On Sexual Sin

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9 Responses

  1. Miriam Wegemer says:

    When my husband was dying (that night) he said, “I was only unfaithful to you one time.”
    I started to reply that I knew that, but thought better of it and said, “That’s all in the past now – forgotten!”
    But I have often wondered – what kind of woman goes after a married man?
    Yes, I too had opportunities, but didn’t act on them! I’d taken my vows in Church before god. I was not a fool! One fellow was a very handsome dentist that my obstetrician tried to set me up with, but as I said, I was not a fool!
    I think our pastor pointed out to my husband that the Bible says adulterers go to hell. dunno
    first to comment?

  2. Michael says:

    Sin harms human relationships and the relationship between a man and God…we have to call these things as they are if we are to truly love our neighbors as ourselves…

  3. LInn says:

    Good points, Michael! Thank you!
    I fear we will soon get to the place where a person can say “I identify as a bank robber” and actually get away with being declared non-responsible by a court of law. I mean, that’s just his natural tendency, right?

  4. Michael says:


    When the voters of state of Oregon “decriminalized” hard drugs, it inadvertently affirmed drug addiction, drug production, and drug sales, along with theft, burglary, destruction of public property and a host of other blights on our community.

    I’m just not progressive enough to accept that…I was one of those voters, I see the error, and the multiple results of that mistake.

    It applies in other areas as well…

  5. Linn says:

    I am acquainted with several people who have transitioned, some former students. Most of them suffered from other conditions (eating disorders, depression) prior to transitioning. The transition doesn’t seem to have solved any of their previous issues.

    California voted a few years ago to require drug treatment for anyone who requested it. As you can tell, it’s working out just great here.

  6. Michael says:


    this will be tragic for years on end…and at some point, the kids will hold us responsible.

  7. Muff Potter says:

    If sexual congress was that big of a no-no, and that big of a deal to the Almighty, he’d have done better by making it no more interesting and sought after than getting the wheat and barley crop in.

  8. Michael says:


    It really is a big deal…bigger than I understood.

    It has to do with the good creation God made…and how it was meant to stay good…

  9. Jerod says:

    Thank you for that opinion. Love is the greatest spiritual gift.

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