This is disgusting.

  15. Duane Arnold says:

    So, this Sunday… Joel Osteen and Kanye West at Lakeland. Is this disturbing to anyone else other than just myself?

    Lord have mercy…

  16. Martin Luther's Disciple says:

    From what I have seen of Kanye as a new Christian and his pastor who does the preaching at the events, there is a good chance Osteen may get saved.

  17. Shaun says:

    Here is a book you may be interested in Michael – a lady from our church wrote it. If you would like a copy I can loan you mine – just let me know where to send it.

    Fight for Survival – Undermining Psychological Warfare by Jamie Cannon.

  18. Em says:

    Xenia @8:49 this morning observed that there are protestant (and others) who hold that no Roman Catholic is saved… I have family members, R C.s who i seriously doubt have/had a clue as to the reality of redemption – they’d been baptised by their church, so, in their view, they were in…
    That said i have also known fairly well R C s including a couple priests that i have not one doubt that they are in The Family..

  19. MM says:

    “We are told to not forsake our assembling together.”

    This was given to who and why?

    The problem is denominations think they are the best and possibly the only way for people to gather together. Jesus possibly took the idea of what was required in the day, a minyan 10 adult men, and changed it to two.

    I think you all remember the quote.

    BTW those who are RC can be “saved” as well as any other Christian organization. But, they can also be lost, which can also be found in all Christian orgs.

    Of course I have a problem with all those statues and that Mary thing.

    Interesting thread and links.

    Kayne and Joel – a match made in ???

  20. OCDan says:

    MLD that comment is flat out insensitive. I don’t comment often, but I do lurk and that one comment is one of the worst I can remember around here and is almost as bad as the abuse that causes one to leave church.

    Also, yes Jesus said where two or more or gathered.

    That is just shortsighted, mean spirited and not of God. See, i can play that game too.

    Keep in mind that not everyone can change a church, either. Your best argument would have been to take those who have been abused and form another church.

    But to call them terrible Christians or apostate, WOW! FREAKIN WOW!

    Yeah, let’s try to reason with child molesters who’ve want to cover up their actions.

    Unbelieveable freakin comment. After all I have read here, I expected better of you MLD, but this is a new low for spouting off.

  21. After Xenia mentioned the Amazon Synod in another post, I looked into it. Fascinating, I had no idea.

    Last week, the kids and I and their mom watched the movie Coco. Cute movie with a sweet message, and it was lauded for respecting Mexican culture. Yet it was an almost G rated version of “Beetlejuice” with zero Christian or even an element of RCC to it.

    Their great grandma recently died and the grandparents keep an ofrenda to her in the home. It’s borderline ancestor worship. I’m of a bent not to be culturally insensitive, and to respect their mother’s culture beyond loving authentic Mexican food and their strong sense of family (among other things), but I struggle with things like this. The Amazon Synod seems to be doubling down upon embracing syncretism.

  22. Jessica says:

    MLD Since I stated I know longer attend church, I will respond so maybe you may understand why I said that. I was raised Catholic and went to catholic school and had a pretty good upbringing in the church, taught by nuns and brothers (so now you know my age lol). In the 80s the sex abusive epidemic broke and with a church that hid and shuffled priest. I turned to another denomination of Christians and found out too they had the same sex abuse issues as the Catholic’s. Became born again, and started attending Calvary Chapel Sunday’s, Monday’s, Wednesday most weeks. I then too found out the same for them. I reflected on the people running the churches and realized the reason sex abuse sin continue to existed was because every church covered it up and lacked accountability. In every instance the church hierarchy knew and did not act, lacked accountability and then once sin happened and was found out did NOTHING to fix their denomination to make it safer. Only when they are sued or forced and it hurts the image or their pockets so they run to cover it and worse yet spin it. Spin it that we are ALL sinners, as it is an excusable action bc you are saved. To the point Southern Baptist have stood applauding a pastor who apologized for raping a girl. Ok he ask God for forgives that I get, but it doesn’t warrant a standing ovation. Something is deeply wrong w churches today. They have become a “brand” running like Nestle corporation and the some pastors are like greedy ego driven CEO’s. It has broken my heart, my spirit for a while but never ever my Faith in Jesus. Proud to say my family are all still believers. And please do not quote the Bible to me about church. I decided after much praying, years now that our Lord made an amazing beautiful earth, with all kind of amazing beautiful people and animals. Decided my calling was to take my faith and go live the life on His earth as a Christian would, loving others, helping others and being a good friend. I just no longer do so in a building or a denomination, at least not now. It is very freeing to worship and thank the Lord watching a sunset on Sunday instead of a pew. Didn’t Jesus travel around? I am ok with your opinion of me not being a “good” Christian. It’s like a born again saying Catholics are not going to heaven bc they are not born again, and worship the Virgin Mary. Catholics will go to heaven and the respect and honor the mother of God and born again will go to heaven too. So will you MLD and so will I. We just see things different. I do not want to judge pastors/priests or administration but, covering up sex abuse of children is the worst thing ever and doing it in a church of God is abomination. I love our Lord way to much to attend any church that covers it up. My heart breaks for what our churches have done. Do you ever wonder what Jesus thinks of what we have made churches today? Church has become a protected brand, and I don’t think God should be a brand. God bless all of us.

  23. Michael says:

    Look…as a sacramental Christian and a pastor I think it’s vitally important to belong to a healthy church.
    However…I well know the psychological and spiritual damage that happens to people in abusive churches and my concern here is to facilitate healing, not to cram someone into another church ASAP…

  24. Em says:

    Jessica speaks for at least a generation of born again souls and Michael has provided, by God’s grace, a place of dialog and refuge for all… Her post @ 9:29 last night has me pondering a couple things.
    Could i have grown and stayed focused in the Faith without the wonderful instruction i received from more mature Believers?
    Does God work in the hearts and minds of His children when our church leadership fails?

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