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  1. pslady says:

    The CT article about what Ukrainian pastors & Christians are enduring over there is awe inspiring. God is truly giving them strength & courage during this time. May God keep them in his hands!

  2. Alan says:

    I applaud the church of the Global South and their fidelity to revealed faith rather than the decision of the Anglican church to bless what God nowhere in scripture blesses.

    The church has been led by the world so many times… the world changes and the church repents to align with the world. We are definitely on the horns of a dilemma … we’ve been outflanked and we’ve capitulated.

    This acquiescence to essentially accept progressive revelation and to set the locus of that revelation in the heart of man rather than the Word made flesh is devastating.

  3. Michael says:

    Canterbury has been ruined…but Anglicanism lives in the Global South.

  4. Michael says:


    They are truly doing God’s work…I need to speak to it more than I do…

  5. Alan says:

    I kept looking for that reference to punching Tucker in the mouth… read the whole article looking for it. Then it dawned on me… and I understood.

    I heard the Tucker rant and laughed… sorry I laugh a lot at such things… and laughed again when I realized who the puncher is…

    Tucker’s weird laugh is its own punishment… I can’t believe someone hasn’t stopped him … reminds me of Kamala which is justice.

  6. UnCCed says:

    Re: The legacy of the Jesus Revolution…
    While I literally cringed to see the movie because of my baggage (at least I admit it) – just getting saved and during my growth hearing stories from 1st & 2nd generation leaders, then realizing the putrid excuse of the movement I got stuck with was hard enough.
    I couldn’t muster glee to experience as close as possible what it was like, then to probably have a fellow movie goer regurgitate the latest Fox News drivel before we even leave the theater.
    I’ve had enough Spirit-grieving slaps in the face.
    However, I’m having difficulty understanding those who claim to being open to the message of the movie, coming away with a critique which focuses mostly on any single person.
    Pick any person mention in the movie and THAT individual’s story in its essence isn’t unique in any church period (or even any calendar year).
    Take any person out of the story and do you think it wouldn’t still happen? The movie didn’t convey it was because of one person, in fact the opposite. Interestingly, the favorite character upon which the conspiracists mostly focus did in fact leave early in the movement, yet the central message of the movie continued, to include many other unlikely people (see the book The Harvest).
    I think a more fair and intellectually honest critique would focus on practices which happened, aren’t popular, and the movie ignored.
    However, to return to my point, and the only reason why I went to see it, was to try to enjoy a time when the church got over itself and its baggage, and got out of God’s way, at least briefly.
    1) God undeniably proved something which obviously pissed-off the church (and continues to this day), HE loves the undesired just as much as the current Pharisees, who through their own baggage, refuse to repent and open their hearts and love like Jesus. They don’t really believe John 3:16, just ask their wives.
    2) To accomplish #1, God will use whom He wills, and really doesn’t care or want our opinion of His choice, including methods.
    Note: I’m not excusing any sin or that God won’t eventually judge it, but can you really refute with historical proof either point?
    I find it interesting from the time this happened until today those who consistently refuse to rejoice (like the angels) over a single convert have lives devoid of God’s loves themselves, and that’s not God’s fault.
    I’m stunned anyone who claims to know Jesus can watch that movie and not be blessed by the obvious central message.

  7. Nonnie says:

    The church machine may have been corrupted, but those of us who were so graciously saved from the empty lives we were leading and coming to the knowledge of Christ through the “Jesus Revolution” are eternally grateful for the men and women who reached out to us in love and the truth of Christ. I believe something very real and wonderful happened to so many of us during this time. I may have left organised religion but never, never….. the love of Christ. Oh how good the Lord is!!! Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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