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  1. Since there are 2 links about Lent – I should wish everyone a Happy Mardi Gras – stay thirsty. 🙂

  2. Nonnie says:

    Eight implication of aging boomer pastors…….
    Number 1 : There will be a number of pastor and staff vacancies in churches.
    Really? Many churches will just be handed over to a son or son in law.

  3. Is it maybe time we stopped expecting movies about Jesus to be inerrant, satisfyingly faithful to our interpretations and historically faithful? Maybe we are more Islamic that we realize when it is the object of our worship being represented.

  4. The article on Driscoll was good and useful.
    Good for the LCMS!

  5. I love archaeology so I am gonna drop this link here for anyone else that might have that interest.

    It is about the archaeological discovery in Georgia of Fort Caroline, a long sought first fortified settlemetn built by the French in 1564. It was sort of the holy grail in American archaeology for a while.

  6. Make that “long sought first fortified settlement”

  7. Also if you like Johnny Cash, there is a lost Johnny Cash album coming out March 25th.
    Here is a track off it on Youtube.

  8. We spent 15 min talking about the Jesus movie in my Sunday morning class. Three people saw it and that go the conversation going. I reminded the class that the movie makers have only 120 – 150 min to get it all in and do so in an entertaining way so that more people will come to see the next movie – this is reality.

    I am sure the movie is just fine.

    I haven’t seen the movie because I don;t go to the movies – you don’t want to get caught in a movie house when Jesus returns.

  9. Question for all that may read.

    Has anyone seen “Son of God”?
    If so, give us a review.

  10. erunner says:

    Seems like some valid concerns about “Son Of God” but I’m not hearing or reading much about that. Contrast that to the tearing of garments when “Left Behind” was published and then made into a movie. You would have thought all sorts of blasphemy took place in the film! Seems to me there are more valid concerns about “Son Of God” than there were about “Left Behind.”

  11. I thought everyone fell head over heals about the Left Behind movie? I didn’t see it but didn’t they have a famous actor in it.

    Does Brad Pitt play Jesus in the new movie? Looks like him in the picture?

  12. The new “Left Behind” movie is supposed to have Nicholas Cage.
    I have no idea what that says about it, except that probably Nicholas Cage’s acting days are numbered.

  13. erunner says:

    I’ve been watching some faith based movies on Netflix lately. They aren’t the best but they beat a lot of what’s out there. Eric Roberts, Corbin Bernsen, and other actors who’ve seen better days often appear in them. Bernsen is a believer. I guess a bit of name recognition doesn’t hurt the films.

    Kirk Cameron was in Left Behind.

  14. Josh Hamrick says:

    There is a clip from the New Left Behind starring Cage. It is on the “so bad its bizzare” level.

  15. Now I must go search it on Youtube.

  16. Saw it Josh. You were correct in your assessment.

    Hey E, I haven’t watched it yet, but I saw that they have a movie called “The Book of Daniel” up on Netflix now.

    For anyone that wants to find out what is new on Netflix before Netflix actually lets you know, bookmark this site and check up on it regularly.
    It shows you what is popular on Netflix for the last 24 hours and the new additions are shown earlier there and then you can go on Netflix and search them out.

  17. erunner says:

    Saw the clip Josh and it doesn’t look good. They’re gonna sink 15 million into the movie based on Cage’s presence?? Bad move. Better off going straight to video.

  18. erunner says:

    Thanks Derek. I did watch Revelation Road 1 and 2 on Netflix. They were okay and part 2 starred Brian Bosworth! They are what they are and they are full of stuff that leaves you scratching your head but for a diversion it was entertaining.

  19. erunner says:

    I recall Frankie Schaeffer talking about the terrible state of Christians and the arts years ago. He then made a movie titled “Wired To Kill” which was a joke considering all he was saying before hand. I don’t think movies are a good way to evangelize people. The gospel is strong enough on its own.

  20. Steve Wright says:

    Naghmeh saw the movie and shared how much she liked it and apparently got some negative feedback for liking it. Her response was worthy of framing – and I am sure (given her following) it would be OK to post that response here in full.
    Today I shared how moved and touched I was by the movie Son of God and I got so much feedback that I was shocked and truly saddened.

    The image we have portrayed to the outside world has been one of judgement and throwing stones at the “sinners” and even amongst ourselves. We are ready to throw stones at each other and those that do not fit into our idea of who Christ and Christianity is. We are ready to find false prophets and false teaching. We have lost sight of love and teaching of Jesus and life of Jesus that is summarized in love. . We have forgotten to live radically in Love. Therefore our personal lives are falling apart, our country is falling apart, and “sinners” are running farther and farther from us.. Something is wrong here. Jesus was a friend of sinners.

    Jesus let the adulteress go when he could have and should have stoned her. The more I know Him, the more I am overcome by His radical love. If we are to win the world (starting with our families) it has to be through radical selfless sacrificial love that comes from above. Love overcomes.

    I would be the first to speak up if/when I see a false teacher, but too many times we are pursuing things that are wasting our time and energy. There are other battles that we can choose to fight and spend our energy on. I did not see false teaching in the movie and was glad that the God that I love and adore was on the big screen. This was so refreshing to see in comparison with the so much violence and sexuality out there.

    I am thankful that I live in a country where I can state what I like and don’t like and what movie has blessed me.

    Thank you!

    God Bless you all.


  21. erunner says:

    Steve, I like movies about people from the Bible. I go into them figuring there’s gonna be something I’ll pick up on that’s not true to the text. Moses, Noah, David, Paul, Peter, Esther, are heroes of the faith and I want to see them depicted in a movie. But nobody will make the movie that will satisfy everyone. Same with music. For some you just try to do what Simon and Garfunkle advised! 🙂

  22. RiBo says:

    Diggin’ the JOhnny Cash link.

    Archeology link is cool as well.

  23. RiBo says:

    Dread makes an interesting observation in comment number three.

    Josh, LOL on the Nick Cage Left Behind. Yikes! Maybe it’s a comedy?

  24. RiBo says:

    Nagmeh is an incredible person.

  25. The FRIEND OF SINNERS post was eerily familiar in that the reasoning given in that post was so close to the reasoning given by the street preachers in New Orleans … in other words it is the sort of reasoning that assumes that getting too close to sinners makes you defiled by their behaviors. It is the sort of rationalizing that makes us go …”well, he wasn’t really their friend.” I can almost hear the echo of another text… “who is my neighbor.”

    Pharisaism lets you be a neighbor without bothering to be a neighbor or if you will, to be a friend without friendship. I do not know enough about the author or his post to say much. But I can tell you those preachers in the streets throwing epithets would have liked this post.

  26. RiBo says:

    E said, ” I don’t think movies are a good way to evangelize people”

    Dunno about that, the Excorcist scared me to death, I went straight to church LOL.

  27. Steve thanks for posting Naghmeh’s response…

  28. Steve Wright says:

    You’re welcome, BD. I especially wanted you to see it if you had not – knowing your commitment to that family.

    We all can learn something from her words…beyond just that movie….I know I did and it was humbling.


  29. gomergirl says:

    I liked the link about Driscoll. Says exactly how I feel about him. I have friends who knew him way back and who defend him up and down. I want to post a link to the blog on FB, See if they can still defend him.

    I also like the one on social media christianity. I totally agree that it is easy to like or re-post something. but it is very different to have to live out the things you post.

    I need more time to read the rest of the links. Tonight was “take mom shopping and dinner” night, so I will read during the week, more.

    Nick Cage scares me (in not such a bad way). I loved him in Valley Girl and the National Treasure movies. Should be pretty funny at the least, and way better than 2012. But I am a sucker for any end of the world movies. Although that one in the 70’s one that every youth group saw… with that song! I can’t remember the name. but here is a link to the song.

  30. everyone's critic says:

    Son of God was like the Jesus movies of the ’60’s. It’s mostly mediocre with some high points. This Jesus is happy-go-lucky and, as my wife says; way too cute. It starts out hopeful but gets religious toward the end. With lots of handpicked Mary scenes, a reference to transubstantiation, and vague quotes about faith, Catholics will like this flick. Really, they will. I did shed a few tears along the way. The scene where Jesus calls Matthew is very touching. My favorite scene is where Jesus raises his head while on the cross, looks up with a big smile and says; “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit.” I think they got that right. Of course this version takes literary license like all movies do. I don’t fault it for that. But they don’t improve on the real thing. They can’t, I suppose.

  31. Filbertz says:

    saw a preview of the movie “Heaven is For Real” which is coming out in April…definitely surpassed my expectations…definitely one which will generate discussion. I actually liked it overall.

  32. brian says:

    Speaking of “scholarship” I dont get what people see in this book.

  33. Todd Wilken interviews Reza Aslan about his book Zealot

    Todd Wilken interviews apologist John Warwick Montgomery to repond to the claims made by Reza Aslan in Zealot

  34. Todd Wilken the interviews Paul Maier professor of ancient history at Western Michigan University to respond to the historical claims made by Reza Aslan in Zealot.

    Lutherans don’t put up with this crap. Reza Aslan is professor of Creative Writing who claims to be an historian and that gives him the authority to write his book about Jesus – creative writing indeed. LOL. He was a muslim – became a christian – went back to being a muslim.

    The interviews are well worth spending the time.

  35. brian says:

    I have a newfound respect for this man, this takes some real chutzpah.

  36. brian says:

    Thanks Derek I went through the article it is short but brings up some good points, from the article Derek posted these are the head lines so to speak. Written from a particular perspective not my own.

    1. It’s dishonest.

    So ?? It increases revenue and extremely shallow glitter for a few moments in the limelight.

    2. It’s egocentric and lazy.

    Its effective and increases revenue in the very short term, thus good.

    3. It may eventually harm your reputation and will bug you in the long run.

    This is a good point one must mitigate and cya to avoid any damage to the brand.

    4. It’s poor stewardship and bad strategy.
    It generates income and makes the person look good which can increase conference numbers and other important revenue streams.

    5. It disadvantages those actually gifted.

    That’s irrelevant, it actually helps you crush the competition.

    How I feel about it I agree with the article and thank Derek for sharing it.

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