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  1. Kevin H says:

    On the Hobby Lobby link, I initially smacked my forehead as it appeared to be another foolish and irrespinsible thing being done by a prominent Christian. The article goes on to say that the posted letter from David Green orders his employees to keep working and for stores to stay open.

    Yet when I read the actual posted letter, it said nothing of the like. So either the info about making stores stay open is coming from somewhere else, or else somebody is just out to slam Hobby Lobby and is intentionally misrepresenting them.

  2. Dan from Georgia says:

    Old Lives Mater indeed! Many grocery and retail stores are having senior-only shopping hours. I think this is a great idea.

    Maybe the more able-bodied of us can take a step back and let others get what the NEED, and we can think about how selfish we are when we snatch that pack of TP from someone else’s cart.

  3. Paige says:

    We love the Bible Project. Our current reading plans link to the BP at the beginning and mid points of each book of the scriptures. I’ve listened to many BP videos on a myriad of subject. I just ordered their ‘poster’ book, with outlines of each book of the Bible and we are awaiting the release of their “coffee table” book of BP art. Tim Mackie, PhD, is one of my current favorite Bible teachers.

    “Closed churches”…all depends on your definition of ‘church’….

    And the CS Lewis quote to love our neighbor… wonderful. Amen. Real ministry is not half a globe away. It’s within your own house and just one house away. … or to bless the mail person, or the Amazon or UPS person….

    Our Home and Neighbors are ‘church” in the truest sense.

    I love this opportunity that i have to listen to many pastors I’d otherwise never see, like PstrMike.

    On the other hand,I have so speak my opinion, that I hope this period of changes will lead the Show Biz style churches to return to simpler roots, if they have them.

    Crazy so called ‘christians’ making merchandise of the crisis will give account to our Maker.

    IMO, I think many frightened souls, who would never ‘go to church’, will actually look at the online ‘church services’ and hopefully hear the real Gospel.

    I can’t open some of the links because my internet provider is apparently limited or deliberately sifting. Don’t care. I am very thankful for my numerous Bibles and Hymn books and the few devotionals I have kept after many book purges.

    I am not a ‘the Lord told me” person, at all… but in January this year, I ‘heard’ these words:
    1 Freedom. 2 Thrift. 3 Simplicity. 4 Thankfulness and last but not least The Trust Movement.

    We’ve seen The Jesus Movement, and The Faith Movement…. I think the Trust Movement is upon us.

  4. Kevin H says:

    One more slap and I think I’ll end up with a headache. 🙂

    There still doesn’t seem to be any document directly tying his wife’s prayer visions to the decision to keep stores open, although the inference I imagine can be made. At the very least, Hobby Lobby does seem quite hellbent on keeping everything open and requiring employees to work as much as they can get away with. Sure doesn’t seem that they’re very concerned with the health of their employees. The almighty dollar seems to be reigning, even as David Green says that God has “blessed” his company to operate with far less debt and to be doing financially better than most other retailers.

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