No Repentance Necessary…Potters Field Starts The Comeback

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10 Responses

  1. Lily Kruut says:

    I hope people are smart enough and pray for God’s wisdom so they don’t fall prey to these wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. This couple needs to be accountable for all the harm they have caused, lives they have destroyed, and for the misuse of money and funds. A ministry can only survive when supported. At this point in time, this couple doesn’t need people “supporting” their “ministry”.

  2. Michael says:

    Amen, Lily…

  3. Seenitall says:

    Why are the authorities not following up on the allegations? Local authorities should be made aware regarding a lot of the issues: gun brandishing, not allowing contact with family via phone, etc. Not allowing interns to return home without consequences. The state labor board should be made aware of the labor laws that were ignored. The IRS should be looking into their ministry financial statements. Can a class action lawsuit be started? Churches that sent out interns despite the rumors should be help accountable as well.

  4. Nicholai says:

    Imaginary friends in the sky created by the Romans to control the masses is still effective on a society that by now should have forgotten about fake gods. Oh…people still fear death so I guess they need some comfort still. Sad humans living in the bronze age still.

  5. Em says:

    Nicholai, your point is well taken… people do tend to manufacture higher powers – unseen ones. We do it for a myriad of reasons – all over the planet. Now we have “smart” people looking for.alien beings from other galaxies… Stands to reason, doesn’t it? Ummm … ?

    That said, i subscribe to the statement (in the Book) that the heavens (sun, moon, stars and beyond) declare the glory of A God – a Creator. And He (the Triunity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit) has left us with a variety of undeniable witnesses down through history and a great Book of instruction and revelation.
    It is a test – of wisdom and humility? Maybe…. Each of us, however, accepts or rejects on our own. 😇. Take your choice, but think carefully 🙏

  6. Em says:

    Seenitall, Good questions! ! ! IMNSHO

  7. What’s sad is that there are still those who believe everything that is, in its fantastically complex and interdependent glory, arose from fundamental particles and forces which themselves did not exist before a fundamental quantum vacuum fluctuation.

  8. Feni says:

    I think justice true justice is only By God.

  9. Michael says:


    Maybe…but we’re commanded through the Scriptures to “do justice”.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ve written this on FB but I encourage all who are impacted by PFM to seek professional guidance to heal. Support groups, community resources and professional counseling are necessary in the healing process. I’ve had similar situations at well known corporate jobs and fortune 8 companies. Healing and processing these emotions is critical as it is still very raw.

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