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  1. Michael says:

    The Harvest Crusade is streaming tonight for those who care…I am not among that number…

  2. Erunner says:

    So I’m going to be having extensive dental work done. God has helped me each step of the way. When I found out I had to go a tooth had broken and was ready to fall out. I was an emotional mess knowing I had to go and then making my initial appointment. God allowed me to do what I thought would absolutely undo me.

    Then the adventure began. I was going to have to pay $3,000 for the work. My wife went through our manual and said that didn’t seem right. I called Delta Dental USA (HMO) and went through the itemized list of what was the plan of action. It included codes so as we went through it turns out they were overcharging me $1,500.

    I called the dental office and let them know about the issue. Later I had Delta call the dental office and the billing lady said she had made adjustments that were in line with what the coverage is. So although I didn’t trust them I was gonna go through them for the work.

    The other day they called me and said the lab had told the dentist that based on the impressions they took I wouldn’t need temporary partials at all. That seemed odd and so I decided to get another opinion which Delta said was fine and there’s be no charge. This is the office my wife has used and she is happy with the little work she had done there.

    Meanwhile I call another Delta accepting dentist near where mine is. I talked to them and they flat out told me they don’t make any money off HMO patients so they jack up the prices so they can turn a profit. Turns out this is a crime and they could get in huge trouble if discovered. It appears to be a common practice and I believe scores of folks are being cheated and paying for stuff they may not be able to afford or even need. Of course when they go over your plan of work to be done they tell you there is a plan where for one year there is no interest paid. So the people go along and as Delta is not in the loop they never find out. Pretty slick

    Anyway I did the test drive to see if I could make it to my wife’s office and it was a non issue. It’s an area I hadn’t been to in years and I was thanking God the whole time. So I go in and the dentist is as sweet as punch. They do more X-rays which are the type that were huge issues for my anxiety before and it went perfectly. They took pictures of my jaw as there is bone loss. I was so happy that I did this so easily. It was a personal miracle.

    Then I’m asked to take a seat while they work up and print the plan and cost out and review it with me. The total was $8,000!!!!

    The cheery lady that had talked with me on the phone now was very matter of fact and left me with “you’ll have to decide if you want to use us or the other office.” She did say they’d call Delta because their charges in no way matched up with the Delta codes. The dentist also said she would not work with me unless they put me under at $215.00 for each 15 minutes.

    There’s more in the way of details on how the two plans differed but once more I feel I’ve been hoodwinked. I’m not mad. I’m not anxious. I’m at the point of considering options and we’re stuck with Delta till July next year.

    Those of you who us a Delta HMO might want to be cautious. If anyone here is a dentist or knows of these things I’d appreciate feedback.

  3. This past week found me blogging about (1) embracing risk, and (2) my sense that there are fewer servants in our current culture.

  4. London says:

    Do you guys have Mission of Mercy events there? If so, check them out.

  5. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Turner dropped by the blog with news of the case being dismissed (although it’s been dismissed without prejudice which means it could be brought forward again).

    Discussed in a little more detail at the usual spot.

    it’s uncertain whether Turner knew who from 2007, by name, might have been effected; and his account is too skeletal to be clear as to who denied him permission to reach out to people from 2007–probably the main import was that he was interested in meeting with 2007-era people but was told to not do it. Of the legal officers of MH circa 2012 the only one who was even around in 2007 was Driscoll himself, but it’s possible members of the board decided it wasn’t worth it to have Turner meet with anyone from the bygone days.

    Turner’s account of things is still relatively skeletal but it seems there were a number of rifts in the board in the 2014 period based on what he has shared.

    It was never possible to take Driscoll seriously in 2014 when he said they weren’t entirely sure who they were dealing with and the more Turner shares from what he said he was part of in the 2012-2014 period the more improbable Driscoll’s claim is shown to be for himself at a personal level, even if he could plausibly claim it on behalf of board members who never (possibly) had a chance to interact with the people who began to believe legal action was necessary.

    For those who might wonder why nobody put together funds to move forward with the suit, there were a LOT of fundraising projects started up to help former staffers who resigned or got canned in the final year of MH. Donor fatigue was very likely, and when people tap out donating to multiple people they knew from MH for philanthropic reasons, there wouldn’t have been attention or money left over for a potential RICO action.

    Interesting thing, the judge dismissed the case without prejudice and noted that, contra Turner’s counsel, nothing about the case as formulated by plaintiff’s counsel seemed frivolous or without grounds. So, in theory, the case could be brought forward again.

    Either way, the verdict was something like it was better to “move on”, since that “move on” approach led to the RICO suit that was filed earlier this year it’s not clear that the “move on” approach is really the best way to go.

  6. Erunner says:

    London, It seems they’re here but to what extent I don’t know. I contacted them so I’ll hope to hear from them. They seem to be an awesome organization doing so much for so many. Thank you for the information!!

  7. nathan priddis says:


    I feel much better about MD these days. From the reports of Scottsdale, he is likely at or barely above critical mass. If a very high percentage of attendance is volunteers and groupies and not general members of the community, that is not a recipe for success. For every groupie at Trinity, it’s one less problem for the rest of the community in Scottsdale.

    Driscoll will never stop, in my opinion. This is compulsive and he will forever chase that “first time” rush. If Trinity drops below critical mass, Driscoll will just carry on, slowly twisting in the wind, as he makes a character of himself. The only tactic for his former allies and associates will be a news black-out and pretend he never existed.

    Regarding the Global Fund. It is a blessing to Africans that very little of the funds made it there. Because of the disparity in income, that fund would have wrecked havoc on many lives. Money is relative, but the Fund would have been relatively large for that continent. If donors had stopped to ask themselves about the fund, this would be question # 1.

    What is that money going to do there anyway?

    The Driscoll situation is working out OK in the end. It’s just that he faces a bleak destruction. My question is, does he snap?

  8. WenatcheeTheHatchet says:

    Nathan, that is something that largely went un-asked even by critics of the Global Fund. Even if we assume that all the money went to overseas (and it’s looking like maybe a grand total of 3 to 4 percent of the money raised went overseas, so far), what would that have accomplished beyond the global expansion of the Mars Hill brand?

    Back during the Munson-presidency-era of Mars Hill there was no misunderstanding that the point of MH Global was the global expansion of MH supported by people who subscribed to the social media content and podcasts, more or less. This is not to say that MH didn’t drop the ball on the trust involved in clarifying where the monies would go and to what extent that would be overseas, but you’re right to point out that even “if” all that money went overseas what would the long-term impact on the communities in Africa, for instance, have been?

  9. SJ says:

    Does anybody have any or know of any missions teams on the ground in Baton Rouge.
    Any status of events you can speak to?

  10. covered says:

    SJ you can get my email from Michael

  11. London says:

    I’ve volunteer with the NM one three or four times. It’s an amazing event!
    Free to anyone willing to stand in line.

  12. London says:

    Here’s a similar event. Didn’t group name, but same concept.

  13. JTK says:

    Talking a pastor I know, he stated that many people coming from one church were particularly troubled in their transition to another church.

    This has him scratching his head and has me flummoxed. What would/could cause this?

    It seems that this is the first church transition for most involved, perhaps THAT can describe it?

    I imagine most evangelicals that have changed churches half a dozen times, very common to my knowledge and experience in the SW nondenominational community, and that THEY would not be as dramatic or troubled as first time church hoppers….with the exception of the drama queen type who complain about EVERY ex-lover, ex-job and ex-church. Met a few of them.

    I’d REALLY appreciate the counsel.

  14. JTK says:

    For clarification, the problem did not seem to be the NEW church they were transferring to.

    I wonder whether it lies with them, the former church, or both.

    By this study, 49% of Protestants will transfer churches:

  15. Erunner says:

    London, I have the link and hopefully I can contact them after the weekend. I’m willing to pay a fair price but I’m a bit disillusioned by what seems to be out and out fraud. Thank you so much for your help. You have a big heart.

  16. Col46 says:

    JTk – I would imagine that a lot of it has to do with the reason why they left the original church. If they left hurt then a difficult transition is not abnormal, healing takes time.

  17. Bob says:

    Visited Ark Encounter today in Kentucky. Have to say pulling up to this structure on the bus and approaching it outside, I was a little overcome with emotion…..I didn’t say anything to my wife about it, but she told me later, she was choked up too…..inside, I could not but help think how many 100’s ( 1000? ) visitors where walking around inside….. Man missed the boat on His Grace!

  18. JonnyB says:


    My wife and i tried to watch the Harvest Crusade webcast.

    The featured band was awful. We muted the sound. What came across to us was just another band. Watching their actions on the stage I didn’t feel very spiritual. Heck even with the sound on it wasn’t very spiritual for me. Reminded me of a parody video Michael shared once of a pastor with tats who lifted both arms up so as to say “look at my tats, I matter, I am one of you, I have tats.”

    Then when Greg started talking I felt bad for him. I think he is getting old. His jokes all fell flat and no one seemed to laugh.

    When he was making the point that rockstars and movie stars had it all and OD’ed on drugs he kind of over elaborated the point.

    We turned it off.

    But I know that the Gospel message is just as powerful and Greg will share it and people, by the Holy Spirit will get convicted of sin and recognize their need of the Savior.

    Inspite of us humans the Word of God is always living and active.

  19. Jean says:

    A word about the Christian Sabbath:

    “For the Word of God is the sanctuary above all sanctuaries, yea, the only one which we Christians know and have. For though we had the bones of all the saints or all holy and consecrated garments upon a heap, still that would help us nothing; for all that is a dead thing which can sanctify nobody. But God’s Word is the treasure which sanctifies everything, and by which even all the saints themselves were sanctified. At whatever hour, then, God’s Word is taught, preached, heard, read or meditated upon, there the person, day, and work are sanctified thereby, not because of the external work, but because of the Word, which makes saints of us all. Therefore I constantly say that all our life and work must be ordered according to God’s Word, if it is to be God-pleasing or holy. Where this is done, this commandment is in force and being fulfilled.” – Martin Luther

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