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  1. bob1 says:

    I saw an for a new “Simple Bible” NRSV with commentary by President Carter.

    So I looked on Amazon and it was a cool $58 or $59.

    The Bible should be titled “Simple Profits” for Zondervan.


  2. Nancy Holmes says:

    Words alone can barely express my appreciation for When God Lets You Down After You Tried So Hard. My lament has not been for myself since I have no complaint about God’s amazing grace in my life. Instead I am sorely grieved to be the empathetic witness of other Christians who are more godly and persevering in their desire to serve Him, yet who are stymied in so many cruel ways and even by other so-called Christians. I have simply run dry of any means to encourage them in the face of such overwhelming circumstances and have turned to bitterness and reproach as I contemplate my helplessness. I am struggling with a terrible attitude of distrust and anger. I want to see the restoration and redemption that are promised but the slog is so wearying.

    I sent the link to one friend who struggles to live a life of love and truth in the face of indifference and contempt. She wrote back that she wept when she read the article, having thought that Jeremiah’s lament could only apply to other prophets but that she could now accept that her anguished cries were not blasphemous bellyaching and could be heard and valued by God in their naked truth and honesty.

    Our only hope is in Christ who has suffered all for us that we might be filled with the comfort and knowledge of what that means in our individual lives. I can see a distant clearing ahead and I press on in that hope though I am not able to quite connect with it yet.

  3. Em says:

    So close to Faith
    In this world we got tribulation (for now)
    I always remember what Satan said to God regarding Job – “….. all that a man has he’ll give for his life… touch his bone and his flesh and he will curse You to Your face…… so Satan smote Job…” with all the venom God permitted. … O.T. Book worth a read… or two….. or three

  4. Em says:

    A Bible with a commentary by dear Jimmy Carter? Sounds mildly interesting, if i could read it without buying it…..

  5. Em says:

    Church choir sings hymn TO Trump? Uuhhh

  6. CM says:


    That is par for the course at First Baptist Church of Dallas and its court evangelical Pastor Robert Jeffress. The Babylon Bee is spot on in this satire:

  7. ..”an angered Russell Moore had arrived from the Southern Baptist Convention to melt the statue down and force Jeffress to drink the liquid gold from which it was formed.”..

    CM. Jonathan Edwards said It’s a fearful thing to drink the liquid gold.

  8. CM says:


    Understood. Which is why that Babylon Bee post is spot on. What makes satire funny is that there are always elements of truth in it.

    As an aside, most of the theologians’ and pastors’ works I read are from folks that have been dead a good 100 years or more. But Michael will appreciate that I make exceptions for Packer, Stott, and a few others.

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