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  1. bob1 says:

    I really liked Steve Brown’s observations on the church.

    Subhead: It’s a miracle the church is still here. If you don’t like misunderstanding, bad communication, sin, anger and confusion, join a service club and stay away from the church.

    Main points:

    –The early church was not a pretty place
    –Jesus was big on the church
    –The church isn’t finished yet.
    — I’m screwed up

    Well done, IMHO

  2. Linn says:

    Usually I skip Tim Challis’ blog and go right to the links, but I did read his piece regarding questions about his son’s death (which I felt very bad about when his son passed last fall). I also had to confront some of the assumptions I had about a church friend, anti-vax from what I know, and my first thought was “he’s not vaccinated.” Vaxxed or not, it doesn’t negate his current pain and suffering, nor that of his family. So, after confessing my unloving attitude towards the Lord, I hope to be more empathetic in the future, no matter my personal opinion on a given issue.

  3. Linn says:

    I think I’m a combo minimalist (in reference to “The New Shape of Public Discourse.”) The article was very informative, and it might help me to engage in more meaningful dialog with those who see things in a different light. I would just like to see us learn how to talk to each other again. I’m still trying to rekindle a friendship that went south during the 2020 election. Just mentioning I wasn’t pro-Trump resulted in a hastily ended phone call. We are still communicating, but it’s not the deep fellowship we used to enjoy.

  4. Em Wegemer says:

    Gotta say this, even though our family attended a SBC church in Kansas.
    If a pastor is connected to sexual impropriety, YOU FDO NOT ” RESTORE” HIM! ! !

  5. Steve says:

    “Communication will be difficult because perceptions are…as are, I believe, the theological suppositions undergirding them.”


    Michael, politics has always been and always will be about perceptions. The “New Shape of Public Discourse” is a useful framework for understanding different Christian perspectives in civil discourse but I would be careful with the labels. Politics is a game of perceptions and deceptions. I would categorise myself as a civilisation minimalistic but others may view me as a maximalist especially if I don’t spew enough hatred for Donald Trump. On the other hand those that are constantly spewing hatred towards all things Trump I tend to put into the maximalist category. I’ve heard a lot of that rhetoric here over the last few years. Our own self assessments are probably not that objective and then when you realize politics is all about perceptions and deceptions, I would view this entire framework more as a fun party game to lighten the mood during a Thank Giving dinner when the conversations turn political but everybody had a few drinks.

  6. Captain Kevin says:

    That article on the Pope’s Russia-Ukraine war statements is certainly eye-opening. Have to wonder if he’s insane, a fool, or if he knows exactly what he’s implying. Maybe all.

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