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  1. Em - again says:

    “He [Martyn Lloyd Jones] believed that the chief business of the church is what Paul charged Timothy with his dying words, to “preach the word” (2 Tim. 4:2). Preaching must come first in the life of the church before anything else can find its rightful place. With compelling clarity, he stated, “The primary task of the Church and of the Christian minister is the preaching of the Word of God.””

    interesting ponder in light of the thread in progress on the Weekend Word

  2. Xenia says:

    Especially interesting when you consider that the preaching of the Word had to come mostly from the Old Testament because the New Testament was still in the process of being written and compiled.

  3. Judy says:

    Oh, pornography. Every time I hear about someone defending its use, I want to cry. Most men don’t know what damage it does until it has ruined their life or their marriage. Porn Addiction, that is. And then the undoing and repair that are needed and the years it takes to restore a marriage back to sanity. We are destroyed by lack of knowledge. I am glad someone is getting the research out there.

    Accountability partners and tracking software do not change the heart but it is my understanding that for many men in the church, it is all they do. And we sure don’t want to talk about it inn the church.

    So this is good news. May God’s people be delivered from this evil.

  4. Babylon's Dread says:

    The courts are definitely coming for the First Amendment
    The corporations are definitely coming against religious expression.

    America’s sheep are about to be sheered…
    You can see if from here .

    I wonder if the economy will collapse before the Bill of Rights?
    It will be a race.

    The religious obsession with guns is the only thing that will garner friends for Christians.
    I am on the wrong side of everything.

  5. Josh the Baptist says:

    Xenia’s #2 is very interesting.

    Dread, I saw NY governor Cuomo banned official travel to NC in light of our LGBT law.

    Seems like Civil War on the way. Weird world.

  6. Michael says:

    There is a sense in which I rejoice in the current cultural declension.

    It will force the church to be the church and fight against powers and principalities instead of lusting after political power.

    It will thin the herd of posers, as well.

  7. Josh the Baptist says:

    Same here.

  8. David says:

    Rachel Held Evans talking about feminism after the Tony Jones debacle is like NOW endorsing Bill Clinton.

  9. Xenia says:

    I agree too, Michael and Josh.

    Before the legalization of Christianity by Emperor Constantine in 313 (Edict of Milan), it really cost something to be a Christian. After the Edict, everyone became a “Christian” because it meant good government jobs and being part of the in crowd in Constantinople. Nominalism became a serious problem. This is how the monastic movement got started. People who missed (so to speak) the old days of suffering and martyrdom moved to the desert and lived as ascetics.

  10. Em - again says:

    lots to ponder in #s 6 & 9 … IMHO
    right now our governmental infrastructure is like a poorly designed computer program – what is displayed looks real good, but after you’ve use it for a while you realize that it is making a keyboard monkey out of you…
    doing my taxes is driving home how bureaucratic and special interests absurd the whole system has become… i do believe that a strong nation (not a person) eventually collapses when corrupted

  11. Babylon's Dread says:

    Trump is obscene but if the physical contact between his manager and that reporter constitutes battery they have enough video of worse to shut down the US legal system with case load.

    Cultural ISIS is in full swing.

    You can keep your head but they will cut your tongue out and make you wear a scarlet letter

  12. Steve Wright says:

    Something is happening in the country. We talk about Trump a lot but look also at Sanders. Between those two men (forget Cruz he is not “outsider” at all) look at the support.

    What’s more, you have people like Susan Sarandon yesterday echoing what I have heard a LOT of people say – namely they are thinking Trump if not Sanders just to bring “the revolution” quicker. Susan Sarandon?

    Sanders just beat Hillary 5 out of 6 states and beat her 70%+ to 30%. That is UNREAL And 3 states were red, 2 were blue.

    In all the polls against Republicans, Sanders does about 10 points higher head to head than Hillary does. Yet, Hillary is being coronated the nominee and there seems zero doubt otherwise. She only wins big in the south which she will never win in November, loses badly or runs close everywhere else, but somehow almost ALL the super delegates go for her and there are enough of them that Sanders could win every state left and would not win the nomination.

    And if the Republicans had super delegates, they would do the same to Trump. In fact, if he ends up with 1236 and not the needed 1237 they have said they will do everything they can to keep him from the nomination.

    For two total outsiders to their respective parties (Sanders is not a Democrat but an Independent all these years in the Senate) this speaks to something much larger going on.

  13. Steve Wright says:

    And Dread…about that contact…(Note Boston Herald source..not some right winger blog)

    The Florida prosecutor whose office is handling the battery case involving Donald Trump’s campaign manager is a long-time Democrat and former state senator who’s now part of Hillary Clinton’s so-called Florida leadership “council.”

    But an aide to Palm Beach County State Attorney Dave Aronberg refused to address the potential political ramifications of the case, telling a Herald reporter that the subject of politics and the handling of the charges against Corey Lewandowski is an “inappropriate conversation.”

    “It’s an inappropriate request, and we’re not responding to it,” spokesman Mike Edmondson scolded a Boston Herald reporter who asked to speak to Aronberg about balancing the case and his own political interests.

    Aronberg, who was elected to the post in 2012, has been listed as a member of Clinton’s “Florida Leadership Council” since November, along with several state senators, representatives and local elected officials. He also gave $1,000 to Clinton’s campaign in January, according to campaign finance records.

  14. Dan from Georgia says:

    Oh Boy, David Barton! You REALLY don’t get it. Sounds like his counsel flies in the face of “not reluctantly or under compulsion.”

  15. Kevin H says:

    Of course, David Barton doesn’t get it. Well, maybe he does sometimes, but then realizes it would go against his agenda that he has been pushing all these years and so he then just keeps flapping his gums otherwise.

    The funny thing with the tithing issue, as has been pointed out previously by Warren Throckmorton, is that tax records that were made public from a few years back show that Ted Cruz doesn’t tithe. He gave essentially 1% on the hundred of thousands he was making. Yet, you’ve got David Barton, one of Cruz’s biggest supporters, along with Cruz’s well-known pastor father, both teaching that to be a good Christian and to be blessed you have to tithe. And then throw in Glenn Beck into this whole quagmire, who apparently agrees with tithing talk and is also a super supporter of Cruz to the point that he is claiming Cruz is the fulfillment to some Mormon prophecy. So they all think that tithing is of utmost importance to be a good Christian and to be blessed. And they all are ultra-supportive of Cruz for president and believe he is the only hope for this country to be turned around and blessed. Yet Ted Cruz hasn’t tithed, not even close.

    I hate politics.

  16. Just because someone shows 1% on his taxes does not reflect what they may give. I do not write of my donations and contributions on my taxes – in fact I think it is unchristian to do so – give to my church and then take it back from my government. it’s like saying I will give to religious sources and take away from secular folks.

    So, Cruz may be giving 50% and you don’t know.

    Cruz’s dad was speaking in Lake Havasu City 2 weeks ago when I was up there. They should not be allowed to ruin Spring Break that was – Billy Graham’s grandson 3 weeks ago and now a politicians dad. Ruins the party.

  17. Kevin H says:

    I think Cruz has already confirmed that the 1% giving was accurate to what he actually gave to church/ministry/charity/etc. Gave some kind of politician’s answer about not doing things the best in the past but now is a matured man (of course without giving any real details).

  18. KevinH – I really don’t know. I have not watched a single debate – don’t have cable to watch the news guys – heck, the wife and I watch the Good Wife at night and that’s it. I don’t even watch the weather.

    All that said – Clinton whips Trump by a margin similar to Johnson vs Goldwater (although Goldwater was a moderate compared to Trump)

  19. Alan says:

    Re Driscoll and his Sunday night service that wasn’t exactly standing room only (to put it nicely), LOL……LOL.

    Here’s what you need to know about what happened in GA this week. The gestapo NFL threatens to withhold the super bowl, because GA wants to allow pastors the simple right to NOT participate. The same NFL that is about to sign on to play a game in China. Yes, that China where it’s against the law for a gay person to appear on TV.

    Apple also chimed in on GA. The same Apple that does business in Saudi Arabia, where people are executed for being gay.

    Love to see the utter hypocrisy of the left on full display.

  20. Alan says:

    Of course, leave it to the guy from the People’s Republic of California to defend porn. What else would you expect from that “state.”

  21. Michael says:


    Is there no hypocrisy on the right?
    I can show you some if you can’t find any on your own…

    It does no good at all to make those kinds of rants against people who differ…

  22. Em - again says:

    #16 – my late husband and i followed the same thinking (todayi don’t itemize at all), but it occurs to me that, if one itemizes and does claim charity deductions then what one saves in taxes could also be donated …?…

  23. Donner says:

    Re: Tullian, Coy: Scroll down and you’ll see a first person account by “Debbie” who attended both Coral Ridge and Calvary Ft. Lauderdale. She shared how she warned people about Tullian and was scorned for it. Kind of reminds me of the flak that Michael and other bloggers take for exposing unrighteousness.

    Would that we never be caught scorning someone who is speaking the truth about spiritual abuse! And to know truth, we must stay close to the Lord and to His Word.

    Jesus said something about what would happen to those who caused His little ones to stumble. Something about millstones and the sea…

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