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  1. Alan Hawkins says:

    Lots to chew on here..

  2. And second

  3. Jim says:

    I obviously don’t like anything about our current president, except for his ethnicity, as this is historic. I really want to like the current diplomacy w/Iran, and disagree with many of the usual warmonger suspects. Your 1 & 3 are spot on.

  4. Sarah says:

    Lots to think on, yes.

    So incredibly saddened by the pastor Saeed situation.

    Praying and thinking and, sorry, but thrilled that Christmas is nearly upon us. Actually, this year more excited about the whole season of Advent.

    However, will thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving first….and will not be shopping. 😉

  5. Steve Wright says:

    Inexcusable…yes. Inexplicable…not at all.

  6. This is a solid list.

  7. Michael says:

    I supported this President because I believe in universal health care and immigration reform.
    He deported more people in his first term than Bush did in both his terms combined and has been utterly unable or unwilling to pass a reform program.
    The ACA is a train wreck.
    This was the last straw.

  8. Michael says:

    This is another historical mark in American Christianity.
    If we do not organize the loudest protest ever to free this man, then our marginalization will be complete.

  9. Steve Wright says:

    It was confirmed that Saeed’s release was not even part of the discussions in this absolute scandal of a “deal” with Iran.

    If anyone thinks this caving into Iran is not associated with the ACA train wreck and a desperate desire to get the press to talk about something positive in the Obama Administration, then you have not followed politics very long.

    Obama will do ANYTHING, to keep alive the ACA. If that was ever in doubt before, I trust after this Iran fiasco it no longer is.

  10. filbertz says:

    Is your first thought regarding Abedini or the 85-year-old held in N Korea? Our govt’s wimpiness regarding citizens’ travel abroad should give any traveller pause.

    Few Christians today are familiar with CS Lewis beyond his fantasy series Chronicles of Narnia. I agree, he’d be villified by many quarters as too liberal, too educated, too secular.

    We catered a local church’s annual Thanksgiving celebration yesterday and had a grand time. They know how to fellowship! It was a great refreshment to hang with a robust group of believers. Thankfully, they didn’t sing any Christmas carols. 😉

  11. filbertz says:

    It was good practice to ‘carve’ 8 twenty pound turkeys too. I’m ready for Thurdsay…

  12. “Defending pastors on the basis of shared doctrine rather than biblical character is at the root of abuse issues in the church today.” The fact that American discipleship has little concern for the development of genuine, visible, publicly and privately displayed biblical character, concerns me too. The culture is wagging the Church, not the other way around.

  13. 1. I no longer defend Obama at all. I don’t think he’s evil, just terribly incompetent. Little things like leaving “Under God” out of his Gettysburg address reading last week have just zapped all my sympathy for him. God bless him. I hope he finishes strong, but a lot of what he has stood for has made me sick.

    2. Trueman is correct, again. At this point, anyone who extends any credibility to Mark Driscoll is simply caught up in celebrity worship.

    3. He is fairly good looking, but yeah, point well made.

    4. I won’t be shopping on Thanksgiving, but I won’t blame someone for trying to pay the bills, either.

    5. “Last Christmas” By Wham is the worst ever song. Period.

    6. Or, if you are from my neck of the woods, just go outside and shoot one 🙂

    7. Big difference. Author vs. Mega-church pastor. Some people have problems with Lewis’s theology, but he was a great writer. Maybe the best. Warren is not a great writer, is the ultimate example of the celebrity pastor, and has theology problems.

    8. Good stuff. My kids have taught me everything I know.

    9. Yeah, but who IS sure about the answers? That’s kinda the point of faith, right? To have confidence in the things that no one can know for sure? OR…it could be that the questions are upsetting because the one asking is a jerk. Lots of possibilities, really.

    10. That’s probably true. Protect the team, rather than do what’s right, even if it hurts the team. That’s a hard mindset to overcome.

  14. DavidH says:

    Re: #4 – Amen. Black Friday? I’m not going to participate in a mob.

  15. Bob Sweat says:

    “Warren is not a great writer, is the ultimate example of the celebrity pastor, and has theology problems.”

    I wonder if we all have doctrine problems in the eyes of others.

  16. Michael says:

    Over on Facebook I’m suggesting that we organize the largest social media campaign in the history of the church to try to free this man.
    Can I count on your co-operation to help?

  17. Bryan Stupar says:

    #7 True.

    I had an interesting/frustrating conversation with a man yesterday in his 60’s who was visiting our church from Monrovia, CA. In short he was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, was invited to a Harvest Crusade years ago, and got saved…radically so…then joined a CC in that vicinity.

    Apparently the pastor at this CC has a reputation for aggressively “warning” others about Rick Warren AND Greg Laurie, because of his refusal to call down fire on “America’s pastor”.

    This man expressed how frustrating & disheartening it was for him to hear this pastor ban/discourage others from attending the very event used to open his eyes to Jesus, simply because of Greg’s apparent “sin” of calling Rick Warren a brother and NOT a devil.

    Sadly, he likened the condemning rhetoric he heard from this CC pastor to the years of sectarian bondage he experienced within the JW’s.

  18. Bob, yes, we all have differences in doctrine and practice that others would disagree with. I was only pointing out that is only one of the issues with Warren. There are many other issues with him that Lewis would not share.

  19. Ryan Ashton says:

    Thank you for caring about my friend, Saeed. He and his family go to the church I attended in Boise, and I know them personally. It is devastating what has happened. Absolutely devastating.

  20. Bob Sweat says:

    I get tired of the continued singling out of Warren. That is not aimed at you Josh, but the countless others I read. I was pleased that he was on the platform at Chuck’s service. But that’s another issue.

  21. Andy says:

    7. Revile is a wrong and emotionally-charged word to use for disagreement. And that’s all it is. Disagreement. Does every person that names the name of Jesus, have to believe that CS Lewis’ words were wonderful? I disagree with his support of works for salvation (which can’t save), his support for purgatory, his support for ecumencalism. Just as I disagree with Rick Warren on a lot of things. It isn’t “reviling” to disagree with a person. It is sad when disagreement on doctrine is called out as somehow “reviling”.

    10. How a person defines character, is their doctrine. The best behaving pastor that isn’t telling the truth, is doing nothing for the kingdom (he would be just building his own kingdom).

  22. Yes LET’s get together on something that matters. Let’s put our voices together.

  23. Maybe, just maybe this kind of thing can refocus our hearts.

  24. Nonnie says:

    Wow! I agree with each one of these except for number 5. Sorry. I love the Christmas songs that declare the glory of Christ.

  25. Bryan Stupar says:

    Michael, I’ll support whatever attempts there are at helping Pastor Saeed.

  26. All good, Bob. I never see anyone dogging Rick Warren in my little circle. He’s kinda the pope around here 🙂

    I’m all for doing SOMETHING, but if we do, lets make sure it is useful, pointed and has an achievable goal.

  27. Bryan Stupar says:

    Idea…maybe far-fetched but may potentially hit the sweet spot of the economy watching leaders of America. What if we got people to agree to NOT shop on Black Friday as a fast/ creative protest to free Pastor Saeed?

  28. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    the people that supported Obama have no one to blame but themselves, the guy was full of empty catch phrases in his campaign

  29. Michael says:


    That’s a good idea if we had time to mobilize it.
    I have posted my proposal…the largest outpouring on social media ever.
    We will need your help, my friend…

  30. Steve Wright says:

    There is one way, and I believe only one way the American people can force Obama and his Administration to do something about Pastor Saeed.

    Every Christian (or for that matter, American) who voted for the Democrat in your two recent Senate elections needs to write a letter to that Senator and say you will stay home next time unless they fight to get Saeed released. Publicly, vocally, and with a Senate vote.

    If you voted Democrat and the Republican won, then write your letter to the DNC. You can copy Obama but frankly, since he is not running again, it will mean nothing. Better to find a way to copy Hillary Clinton (maybe send it to the Bill Clinton library)

    If you are a registered Democrat, this will have more weight. Challenge them to look up your voting record.

    If you voted for a Republican, and he/she won, then write a similar letter and say you will support any primary challenger at his next election with your vote and wallet, and stay home if he survives the primary challenger. Most Republican incumbents do not yet have a primary challenger, but all fear one.

    If you voted for a Republican but Democrats represent you (like is my case) then write to the RNC and say you will not support any races in other states unless the Republican party in unison stands up to Harry Reid and Obama on this issue.

    There are other creative things one may do. Send $10 to the opposing party’s campaign headquarters and copy the receipt in your letter. Change your party registration and so forth. As you might feel inclined.

    Now… many people think this is Christians being “political” and beneath us as people of the gospel? How many will feel like they “really made a difference” because they hit “share” on a few facebook posts with likeminded people with no actual earthly power.

  31. Michael says:

    I’m a blogger, not a politician…so my expertise is limited to my field.
    I don’t believe there is only one way…so all the ways can be introduced here.

  32. London says:

    Also just to he clear, your voting record does NOT say how you voted. Only how you are registered.

  33. Steve Wright says:

    If you are a registered Democrat, this will have more weight. Challenge them to look up your voting record.
    By voting record, I meant how many elections you bothered to vote in. Which is public.

    Someone like me has voted in every primary and general election since I was legal 28 years ago.

    Yes, who we vote for is secret, but if one is actually registered with a political party, there is usually a 90%+ chance that if one bothered to vote in the election, they voted for their party.

    Most people stay home than vote for someone else, when registered with a specific party. If registered as an Independent, obviously that would be different.

    If someone never can make the effort to bother to vote at all, even if registered, then that too is public record.

  34. London says:


  35. Michael says:

    I shut down the comments on the Saeed thread…it was heading into a spiral and I don’t want to do anything that will hurt instead of help the effort.
    My apologies to all.

  36. Ricky Bobby says:

    The truth has a way of being disruptive.

  37. Michael says:

    I took all comments down.
    That thread is not about you.
    Neither is this one.

  38. Ricky Bobby says:

    you’re right, it’s supposedly about how we need to decry “torture”…and I’d think children rise to a higher level than grown men.

  39. Michael,
    I love this idea. Count me in.

  40. Michael says:


    Thank you!
    We need to move it away from me so every repost and retweet is gold.
    Feel free to copy the text of the article and post it on your own blog or Facebook…

  41. Wow,
    My wife has already heard about this today and it looks like it is blowing up in other forums also.
    Gonna make a link collection.

  42. Ricky Bobby says:

    I support Michael 1000% in his effort. Saeed’s family lives in Boise where I live. I have friends that are their friends. Iran needs to let him go and it’s good to bring the Social Media heat.

    I’ll point out Calvary Chapel’s rank hypocrisy in decrying adult torture while tolerating and not speaking out against child torture by one of their own.

  43. Ricky Bobby says:

    …on my blog.

  44. I have been praying for Saeed for a while now. Signed a lot of petitions over the last year or so.
    It is disappointing the lack of movement we have seen on this.
    I still see Rand Paul tweet about it quite often still.

  45. Michael says:


    That’s awesome!
    Share your collection with us!

  46. Steve Wright says:

    In a brief revision to my post #30 – in my digging around I notice that in the last ten days or so both the Senate and the House have passed by unanimous consent resolutions calling for the immediate release of Pastor Saeed.

    Good for them. Therefore, I have tempered my letter considerably, but still want to make my voice heard – as I would advise all of us – preferably before the Dec 4th social media blitz.

    Here is the letter I will be sending Senator Boxer and Senator Feinstein. I prefer to use snail mail for such correspondence – rather than emails.
    As an American who values religious freedom as one of our greatest national strengths, I write to you today on behalf of Saeed Abedini, who remains imprisoned in Iran. First, thank you, and the U.S. Senate, for your unanimous resolution on November 14th, calling for Pastor Abedini’s immediate release. Whether Democrat or Republican, as Americans we all can unite in opposition to religious persecution, especially when perpetrated overseas against one of our fellow Americans.

    However, I am both shocked and grieved to read of the recent agreement the Obama Administration has made with Iran concerning its nuclear program. While I may not be in an educated position to discuss the details and merits of this agreement, my specific concern is that our nation would agree to any such deal apart from negotiating the specific release of Pastor Abedini. Although the agreement speaks to the humanitarian needs of the Iranian people, I must ask about the silence as to the humanitarian need of our countryman. The agreement contains many promises from Iran. The release of Pastor Abedini would be a clear demonstration of goodwill to support such promises, one for which I believe the United States should insist. It upsets me greatly that President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry did not do so.

    I believe the U.S. Government must continue to pressure Iran to release this man. As one of your constituents I am writing to ask you to speak to Majority Leader Reid, to bring the power of the United States Senate against Iran and its leaders until Pastor Abedini is given his freedom. Despite the significant differences between the two parties on most issues, I am sure that the Republicans in the Senate will again join Senator Reid and the Democrats in bipartisan fashion for this cause, as was seen some two weeks ago.

    Thank you for your time and consideration. I will be watching the news closely to see if Senator Reid leads an effort for freedom for this innocent American citizen.

    Steve Wright

  47. Anne says:

    Abedeni not the only American being held in Iran.
    I am skeptical that freedom for either/both won’t happen until US does trade w/ two Iranian prisoners held here.

  48. Michael says:

    We can’t let skepticism keep us from trying.
    We can use both avenues and see what God does.

  49. I am for the release of political prisoners … all of them. But this is just something that comes home to roost in our hen house.

    How many secret prisons do we have around the world, holding unidentified foreign nationals – that we hold for our own damn good reasons.

    And we dare show indignation when one of ours is trapped in a similar situation. LOL at us.

  50. I like that one Steve.
    Glad to see Congress speaking out.

    Mind if I borrow and edit just a bit for my own local congress critters?

    I wrote my Senators and Reps about this in South Dakota, but I need to write the ones in Mississippi now that I am back here.

  51. Never mind, Steve. THanks for the inspiration though.
    I started writing one that closely expresses my own heart on the matter.

  52. Ricky Bobby says:

    I’m not affiliated with Calvary Chapel and I’m 100% independent of them, but I will use my blog on December 4th to call for justice for Saeed and his family even though I should just leave it to God and get a life or something.

  53. RB,
    You just want to get him back here so you can tax him. 😉

  54. Jim says:

    With Iran trending #1 right now on twitter and google news, the story is hot right now, mainly through the fox news article. Adding “hashtag #freesaeed on December 4” in the comments can’t hurt.

  55. Here is what I am writing to my Senators:

    Dear Senator Wicker,
    As a concerned constituent, I felt it needful to write to you on a matter.

    Persecution of Christians around the globe is a matter that is always close to my heart. I sign every petition that I am made aware of and I try to support them with monetary assistance through a variety of organizations.
    That is why a certain situation has greatly distressed me.
    Pastor Saeed Abedini has been detained and held in prison in Iran since the summer of 2012.

    Saeed Abedini is not only a Chrisitian, but is also an American citizen

    On Nov. 14, 2013, the US Senate passed a unanimous resolution calling for the release of Saeed Abedini from Iranian prison. But, it has recently been shown that while negotiating a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons, this resolution was not given any weight in negotiations and was ignored.
    It is my opinion, that the US Senate needs to pressure the Executive Branch to honor this joint resolution and secure the release of Saeed.
    Religious freedom is a something that we, as Americans take for granted often, but this is not so around the world. We should always advocate on behalf of this.
    To steal from Paul the apostle though, Pastor Abedini is a “citizen of no mean city”. Does American citizenship mean nothing anymore? If to no one else, it should mean something to the President and Congress.
    I therefore urge you to pressure the leadership in the Senate to press President Obama for Saeed’s release and repatriation.

    Thank you.

    Oh, and a link to the resolution.

  56. Michael says:


    I tried and they removed it.
    The story to me so far is how many have chosen not to post it or have removed it when I posted it myself.

  57. #55 Jim, is just one of the reasons I hope that man runs for President.
    He is a strong advocate against Christian persecution.

  58. Ricky Bobby says:

    Rand Paul is the only potential candidate on the political horizon that I can support at this time. It’s a pretty thin field as usual. A room full of midgets and I’m tired of picking the tallest midget in the room.

  59. Erek says:

    Its egregious that any one that names the name of Christ, would have voted for Obama.
    Its another proof positive of the state of affairs in the church in america. That from super star pastor like Warren to a blogger PP, to the other nameless and faceless sheep. Got swept away in the ground swell of delusion. To wake from there slumber, to the reality, voted for a person who is being used by the enemy against the church of the Lord Jesus. Who hath bewitched you!

  60. Michael says:


    If I made you up people wouldn’t believe me…

  61. A verse appropriate to the cause:

    Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body. (Hebrews 13:3, ESV)

  62. Was looking at some of the comments on FB on one of the threads started about this and realized something.
    I have been involved in petitions and social media things before for persecuted Christians. It is heartening when one turns out to actually free a prisoner.
    But, we all need to be ready to realize that God might have other plans.
    Look how Paul and Peter’s respective imprisonments turned out.
    It could be that this whole thing is not to show us in America how our prayers change things or how powerful our voice can be.
    It could be that is all aimed to convert people in the Middle East who are looking on, or to strengthen believers there.
    In fact, I would personally believe the latter to be probably closer to the real reason.

    None of what I said should be construed as defeatist. I still say speak out on this. I just realize that the solution I might want might not be the one that God wants. But, speaking out on this brings it more to the world’s attention and puts the Lord at the forefront.

    Just some thoughts.

  63. brian says:

    Michael Moore and Ralph Nader write in candidates myself, then I scratched it out and wrote in Roseanne Barr.



  64. Nonnie says:

    Michael’s 61……LOL!

  65. Derek,

    That being said… get busy

  66. Ricky Bobby says:

    I’ve been praying about it, and I think I’ll take Chuck Smith’s advice and just leave it to the Lord and let God handle it.

  67. Ricky Bobby says:

    Such duplicity and cognitive dissonance in Christianland. I don’t see it listed in the book, but I’m beginning to think that delusion and hypocrisy is a fruit of the spirit.

  68. Steve Wright says:

    Derek, if I was writing to conservative Mississippi Republican senators, rather than liberal California Democrat senators, my letter would look different.

    That said, freedom is the goal, the tongue must be bridled. More flies with honey than vinegar….etc. And frankly, the Senate is not to blame.

    The Senate is apparently not happy with this Iran deal, both sides, so Pastor Saeed may be the issue that gives them the excuse to lean on the President. Even from his own party.

  69. Ricky Bobby says:

    I’ve sent letters already on Saeed’s behalf, but our politicians here in Idaho are very much pushing for his release as Saeed is from their state.

    I think I’ll send two letters, one to the white house and one to Calvary Chapel Association. I’ll ask both for justice in a torture situations, one and adult, the other children.

    I’m guessing I’ll have better luck with the white house…

  70. Trust me Steve, their vote on the Amash Amendment, where they voted against supporting the Fourth Amendment made me angry and I praised a liberal Representative in our state for his vote for it.
    Hope it does give the Senate an excuse and leverage.

  71. stu says:

    “My favorite Christmas song? Why don’t you just ask about my favorite dental procedure?”

    I’ve been offering Thanksgiving carols. Why not join in? You can start with Go Shoot it on the Mountain.

  72. stu says:

    “9. If questions about your faith upset you, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re not sure about your answers…”

    …or about myself.

  73. Ricky Bobby says:

    Iran should sue Saeed’s family and Calvary Chapel for defamation for them saying he’s been tortured.

  74. Steve Wright says:

    Derek (and anyone else) if you choose to use snail mail, make sure to send the letter to a local office and NOT to the Washington D.C. office as the latter takes weeks to process mail.

  75. RB, the Anti-Saeed. How helpful.

  76. Ricky Bobby says:

    Steve, why so passionate about an injustice that doesn’t have to do with your local Calvary Chapel? I thought you have your own problems and your own flock to deal with blah, blah, blah?

  77. Ricky Bobby says:

    Derek, I’m all about the Saeed stuff. I’ve written letters, ranted, sent money etc etc. He’s from my area. I just don’t like Child Torture in CC and I don’t like that Calvary Chapel can find the righteous indignation to “Save Saeed!” but not deal with Child Torture in their ranks.

  78. Whatevs.

    Look everyone, pay attention to me is all I hear. What a baby!

  79. stu says:

    The soap box has no soap.

  80. Ricky Bobby says:

    Well, all I hear is “Stop the torture of a CC pastor!” but “Get a life!” when one of theirs tortured children.

  81. Ricky Bobby says:

    Derek, why are you crying about Saeed then? What a baby?

  82. Uh, is that the best you can come up with.
    Dude, you are such a troll on here now.

  83. Ricky Bobby says:

    The truth is the truth whether you name call, act dismissive, ignore it or not.

    BTW, I guess Chuck Smith’s “touch not god’s anointed” isn’t working on Iran either. They just brokered a sweet deal with the 0bama and are riding high. Maybe they should rough up Saeed some more.

  84. Muff Potter says:

    Martin Luther’s Disciple wrote @ # 49,

    How many secret prisons do we have around the world, holding unidentified foreign nationals – that we hold for our own damn good reasons.

    The Obama administration could advance a token of good faith by closing down Guantanamo and letting those men go home to their families and loved ones. Guantanamo doesn’t make us any safer from terror than drone strikes do on peasant farmers scratching a meager living from the soil.
    In my opinion, it might go a long way in securing the release of Saeed.

  85. I would love to stay on here and listen to RB’s witty repartee, but I need to get some sleep before I work tomorrow.
    Don’t repeat yourself too much or capitalize too many words, ya hear?

  86. Ricky Bobby says:

    Hmmm, Saeed’s been in Iranian prison how long? Maybe the Chuck Curse blow-back got him too.

    Chuck got the cancer, BG’s right hand man is seriously ill, Sharon Ries got the cancer and Saeed went to Iranian prison.

  87. Ricky Bobby says:

    G’nite Derek. I love the beard btw. If my wife would let me, I’d so do it.

  88. The calm Bob says:


    “Such duplicity and cognitive dissonance in Christianland. I don’t see it listed in the book, but I’m beginning to think that delusion and hypocrisy is a fruit of the spirit.”

    Reading your rants I would say you ended both your “fasts.”

  89. brian says:

    Pastor Saeed was over there starting or helping with orphanages I think. He had come over several times. The prison he is in is an awful place and he was beaten very badly several times. I think we could just say, hey we will let out people from our prisons in Guantanamo for him. It could be a backdoor deal and everyone gets to save face. Getting him out should be of prime concern.

  90. erunner says:

    The story of Saeed transcends the church he attends. I had heard about him and then learned he’s from my brother’s church in Idaho. He represents all believers who are being held and tortured strictly because of their faith.

    Through the years certain stories capture the attention of the nation and the subjects of those stories become “the face” of all of those who suffered in the same way.

    I have no problem with Anne Frank, Elie Wiesel and Corrie Ten Boom becoming faces of the holocaust all for different reasons who represent so many others.

    I’m sure there are many who have suffered more than Saeed even to the point of martyrdom because they would not renounce our Saviour.

    I would love to see Jesse Jackson head to Iran to secure Saeed’s release. If Dennis Rodman could do it I’d love to see him go as well…..

    I pray he is released and reunited with his family.

  91. brian says:

    I have very little following on my media lol. I get unfriended a few times or just ignored but I figured he was worth it which he is. I rant at them like I do here. I am just a broken soul trying to find my way home. I blabber a lot, exaggerate, and rant. But this man needs to be home for the holidays. I love RB and I get his points, I am sure he does pray for Pastor Saeed’s return, I would bet my life on that knowing him. But we need to get this man home, what a gift that would be, what a gift to his family. Seems like a sort of Gospel type thing.

  92. Kid Dynomite says:

    the lord is good

  93. stu says:

    Our president keeps showing his true colors. He is a traitor to our country as well as to individuals.

  94. Ricky Bobby says:

    “the lord is good”

    Depends on which version you believe in. The Old Testament “Lord” who commanded the slaughter of children and infants and execution of rebellious children with stones etc etc, not “good”.

    The “Lord” of the New Testament who says “Love your enemies” and “Love your neighbor” is “good”.

    The “Lord” who comes with a sword in Revelation and slaughters and conquers until the blood is bridle high and then casts most of humanity to torture in hell forever…not “good”.

  95. Ricky Bobby says:

    And, to pre-empt the Fallacious “you say the same thing over and over”

    …well you all keep saying over and over and over and over and over and over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and overand over and over…

    “the Lord is good”

    …so I respond with another viewpoint over and over.

    If you don’t like repetition, then quit repeating your nonsense all the time and I’ll quit disagreeing when I see it. Just say, “Well I don’t know” and then I’ll agree with you.

  96. stu says:

    I agree with RB this time. RB doesn’t know.

  97. The Old Testament Lord is very good. Exceedingly good. Great beyond measure. The God who commanded the execution of entire groups of people and their livestock is good. Loving. Merciful.

  98. Jim says:

    God is good.

  99. PP Vet says:

    Stu, you need to give Obama a break. He did just get a deal with Iran.

    In fact, he told the Iranians, “If you like your uranium, you can keep it.”

  100. Ricky Bobby says:

    Well, they maybe Iran’s God is good, as well as the Taliban’s. Why is their God “evil” then? Or do you think Islam’s God is “good” too?

  101. Islam’s God is non-existent.

  102. Ricky Bobby says:

    “Islam’s God is non-existent.”

    So, Josh, you are an Atheist? You know for sure Islam’s God doesn’t exist?

  103. Jim says:

    Their god is no God at all. My God is the true and living God, and He is good.

  104. No, silly. I am a Christian. I believe in One God. The God of Islam is not a God at all. THis is simple! 🙂

  105. Ricky Bobby says:

    Oh, OK, you’re an Atheist for everyone else’s God, except your version.

  106. Solomon Rodriguez says:

    Only one God, all other claims by the various Religions of the World are False

  107. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, what if there is one God, one deity…and everyone’s really believing in that one, they just don’t see clearly enough to know the difference? Native American “Great Spirit”, Islam “Allah”, Christian “Jesus”, Jewish “Jehovah” etc etc?

    Is it “Faith” or is it “correct understanding of doctrine” that saves you? Remind me again…

  108. Jim says:

    It’s faith in the true and living God. You can place a stick in your yard and worship it with full faith. It will all be in vain. The One in Whom we place our faith saves us, through the gift of faith.

  109. Jim says:

    Because He is good.

  110. Ricky Bobby says:

    OK, Jim. Sounds reasonable. Then what must I believe as “correct doctrine” in addition to Faith to be saved?

  111. Jim says:


    You already know the answers to your questions. You already know that God is good.

  112. “Is it “Faith” or is it “correct understanding of doctrine” that saves you?”

    It is Jesus who saves. Period.

    I wasn’t trying to debate you, my confused friend, I just wanted to make it clear for any readers that I don’t agree with your multiple god heresy.

    Proceed 🙂

  113. Ricky Bobby says:

    Jim, I don’t have a good answer for that question, which is why I keep asking it. I’m all ears, but the Christian* faith has some big giant disconnects and contradictions. I am not so sure as I was at one time. I believe there is a higher probability that God “is” in some form…but the Christian* fundamentalist construct, when closely examined, self-contradicts in many areas.

  114. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh said, “It is Jesus who saves. Period.”

    Mormons believe in Jesus. They believe he is the Redeemer and Savior. So they’re Christians* too right?

    Catholic Jesus saves?

  115. One Jesus, the Real Jesus, saves.

    I do not know the eternal destiny of any man’s soul. I have assurance about my own salvation, and you can have that same assurance…but it only comes from Jesus.

  116. Ricky Bobby says:

    Doesn’t seem that ‘Jesus saves’ at all…seems it is what you tell me the “correct understanding and correct doctrine of what we say Jesus really is” that saves you. Not faith at all. It is you interpreting what the bible says and telling others what is and isn’t correct about what to have Faith in instead of just having Faith in Jesus or God and not really knowing what all the particulars are about both of them.

    I have Faith in “God”…I just don’t know what perfect doctrine Jesus looks like.

  117. Funny, my statement was simple. You had to translate it to get what you want. My statement stands, Jesus Saves.

    That is good for me, Ricky Bobby, Mormons, and Muslims.

    Jesus Saves. Period.

  118. Ricky Bobby says:

    Jesus saves. OK, I guess Mormons and Catholics and anyone who claims Jesus in some capacity is in according to Josh. Well, that’s a bit closer to Universalism.

  119. Anne says:

    My heart weeps for Pastor Abedini, his family and all those who love them. The timing of the media and public uproar, a year after his imprisonment, seems to be getting traction now however so as to stoke political division as negotiations between Iran, the US and other countries have progressed. Israel is fuming. Congress is already working to block the lifting of sanctions and impose more. If the attention helps secure Abedini’s freedom and return him home to his loved ones, I will rejoice. However, I cannot rejoice over politicans, using this trajedy to beef up their agendas. Obama was in secret talks with Iran before the recent public developments. Our state department and other human rights agencies have teams that have been working tirelessly behind the scenes on trying to secure his freedom from the beginning – as they do on behalf of american citizens imprisoned all over the world. My heart also goes out to the octogenarian detained in NK and his family. The wheels of justice turn so slowly in these cases. Just as they do right here at home for our own citizens who whether guilty or innocent get caught in the legal system. When the legal system gets compounded by global politics …. what a clustermuck 🙁

  120. Funny how you can’t quote me on any of that, but oh well, That’s Ricky for you.

    Jesus Saves. And God is good.

    Who gets into heaven and hell is not my choice, but God is good and He has provided the Way for salvation. Jesus is the Way.

  121. Jim says:

    I’m good sticking with the NT, as at this time, God has chosen to reveal Himself to us through Jesus. I don’t live in BC Israel, so I don’t concern myself with how God dealt with them. I’m certainly in no position to judge the creator of the universe, and knowing that He is good, I’m fine with Him doing whatever He chose to do.

    To answer RB’s question, look to the Jesus in the new testament.

    God is good.

  122. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh said, “Jesus is the Way.”

    Which Jesus? You seemed to say “Simple, just Jesus” and then you cringe and seem to add a bunch of asterisks and caveats after the fact.

    Jesus in the new testament, I would narrow to Jesus in the Gospels. The dude in Revelation with the Sword on the horse killing all those people with blood spurting everywhere…maybe not so much…unless Jesus comes back and slaughters all the hypocrites in Calvary Chapel…then I might be on board with that Jesus LOL.

  123. “You seemed to say “Simple, just Jesus” and then you cringe and seem to add a bunch of asterisks and caveats after the fact.”

    I did? Hmm. I thought I kept saying Jesus Saves.

    “Jesus in the new testament, I would narrow to Jesus in the Gospels. The dude in Revelation with the Sword on the horse killing all those people with blood spurting everywhere…maybe not so much…unless Jesus comes back and slaughters all the hypocrites in Calvary Chapel…then I might be on board with that Jesus LOL.”

    We simply believe in different gods, Ricky. I hope you faith serves you well. I won’t be shaken from mine, and you seem more convinced of yours than anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve got friends from different faiths and no faith at all. We don’t continue banging our heads together. They serve their god, and I serve mine. You and I can do the same.

  124. Jim says:

    I don’t read Revelation either, so we’ll be in the same boat.

    God is good.

  125. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, in one breath you don’t put a stake in the ground and simply say “Jesus saves”…well then I’m in. Then you say I don’t believe in the same Jesus as you do…and I’m out. Which is the point I was making about your particular Belief System in the first place: It’s “Faith” + Doctrinally Correct My Perfect Interpretation of Who the “REAL” Jesus is.

    Thanks for illustrating and demonstrating that cognitive dissonance and duplicity in real time.

  126. You have trouble understanding, buddy. Jesus does save. I don’t know if you are going to heaven or not. Not my place, I’ve said it over and again. YOU are the one who rejects my God. You call Him Fundamentalist Christian Jesus or something like that.

    So, I’ll ask you: Do you believe in the same God that I do? Fundy Christian Jesus?

  127. Ricky Bobby says:

    No Josh, I have no clue as to who your version of God is when you simply say “Jesus saves” and then run from further telling me what your “real Jesus” is so I can make sure I have all the “correct understandings” checked off to make sure I can be saved like you are saying.

    Give me your detailed check list so I can know that I am believing in the “right” Jesus.

  128. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, you said you are “sure” you are saved…so you must have reasons for believing that…what is the check-list of stuff that makes you so sure? I’d like to know so I can be that sure as well.

  129. Ricky Bobby says:

    Is it just a gut feeling you have? Or, is there a bunch of stuff you believe is “the correct understanding” and necessarily actions you’ve taken to be so assured of your saved-ness?

    Or do you just have a “feeling” b/c you believe in some nebulous “Jesus saves” but with no real specifics beyond that…

  130. “I have assurance about my own salvation, and you can have that same assurance…but it only comes from Jesus.”

    I’ll just quote myself in answer to your question. About the list, I don’t have one. Only Jesus has the keys to salvation. Got to Him. He will let you in. He will give you assurance. (which is different from simply saying “sure”). But those things will never come from any answer that I can give you, they can only come from God.

  131. Anne says:

    From earlier this month:

    “President Obama boldly took the opportunity to bring up Pastor Saeed’s name in the first phone conversation between our respective presidents since 1979.
    There was hope that this conversation would lead to his immediate release as Iran sought to show the world that it was changing, as Iran’s new President Hassan Rouhani asserted himself as a moderate.
    However, this week opponents of freedom took the streets for a “Grand Day of Death to America” on the anniversary of the takeover of the U.S. Embassy in 1979.
    It is critical that President Obama renew his efforts with Iran and take immediate and decisive diplomatic action. Hope is far from extinguished.”

    POTUS is not unaware or uncaring about this situation as much of the rhetoric on the internet implies. As a left leaning centrist many of his actions and policies have been disappointing to me. This is not one of them. As I stated in my earlier post, I believe many are working behind the scenes with as much lies within them to resolve this situation. Sadly in regard to the overall sanctions/nuclear policy negotiations, Saeed’s safety and freedom cannot be the only mitigating factor, no matter how much we or even the president wishes otherwise.

  132. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, which Jesus do I go to? There are so many. You are being nebulous and non-specific again which is my point LOL.

  133. “Is it just a gut feeling you have?”

    Nah, mostly it comes from God’s Word, but as you reject most of that…I’m not sure for you. Sorry man. You reject my answers. I’m OK with that, but it doesn’t shake my faith in the slightest. You aren’t the first, the meanest, the coolest, or the smartest person to disagree with my Faith. It’ll be alright.

  134. “Josh, which Jesus do I go to?”

    There is one Jesus, as I have said multiple times. Go to Him. I am sure that Jesus is here with me in Charlotte, NC right now. Come hang out with us. Or, He can be there with you as well. He can be anywhere and everywhere all at once.

  135. Ricky Bobby says:

    “There is one Jesus”

    OK, so there is one “correct” and “real” Jesus…what does he look like, can you describe him? I want to make sure I have the correct one…there are so many different versions out there.

    Did your Jesus, the one you say you hang with there in NC, was he the Jesus that told the Hebrews to slaughter the Amalekite women, children and infants? Or is that someone else’s Jesus that I need to avoid….

  136. “Did your Jesus, the one you say you hang with there in NC, was he the Jesus that told the Hebrews to slaughter the Amalekite women, children and infants? Or is that someone else’s Jesus that I need to avoid….”

    Yes! That’s the one! Is He the one you believe in?

  137. Ricky Bobby says:

    No, I don’t believe that Jesus ordered the Hebrews to slaughter the Amalekite women, children, infants and animals.

    I believe in the Jesus who said, “Love your neighbor” and “Love your enemies”.

  138. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, I think you worship a False Jesus who does evil.

  139. So, you are saying we believe in different Gods, which I said, and you objected to.

    Yes, I believe in one God. The God of the Old Testament, New TEstament, Paul’s letters, and REvelation. I believe it all.

    You do not. We have established that now.

  140. “Josh, I think you worship a False Jesus who does evil.”

    And, by definition, that is blasphemy. But you don’t care about such things.

    I’ll keep worshipping Jesus. You call it whatever you like.

  141. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, you’ve established that you believe in a Bi-Polar Jesus.

    One Jesus who kills and slaughters his enemies…and another Jesus who loves his enemies.

    I simply pick the Jesus in your bible that is the Good Jesus and reject the evil one.

  142. Ok. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I’ll stick with Jesus. Thanks ! 🙂

  143. Ricky Bobby says:

    You’ll stick with the Bi-Polar Jesus that slaughters his enemies and tortures them in hell forever. Good to know. I’ll try to avoid your version of the False Jesus and try not to torture and kill my enemies, but try to love them instead.

  144. Ricky Bobby says:

    …but maybe your Slaughter the Enemy Jesus is a better fit. There are times I’d like to smite my enemies good, just like your Jesus.

  145. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh said, “And, by definition, that is blasphemy. But you don’t care about such things.”

    You’re the one who says Jesus is Evil and does evil things…which I would think is much more blasphemous if God is “good” and “love”.

  146. I’m sorry you have such a tough time understanding, RB. I think you are capable of understanding, but you really will have to take it to the Lord. Nothing anyone else can do for you.

  147. “You’re the one who says Jesus is Evil”

    Ricky, this has been a good conversation, but I’m going to have to ask you not to attribute things to me that I did not say. Quote me if you like, but please don’t attribute such vile garbage to me. My name is on this. I say what I mean. Don’t make up lies about me, please.

  148. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, you said that Jesus told the Hebrews to slaughter women, children, infants and animals. Is that “good” or “evil”? Why or why not?

  149. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, if I tell someone to slaughter women, children, infants and animals, am I being “good” or “evil”?

  150. Ricky Bobby says:

    John Piper is at least honest about his version of Jesus…he comes right out and says, “well, yes, Jesus did that evil stuff, stuff that is evil if you or I do it…but he’s Jesus and he can do whatever he wants even if it’s evil for us to do”.

  151. “if I tell”

    Ah, I see the confusion here. You think you should be entitled to do everything God has ever done. I don’t.

    God is good. God is incapable of evil. Your perception of God doing evil is simply a misunderstanding on your part. Don’t feel bad, there will always be things that we don’t understand…because we are not God.

  152. Ricky Bobby says:

    “God is good. God is incapable of evil.”

    Then you deny that Jesus told the Hebrews to slaughter women, children, infants and animals?

    …but I thought you said earlier that you believe that Jesus was the God of the OT that commanded the Hebrews to do that. Now you’ve really got me confused.

  153. Where have I been dishonest? Why can’t you have a conversation without accusing me of such things?

  154. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, you are more of a Relativist than any Atheist i’ve ever encountered LOL. There is no Absolute with you. Evil can be good and good can be evil depending on whether you believe your version of Jesus is behind it or not. That is very cult-like and how Jim Jones justified his evil actions.

  155. Ricky Bobby says:

    Absolute Truth: Slaughtering all the women, children, infants and animals of a particular People-Group, i.e. Genocide…is “Evil” and not “Good”

    Josh’s Relative Truth: ….unless Jesus told you to do it, then it’s “Good”.

  156. “Then you deny that Jesus told the Hebrews to slaughter women, children, infants and animals?”

    No! I just deny that it was evil.

  157. Ricky Bobby says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to point out the differences in our Belief Systems. This is such good and valuable stuff.

  158. You want to define what is good and evil. I let God do that.

  159. Ricky Bobby says:

    Is Genocide good? Is that what you believe God has defined?

  160. @ 158 – I agree. Which is what I said earlier @ 124, and you took offense.

    We simply believe in different Gods. I love my God very much. I’m sticking with Him.

  161. Ricky Bobby says:

    If so, how do you know what Hitler was doing was “evil”…maybe God told him to do it?

  162. You ever read about Hitler in the Bible?

  163. Ricky Bobby says:

    How do you know Jim Jones and what he did was “evil”? Maybe God told him to do that stuff too.

    Your Belief System asserts that Evil can be Good if God tells you to do it.

  164. You read about Jim Jones in the Bible?

  165. Sola Scriptura, my friend!

  166. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, I read the actions and commands. Your Belief System is self-contradicting and you are forced to Relativize the definition of both “Good” and “Evil” with a major caveat that something that is clearly “Evil” is “Good” if God told you to do it. Very dangerous mindset which has led to Evil propagated by Churches and Religious Leaders throughout man’s history.

    You are part of the Problem. Your Relativism and “well if God does it and commands it, then Evil is really Good” is very very dangerous.

  167. You misunderstand, buddy. I pray that God gives you understanding.

  168. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, your (and many Evangelicals who hold the same/similar Belief System) are the core Problem.

    You continue to propagate the “Well Evil is Good if God commands it” philosophy rather than presenting Moral Absolutes that we should all be able to agree on: Genocide is Evil and never Good.

    Your mindset and caveats is why we have Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler and so many others in history. “Well God told me!” Very cultish and dangerous. It should be stopped.

  169. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, if the Jesus you hang with in NC tells you to kill some women and children, tell him “No, that’s evil” OK?

  170. OK, Ricky. Feel free to picket my church.

  171. Hey Ricky, read my 163, 165, and 166. I think you must have missed them.

  172. Ricky Bobby says:

    Josh, sharing my dissenting opinion and articulating my Belief System and contrasting it to yours is my picketing. Those who have ears, I hope they hear.

  173. Cool, me too.

  174. Ricky Bobby says:

    Looks like Michael will probably ban me soon and/or heavily censor me, so the Group Think and preaching to the choir will probably resume shortly so don’t get your panties in a ruffle.

  175. Who, me? I thought I was having a conversation with you?

  176. Ricky Bobby says:

    Offline Josh. I am being pressured to conform and not speak my mind and being blamed that doing so is “hating” and “trashing” and destroying the blog etc. when in fact, the numbers are fine, traffic is up, there’s a book deal in the works, many have come over from my blog and comment and read here, Julie Anne was introduced here through me, TWW same, etc etc.

    The anti-RB narrative gets old. It isn’t supported by the facts and data. It may torque 20 or so of the regulars, but it hasn’t affected the numbers and the larger broader platform Michael’s been given, not in the least. I have many friends, Atheists etc who read here b/c of me. Many former CCV’ers, many CC abuse folks etc.

    The statements are made that you guys have well-thought-out Belief Systems, SOLID Theology and are so “Assured” about everything and that you have the “correct way!” and that we should listen to you.

    Well, I’ve got legit questions and I point out stuff that is valid and true and the 20 or so cry foul and want to burn me at the stake, which is typical Christian*.

    If you have the truth, then you should be able to present it and defend it. You don’t seem to be able to do that w/o crying and whining and then running for cover.

  177. When have I cried and whined? I’ve been right here. You don’t agree with me, and that’s fine, but I haven’t shied from the truth for a moment.

  178. Ricky Bobby says:

    Michael’s having a melt-down offline. I’ll leave. It’s b.s. but I’ll succumb to the manipulation. Enjoy the echo chamber and Group Think.

  179. “The statements are made that you guys have well-thought-out Belief Systems,”

    I do, but that may not be a good thing. The best of human thought is riddled with error.

    “SOLID Theology”

    I don’t even know what that is.

    “and are so “Assured” about everything”

    I have assurance of my salvation. I certainly didn’t say “everything”.

    ” and that you have the “correct way!””

    I don’t have any way. I have stated that Jesus is THE Way.

    “and that we should listen to you.”

    I have absolutely never said that. You should listen to God, for sure. I have nothing new to offer.

    “Well, I’ve got legit questions”

    Well, ask away. Lets start with one question, not a barrage, and we won’t change the subject until; you feel that your question has been sufficiently answered. I’m game!

  180. Kevin H says:


    Much better! 🙂

  181. Anne says:

    RB: your behavior reminds me so much of abused foster kids I used to work with. One of the hardest behaviors for them to overcome was persisting in inappropriate behavior and lashing out at foster parents and relatives who tried to help them, stand by them, then declare those helpers just like “all the others” when the kids faced the consequences of their own negative behavior. Was too common and sad…beyond words. You feeling the need to post #182 fills me with such sadness for both you and Michael.

  182. Anne says:

    The #182 I referred to has been deleted. Rightfully so.

  183. Anne says:

    Well, more proof i’m slowly losing mind. It is still there 🙁

  184. Anne says:

    😯 Now gone. They’re coming to take me away, ha, ha, hee, hee. ho, ho….

  185. stu says:

    “Josh, what if there is one God, one deity…and everyone’s really believing in that one, they just don’t see clearly enough to know the difference? Native American “Great Spirit”, Islam “Allah”, Christian “Jesus”, Jewish “Jehovah” etc etc?

    Is it “Faith” or is it “correct understanding of doctrine” that saves you? Remind me again…”

    This is the voice of the enemy of our eternal souls. The voice of the enemy of God.

  186. Scott says:

    Regarding #185, I’m sure you were fully aware RB wouldn’t think twice about publishing private email exchanges. Burn me once, shame on me. We all know the rest of the old addage.

  187. Scott says:

    Burn me once shame on you. Burn me twice, shame on me I meant.

  188. Michael says:

    We have resolved this…we move on.

  189. Scott got all George W. on that one 🙂

  190. stu says:

    Burn me once I’m in the burn unit. Burn me twice I’m in there next to Bush.

  191. Steve Wright says:

    And the burning bush is the voice of God as found in the Old Testament.

    (see..I brought it full circle)

  192. stu says:

    Good one Steve!! (From the guy next to the burning Bush.) 😉

  193. Ricky Bobby says:

    And the good and loving God of Calvary Chapel burns his enemies in hell forever 😉

    …now that’s full circle.

  194. stu says:

    There’s a fly in here…

  195. Open24Hours says:

    Plenty of room on your own blog to post your thoughts. Here you are invasive, and you enjoy empowering yourself by it. People here plead with you to stop. But only the abusive kind ignores or mocks the pleas of the abused, and continues to dish it out to them, because only the abuser knows what these poor saps “really need” to hear or feel. Don’t you know all about that? Why become what you hate?

  196. stu says:

    And Michael is the enabler.

  197. Michael says:

    Let’s move on.
    That’s not a suggestion…

  198. The twitter account of the President of Iran.
    Shower him with messages, but be nice.
    Make sure to hashtag it #freesaeed

    My own twitter account is here;

  199. Bob's had enough says:

    RB aka AG:

    It seems that after all the comments here and in private that you don’t get it. It’s not about opinions or even disagreements with yours, it’s about you and how you present yourself.

    You aren’t the only “intelligent” voice in the world and you most definitely won’t be the last. Many of those who post here probably have a greater education, experience and most likely have debated with others who hold similar opinions to you. The difference is you can’t see in the mirror or actually listen to yourself and continually abuse others through your diatribes of self-aggrandize opinions and positions.

    You have taken two sites one designed to help CC fallout and the other, yours, to prey on those who have been abused by the CC family of preachers.

    One amazing instruction, from the God you mock, occurring throughout the entire bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is the theme to help the weak, the orphans and the widows. You sir have mocked this instruction and actually prey on these people and rather than relive their angst you have multiplied it.

    Michael is right, enough! You need help; no you need to repent!

  200. Ricky Bobby says:

    Bob, I disagree. What do you propose should be done? Disaffiliate me? You seem to be OK with public rebuke…of someone that is not a fellow pastor/elder and church-goer of yours…

  201. Ricky Bobby says:

    “One amazing instruction, from the God you mock, occurring throughout the entire bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is the theme to help the weak, the orphans and the widows. You sir have mocked this instruction and actually prey on these people and rather than relive their angst you have multiplied it.”

    Horse manure. You live in a delusional universe.

    I am standing up for the weak and standing up to the powerful. CC and other churches often turn a blind eye and deaf ear to issues of child abuse and pastoral abuse…but can champion a Saeed (fellow pastor’s abuse).

    You can’t hang with the other theological/philosophical discussions, so you cry foul. It’s a sign of insecurity. When you can’t win the argument the knee-jerk result is to name-call “bully!” etc. Real bullies beat up children. I don’t beat up children. Bob, are you a child?

  202. brian says:

    “9. If questions about your faith upset you, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re not sure about your answers…”

    This hit home and it was what almost caused me to just walk away. I won’t mention what some of the questions and non answers I got because it has been discussed at length. Actually Michael I have been online and there are people who loath CS Lewis and have consigned him to the darkest pits of hell set aside for people like him what ever that is supposed to mean.

  203. stu says:

    “Horse manure. You live in a delusional universe.”

    Wish I could say that.

  204. filbertz says:

    you did, sort of… 😉

    delusional universe is a bit of an exaggeration, though. Perhaps delusional neighborhood, or delusional apartment complex would suffice. Horse manure is proportionally accurate, in my view.

  205. stu says:

    I did but not directed at anyone.

  206. filbertz says:

    details, details. 😉

  207. brian says:

    ” You need help; no you need to repent!”

    This has nothing to do with the thread but this part struck me, the first part, from my personal experience which I admit is marred through many years of hurt, pain and self injurious behavior (in a spiritual and emotional sense on my part for which I alone am responsible), is reprehensible. The fact that I need help, it was made clear to me again filtered through the above caveat, that a Christian should never ever ever no matter what ever need to do such a horrid thing. Need help. The second one I also struggle with, “I need to repent”. Yes I do and I try daily, but from how I understand it I cant because I have not truly repented. I cant repent without God, granted and accepted but if I do not produce the works of repentance I have not repented and God has not granted me that repentance and thus I am still in my sin. I never quite understood that aspect of it. I am not as bold or as intelligent as RB, not said for effect I mean that, nor am I as persistent and faithful as Michael and others here, Im just me, some clod plodding along with my very small candle trying to find the path. Funny God seems to meet me there far more powerfully then when I am so sure I am right and I think I have all the answers.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Thanks Giving, my new life verse has changed from my usual canard of no room at the inn and dog returning to its vomit, to God have mercy on me a sinner and who else will we go to, you are the only one with the words of eternal life. Sorry for not including to verse references.

  208. Gary says:

    Brian, that comment wasn’t aimed at you. I’m pretty sure no one here would say that to you.

    We’re having our traditional Thanksgiving with all the calories -er- I mean the trimmings. I had to go to 6 stores to find my favorite pickles but it will be worth it. Brian, I’m within driving distance (I’m in Hayward) and I’d love to have you over for turkey day. If you like football we don’t have cable or channel 7 but we get most of the other local channels. Waddya say? I’m serious. I’d like to introduce my wife and kids to my friend Brian.

  209. Repentant Bob says:


    Gary is correct the comment was not directed at you, but you are correct all of us need to repent daily of seeking self first.

    I like what an ancient sage once told a pilgrim when asked, “When is the best time to repent?”

    The Sage replied, “On the last day of your life!”

    I am thankful for my daily bread!


  210. berthercules says:

    Why the Hell do you support “President Obama”? This is sick. The man is destroying the country.

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