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  1. Tullian Tchividjian spoke Thursday evening at Concordia Seminary in St Louis

    The 1st hour is his talk (pure gold) – 2nd hour is a panel discussion (more gold)

    He shows how you can be fully Lutheran without being in a Lutheran church. Around 10 min in he explains why he is not a Lutheran … yet.

  2. Em says:

    promised myself i’d stay off these threads today and then i come here and MLD is claiming Tchividjian for himself? … all sound doctrine is Lutheran? … dang!
    oh well, Tchividjian is a good teacher – perhaps one of our best at present … IMHO

  3. “… all sound doctrine is Lutheran?”

    I wouldn’t put it that way but I would say “all Lutheran doctrine is correct and sound exposition of the Christian faith.”

    But I doubt anyone here would say less about there own – Em, which doctrines of your faith are false?

  4. Nonnie says:

    My son just sent me the link to this video about a charity that has helped them with our grandson’s medical bills (so far in the million$). Our son and his family are featured at about the 4:50 mark, but the entire video is very moving.

    After all the talk here this past week about police, I thought I would share something very positive.

  5. Nonnie says:

    Here is the link:

  6. Anne says:

    Ahh, nothing like listening to some Transatlantic Sessions while spring cleaning! Thought of all the folks here, but especially Michael, when this piece came up.

  7. Linnea says:

    Nonnie…so cool the support your family has received from the 11-99 foundation. Thank you for sharing it…

  8. Erunner says:

    Thanks for sharing Nonnie. What a difficult yet inspiring story your family is living. May God bless you all.

  9. Jack Hayford uses Lutheran scholars when preparing some of his messages. They do have excellent doctrine.

  10. ? says:

    Just wanted to ask what anyone thinks about all the “transgender” kids surfacing.
    Did God make a mistake?
    Should parents begin transitioning a 3 year old kid trapped inside the wrong sex?
    ( by their own words)
    they begin dressing them in their opposite gender and calling them “her” when biologically they are “he”.
    Special transgender psychiatrists support the child’s feelings as well.
    One in particular by the name of Jazz is a youtube celebrity and will get her own reality show this summer.

    Can God make the mistake of giving a girl boy parts?
    That is what they believe.
    They are getting a lot of press lately.

  11. Nonnie says:

    FWIW, here is my comment to ?’s question:

    I believe that agendas are being put ahead of the mental and physical health of children’s lives.
    The way this is being handled is on par with the lobotomys being done back in early 20th century or Thaldomide back in the 1950’s. Well meaning doctors destroyed people’s lives.

  12. I don’t think God makes the mistakes, but I do think sin and a fallen world do. No telling when kind of chemicals have enter our bodies through the environment and have destroyed or altered DNA and chromosomes that produce ‘awkward’ children.

  13. ? says:

    Thanks Nonnie and MLD
    It does appear by watching these kids that from an early age they believe they were born in the wrong sex and I wonder what would cause these feelings that psychiatrists now have a sub specialty devoted to transgender, even halting puberty which pretty much messes with Their hormones on a pretty permanent basis.
    Watch some youtubes and you will be fascinated.
    In sure the reality show will have more talking about the subject.
    Of course they say God made a mistake nod gave them the wrong DNA.

  14. What I said, having been said, I am not completely in the camp that says this is a reality. If there is truly a transgendered person, I am just saying that it wasn’t God who screwed up. I think much of this comes at the prompting of those who do have an agenda … and I trace it all back to the homosexuals who what to make weird and queer normal by pointing out “look at all the weird gendered people – it’s not just us.”

    I ask, how does a 5 yr old know that they are the wrong gender. How do they know what another gender should feel like?

    I am in my 60s – I have a mother, a wife, a daughter and several granddaughters – I have no idea how a girl feels inside to determine if it may match my feelings. Perhaps I should have been a girl but am not in touch with my true identity – perhaps I am not enlightened enough.

  15. London says:

    Does anyone on here have, or know someone that has, experience with curriculum for IDP kids?
    Anyone know any teachers in Iraq, or nearby, who may be looking for a way to minister to such kids who speak at least three different languages?
    Anyone know good curriculum that could be translated??

  16. covered says:

    Hi London, ask Michael for my email address.

  17. London says:

    Ok thanks

  18. covered says:

    London, Michael may be asleep already 🙂

  19. Jim says:

    Folks here know I love me some gays, and use the term “kids” a lot. My adult children are 35, 32, and 30, so I call 20-30 somethings “kids”.

    Regarding “?’s” question, minors don’t know anything, and while we prepare them for adulthood, their most important job is to obey their parents. I would tell a minor who is confused about or overly interested in anything sexual, “you’ll have plenty of time to figure that out when you’re an adult”.

    The parts of the brain involved in decision-making are not fully developed until approximately age 25.

  20. ? says:


    The reason the parents go along with what the kids feel about their gender( even if they are 5), and even begin dressing them opposite of their gender, is because they believe if they don’t the kids will commit suicide. I have heard that on several documentaries.
    They are on youtube under transgender kids.
    It’s a whole new diagnosis in Psychiatry.

    Is our gender determined by how we “feel” or God.?
    The kids don’t feel in their mind they are the right gender.
    So the Transgender Psychiatrist evaluates them to determine if puberty should be stopped.
    In most instances the Psychiatrist agrees with how the child feels and immediately the parent allows the child to be called he or she according to how they feel.
    The most disturbing part is that they will use the opposite pronoun.
    Ex. The boy feels like he should be a she, so he is now dressed as a she and called “she”.
    That begins the process of “transition”.
    They are actually performing reassignment surgery as early as 16 to 18.

  21. ? says:

    Ps Jim

    It’s not a gay issue it’s a gender issue and it involves preschool and elementary ages kids, not 20 to 30 year olds.
    I have friends who are teachers and school counselors so we’ve been discussing this.
    Psychiatrists and reassignment surgeons are working together to begin to change a child’s gender at an age if 3 years old.
    Angelina and Brad now call their female child “John” and have allowed “him” to dress as a boy at 3 years old..

  22. Polo says:

    I believe, as does MLD, that this is a symptom of the fallen world. If parents truly believe God’s Word, and seek God in prayer, wisdom should be revealed. I doubt such wisdom would include seeking professional help for a 3 year old over “gender” issues. I’m really not interested in what the unsaved world does with thier kids- they are probably just as misguided over gender issues as they are over abstinence, abortion, marriage, etc.

    In our family- we removed our children from pubic school when they started teaching our first grader about “two mommies” and promoting the 10% myth amongst elementary school children. It was the best decision we ever made. Not saying its required for all Christians- but it is very difficult to offset the liberal “indoctrination” agenda the world pursues in our public school system.

    I would ask this- doesnt anyone sense something is wrong when what is clearly outlined in Scripture (i.e. homosexuality, abortion, sex outside marriage, i.e.) is not only accepted as right by the world’s standards but is promoted as right to the extent if you disagree you are “punished”?

  23. Jim says:

    ?-I understand the ages and the difference between T and G in LGBT. I was clarifying my use of the term “kids”. Minors need to be protected from influences outside of their families.

  24. Em says:

    i was just thinking this morning that it isn’t a sin to get mad… and now i read the posts above and i am so angry! ! ! i think – dunno – Angelina Jolie is bi-polar and Brad is afraid of her… agree with #19 about the brain … if you place an infant in a pack of wolves, the child will grow up to act like a wolf… or so i’ve heard… i’m going to go see if there’s some coffee left and try and forget what i’ve read this morning…

  25. Rick Ritchie says:

    After reading V.S. Ramachandran’s book Phantoms in the Brain (much of it about phantom limb syndrome), I can imagine a way the transgender problem COULD be objective. Apparently people have body maps in their brains which are inborn. Nerves carry sensory information from the body onto these maps, allowing people to locate what they feel. Ramachandran spoke to a woman born without arms who still had phantom hands, as her inborn map had hands ready to sense impulses from hands that never grew. It seems conceivable that through a birth defect, someone might have the body map from the opposite sex formed in their brain. Now this is speculation. Our level of knowledge on this is limited. And even if true, I don’t think it necessarily applies to all or most cases. (I think many of the cases are mere psychological confusion and going medical is a bad idea. When I have seen documentaries, I think many of the parents are making a mistake. But then some of them seem to be dealing with another situation altogether.) Anyway, birth defects exist, and we should be slow to blame people for conditions they may have been saddled with though no fault of their own. A body/brain mismatch would probably cause distress long before the one feeling it understood what it meant.

  26. Bob says:

    ” if you place an infant in a pack of wolves, the child will grow up to act like a wolf”

    This isn’t Jungle Book. If you place an infant in a pack of wolves he/she (not it) will get eaten.

    In the same way, the best way to confuse anyone is to confirm what they aren’t. These ideas have been studied for a rather long time. I personally like the “Pygmalion theory” where people will rise or fall to the way they are treated. Another is what’s known as the “Stockholm syndrome” where the captive sympathizes with those who captured them.

    Who are the captives in all this writing about gender?

    How about a roaring lion, what if you place an infant in his presence?

  27. Richard says:

    This made my day. Hope it does yours.

  28. Em says:

    Bob, i hadn’t thot that placing a child in a pack of wolves would be taken literally … sorry for frightening you

  29. Em says:

    the brain is an organ, an incredible processor of stimuli from both inside our bodies and outside… the result is what we perceive as reality … but the results are not always good and i don’t think that psychology is the be-all and end-all of understanding what we do or why…
    that said, i know that psychiatry and neuroscience with the tools available today are learning much about our brain functions that is useful to understand and to treat some malfunctions – but we’re dealing with an evil environment today… why can’t we let children be children?
    ‘course that would mean disconnecting the TV and the internet, too … in the mid-century last we were influenced by Saturday afternoon movie matinees and they did influence us – the good guys played fair and always won – if one or two hours per week could accomplish that, what is the constant barrage of filth and distortion doing to the brains of children today… and adults, too

  30. Bob says:


    Think about it…

    What are these people doing by taking their children, listening to the culturally relevant people, then naming them, dressing them and treating them in a culturally acceptable manner as a different gender. Yep, putting a child into a pack of wolves and it taint ‘Jungle Book.’

    Why can’t we call this stuff for what it is?

  31. Em says:

    Bob, i did think about it, but i must have misinterpreted your #26 – sorry

  32. ? says:


    Children are not children anymore.
    If their wish list to Santa is an organ they were not born with ( I watched a video to this effect) they are learning about sexuality way before they should.

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