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  1. JTK says:

    Has anyone who predicts gloom ever “owned it” when the predicted tragedy does NOT happen?


  2. Michael says:


    That would be “no”…

  3. em says:

    i don’t think Lotz is saying tragedies happen because God is mad … exactly … she’s making the case for God not blessing a civilization that has tasted the goodness of God and …
    what i see happening in the Western World is an intelligentsia that is taking credit for what God did – 2,000 years ago, my ancestors were a bunch of crude, warring savages full of superstition and diseases… then came the gospel of Christ… whether ambitious men exploited it or were simply blessed by the honest folk who’ve bought into it, i don’t know… i don’t know the details, but i do know we blossomed and now we’re composting – or so it seems to me

  4. London says:

    Your 2nd link leads to first article

  5. Michael says:

    Thank you, London…fixed.

  6. Xenia says:

    I wonder if KP Yohannan is going to wear his bishop’s vestments when he speaks at Calvary Chapel. You know what CC’s think of anything that smacks of Roman Catholicism…

  7. Michael says:


    You beat me to it…

  8. Nonnie says:

    I’m guessing K.P. won’t insist upon being introduced as “His Eminence” and have them kiss his ring.

  9. DavidM says:

    It seems that KP wears a cloak of deception and duplicity. He is His Eminence in India, to his Indian followers, but he is KP in the U.S. to his contributors. He knows how to be the chameleon and play both sides effectively. If those guys in the video aren’t kissing his ring, then exactly what are they doing? I don’t know of one CC pastor who would endorse ring-kissing in any form. But, the CC’s generally love KP. I doubt they would feel the same toward H.E.

  10. Kevin H says:

    GFA claims that all the pageantry (vestments, high sounding titles, ring kissing, even the episcopalian-like structure) is only cultural and/or requirements of the Indian government upon Christian churches. The ring kissing they even deny and claim that when people are bowing before K.P. and placing their head towards K.P.’s hand, they are not actually kissing his ring but rather are touching his hand to their foreheads. Supposedly it’s some kind of cultural sign of respect.

    That being said, all the pageantry certainly gives the appearance of going way beyond necessary of what may be required by the government or of what are cultural ways of doing things. Additionally, some of the testimonies on the GFA Diaspora website indicate that GFA is teaching their people that at least some (if not all) of these ways are the proper way to do church, not that they are doing them just to appease the government or culture.

  11. Kevin H says:

    One other interesting nugget of personal nature regarding all this GFA stuff. I realized just yesterday that I actually knew the leader of the GFA Diaspora group from many years ago. Before he was even involved with GFA. I had no idea it was him as he has a common last name and it just never struck me until yesterday that it could be him. So I reached out to my old acquaintance to verify that it was, in fact, him. And it was. So it’ll be interesting to catch up with him and maybe learn a little more of the story.

  12. Xenia says:

    Well, ancient Christianity with all the vestments, incense, candles and what-not does have a long tradition in India because there a many Orthodox-like (Eastern Christian) churches there that have been around since the beginning. It is said that St. Thomas (of the Twelve) evangelized India. However, those people don’t need evangelizing because they are already Christians. He could certainly have modeled his group after one of the many Protestant missions there nowadays.

  13. covered says:

    Kevin, if your friend makes you kiss anything, can you post a picture 🙂 Sorry couldn’t resist.

  14. Kevin H says:


    Being that we currently live more than a thousand miles apart, that would be quite the kiss. 🙂

  15. Babylon's Dread says:

    Graham’s are very high on the anger of God.

  16. BrianD says:

    My occasional contribution to Linkathon.

    This is insane. I wonder if the corporate megachurches are already all over this…

  17. Michael says:

    BrianD invented Linkathon for those who are new here.
    My life sucks since he wised up and went into semi-retirement. 🙂

    This column takes more time than all the others put together…

  18. Michael says:

    I would love to have a list of churches already using this…

  19. EricL says:

    Michael @18, I read at one site that Churchix has 30 churches around the world using their technology, but no one is naming names.
    (see the 2nd paragraph for numbers quote)

    Article does mention that only Illinois and Texas have laws allowing the collection of people’s ‘faceprints’.

  20. em says:

    BrianD sighting? ah yes, i remember him well 🙂
    trouble with this Linkathon thing is that i know it’s work and i feel guilty when i don’t “link”

  21. em says:

    waaay back, i lost my membership in the Presbyterian tribe by not showing up for the monthly head-count… can’t remember how many it takes…

    i’m sure by now the SBC has written me off, also …

    face tracking? hmmm, there must be a way around that one

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