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  1. Alan says:

    Discerning this call the live as exiles, has had relatively few takers since Constantine. The radical reformers attempted it with varying degrees of separation and similar outcomes of vile persecution by the state churches. The English separatists seemed to want something like this but America rejected state churches very early on.

    This recent iteration of eager influencers found some footing with the Moral Majority but the much ballyhooed NAR is as hard to nail down as Antifa. Everyone denies party with it.

    How can anyone seriously fear some form of theocracy when the power structures are all in the hands of rather left leaning eager anti christian powers. Who all seem to want their own form of dominion. Whether limiting free speech, or imposing doctrinaire definitions. Controlling education and medicine, science, counseling, entertainment and a great deal of political power. Imposing all kinds of initiatives. And having hegemony in a great many religious institutions and denominations.

    The totalitarian impulse is powerful and is very dangerous but it is not from christians.

  2. Michael says:

    “How can anyone seriously fear some form of theocracy when the power structures are all in the hands of rather left leaning eager anti christian powers.”

    Because they want to replace those left leaning folks with far right folks who want to take away freedom…just from a different direction. They want to control the same spheres…most of which do not and will not prosper under the thumb of ideology.

    Supporting a man who tried to overthrow the Constitution to stay in power is supporting totalitarianism.

    Theocracy demands covenant…so that ends that discussion.

  3. Alan says:

    As usual I’ve made no mention of the former POTUS. I am stressing overwrought fear of a theocracy. One that is irrational beyond imagining. The silly efforts to refuse to certify the election offering alternative electors had been tried before.

    He was foiled by a principled Christian. No Who lived within his circle ridiculed and reviled but influencing and finally hedging POTUS from folly.

  4. Alan says:

    I came to know a good bit about Mike Pence. Yes I know the mob called for his neck. We are supposed to offer our necks to the mob. I was in a small group of men and one of ours was the father of a Pence speechwriter. So Pence came up often. My admiration for him rose. So there he was and is an uncelebrated but heroic figure.

    The real essence of the seven mountain strategy is just that. To have a Joseph, and Esther, a Daniel at the right place at the right time. One to prevent tyranny and save others at the cost of themselves. That is the ironic hinge of the matter. Much is owed to Mike Pence.

    Mobs are the rabble of history and people can find themselves in a mob or compromised by the mob. Good Friday is a reminder of just that.

  5. Alan says:

    * @7:41 not No but “One who lived …”

  6. Kevin H says:


    As for me, I am not concerned so much with an actual theocracy coming to bear, but I am far more concerned by the actions of Christians and the manners they are taking to bring about some supposed form of theocracy, or at least privileged status or power of Christianity. I am concerned by their words, actions, and attitudes, and the resultant misrepresentation of Christ, if not even sometimes harm that it brings to others.

    I am also concerned by the corrupt powers of the Left, as they are bringing and can bring even more damage, too. However, you well know my ethos that I am far more concerned with the representation of Christ and how my Christian brethren act, especially those within my own camp of conservative evangelicalism, than I am with the actions of “outsiders”. By no means do I dismiss the harm brought by “outsiders”, yet the concentration of my writing and address will remain with my own.

    When my own start making significant progress in addressing and fixing their own issues, then maybe the regular address of my concerns would become broader. But I don’t think that is happening anytime soon as the issues of my own have only been growing in severity the last several years, rather than getting better. Thus, this is why I continue to speak to them, trying to point them to God and Jesus and Scripture, and away from the ways of this world.

  7. Alan says:


    For clarity, who exactly is your own. I want to know who has you so upset. Likely I will simply dissolve away and quit bothering you when I know. Then again…

    Who exactly are you speaking to?

  8. Kevin H says:


    When I refer to my “own” here, I am mainly meaning the broad camp of theologically conservative evangelicals or Christians. In my personal life, “my own” would have a bit tighter circle.

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